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Prospects for Mobile Gaming in 2019

Author: Rode Arteaga
22 October 2019, 17:12
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The world gambling industry has been reoriented several times according to users’ actual needs. In this article you will find out what to expect in 2019 and why mobile applications for gambling resources will become the main trend of the year.

Prospects for Mobile Gaming in 2019

According to App Annie research, 60% of global gaming profits in 2019 will account for the mobile segment.

Mobile phones and pocket PCs are part of the everyday life of the average person today. Everyone, from grandmothers and teenagers to executives of companies, has mobile devices.

Modern tablets, smartphones and mobile PCs have become an integral part of people's lives and can be used not only as a means of communication or information, but also as a way to make money (stock exchanges, promotions) or a source of entertainment (betting – in the Russian Federation, online casinos – in legal jurisdictions) .

Mobile Gambling Growth

People are so obsessed with modern gadgets that most of the various activities migrated to the online sector. By using a mobile phone, you can listen to music, watch movies and read books, you can make online purchases and, of course, gamble. It is significant that the mobility of gadgets allows you to reproduce these actions without being tied to a place. What does that require? Reliable, modern device and internet connection. If a few decades ago, in order to place a bet, people had to visit a specialized establishment, then now it can be done on the move – standing in a traffic jam, waiting for a doctor’s appointment or being right at home. In recent years, online gaming has begun to replace land-based establishments.

Mobile Gambling Growth

The diagram illustrates the pace of development of the mobile gambling industry and approximate profit from mobile gaming in billions of dollars from 2017 to 2021. The aggregate average annual growth rate is 17.3%.

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The chart shows the approximate profit growth of the mobile gaming sector since 2017. As for statistics, the total revenue from mobile gaming is projected to exceed $100 billion in a couple of years.

Interesting Fact

The first mobile lottery application in India appeared relatively recently – in the autumn of 2018.

It is significant that of the whole variety of mobile games only mobile casinos increase their potential and popularity. Since the screen sizes of smartphones are much smaller than the desktop ones, websites can be modified for comfortable use. Online casinos are no exception.


Over the past few months, the record of achievements for online gaming has only been constantly expanding. It suggests that this business will soon become one of the largest mainstreams in the online industries. Together with bookmakers’ mobile platforms, mobile applications and online games with elements of virtual reality are likely to actively develop, which will stimulate both of them.

Despite technological improvements and an increase in the number of mobile online casinos, it should be noted that not all countries allow this format. For example, on the territory of the Russian Federation all types of casinos have been prohibited by law since 2006.

In connection with the growing demand, programmers and developers are improving their products, and therefore the market has begun to be divided into segments, where some of the content is of high quality. Why does this business model work? Its success is ensured by the knowledge of the needs and the psychology of the product consumers. Indeed, it is more likely that the user will prefer rewards and additional incentives of the online segment, rather than spending his own money.


Final Considerations

Online market regulations are individual for every single country, especially concerning the gambling industry. If we exclude the countries where this type of business is completely prohibited, then the United States is considered the country with the strictest regulatory rules for online casinos. The UK is not far behind in that regard, but some top mobile gaming applications are already available to the British.

From the user's point of view, a mobile application is primarily a convenient and time-saving way to play favorite games.

As mentioned earlier, the ICE Africa event is considered to be the must-attend conference for mobile network operators.

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