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Racetrack - the History of Horse Racing Betting

31 July 2019, 08:24
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Betting on horse racing is the essence of racetracks establishment. Today, this sport is in the greatest demand among bookmakers in South Korea, America, Great Britain, Russia and many other countries.

Racetrack - the History of Horse Racing Betting

Only a small percentage of people watch horse racing solely for the sake of it. Most of the audience are excitement lovers: just 40-300 seconds and you know the winner. On the other hand, there is a higher chance to bet successfully if you study the latest results of the horse and the rider.

Racetrack: History

The first racetracks, which were previously called hippodromes, appeared in ancient Greece. Initially, they were of a religious and ritual nature, and horses in harness took part in the races.

In more recent times, horse racing has become popular among aristocrats and British royal families, receiving the title "Sport of Kings". In the Middle Ages, horse races evolved considerably due to the fact that horse training was conducted in the context of martial art.

Interesting Fact

In the US, gambling establishments help to finance the horse racing industry, which includes providing medical and retirement benefits for riders, and in the UK, horse racing and betting industry representatives promise to increase their support.

Today, racetrack is a specially equipped stadium for the competition between horses of different breeds and age categories.

In fact, racetracks in the Russian Federation and Europe first appeared only at the beginning of the 19th century. Initially, the time for the race, the width of the track, and the age of the horses differed, but the current standards appeared only after a while.

Horse Racing Betting: Features

Horse Racing Betting: Features

The main business of racetracks which, in fact, keeps the horse racing industry alive, is totalizer.

Betting shops differs from totalizers in several ways. First of all, bookmakers take bets on the proposed odds. Here the amount of winnings will depend on how much money the person is betting on. The main difference of a tote is that it is impossible to know the size of your winnings in advance, because you cannot know beforehand the total number of players and bets on a certain result. In addition, the player bets not against the bookmaker, but against real opponents. Thus, the tote’s owner does not lose anything, since he takes only a percentage of the bet. In this case, it is only the bettor who can lose.

In order to bet on horse racing at a bookmaker’s office you should choose bet type, ratio, and make a deposit of, let’s say, 100 rubles. In case of winning the bet amount is increased by the factor. By the way, bookmakers rarely take bets on races due to the fact that in this sport it is difficult to predict the winner.

If you play the tote at the racetrack, you need to choose bet type, make a deposit, and wait for the result in the stands.

An average tote opponent can be found in the so-called “betting pool” that is an international horse racing betting network. These establishments broadcast all the competitions that are being held at the moment. According to its purpose, it is an alternative to the racetrack (not every city has one). The player is offered a schedule of races to bet on.

Today there are several types of racing: flat race - horses gallop between two points along the straight or oval track; jump racing - horses overcome obstacles; racing on the race circuit - horses in a harness gallop or trot with the rider. There are also endurance races, where horses run extremely long distances from 40 to 161 km.

Horse Racing Betting Strategies

Horse Racing Betting Strategies

The racetrack offers fixed betting options that are used in local and international equestrian competitions. These can be bets on the winning horse only, or a horse that comes first, second, third or fourth. There are also multi bets. This bet type includes a combination of several races. Multi bets allow you to "mix" indicators, such as victory, runner-up positions and other criteria (considering totalizer).

To make money on races, one must adhere to the strategy. Here are the most useful and common ones.

Strategy #1. Bets on Recent Winners

It is necessary to check the latest results of the race participants you bet on, and choose favorites among the winners. The bottom line is that if a horse has won, it will remain a strong contender. It is important to remember that bookmakers put lower odds on the recent winner.

Strategy #2. Horse-Jockey Interaction Strategy

It is necessary to find a horse that ranked second in the previous race and will gallop with the same jockey in the competitions one is going to bet on. The theory of this strategy is that now the rider will feel the animal much better by knowing its strengths and weaknesses, and will be able to adapt it faster, probably resulting in victory.

Strategy #3. Bet on the Loser

Here you need to choose the horse, which was among the outsiders in the last race (or two), but has shown good results before. The logic of this betting strategy is that, since the horse lost earlier, bookmakers can ignore it. Therefore, there is a chance to win good money in regular betting shops or tote.

Interesting Facts About Sweepstakes

Interesting Facts About Sweepstakes

Of course, the most interesting stories related to race bets are stories about wins. And in the case of sweepstakes there are plenty of them, because the player never knows for sure how much money he will receive

So, just last month, a Kentucky resident bet $18, and won $1.2 million. However, besides luck, it was her experience in horse racing that influenced the result. The woman counted the options and made a "Super High Five Bet" in the totalizer. As a result, one of the horses she had chosen came first, which turned into a great prize.

Another similar story happened to a Briton, who won £450,000, by making a bet of just £2. This time it was a bet on seven races, one of which brought victory at the finish.

In both cases, it is important to understand that, like any other sport, one has to gain insight into horse races. You must be interested in the news and analyze the success of particular horses and jockeys. This is what can guarantee success in horse racing.


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