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Poker Etiquette

Author: Rode Arteaga
14 November 2019, 16:50
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In order to become successful in the game of poker, a player has to follow certain rules and instructions. Etiquette is highly important to enjoy the game experience and at the same time become a bit (or a lot) richer.

Poker Etiquette

The house dealer’s responsibility is ensuring the seamless gaming process. However, poker players also have to make their contribution to the game. Besides, mastering the etiquette of poker will bring tactical advantage to the one who manages to do it.

Throwing chips into the pot is a bad idea

When a player carelessly throws the chips at the pot, it is difficult for others, including the dealer, to understand if he/she has placed the bet in a proper way. Moreover, after such an action the dealer will have to take a pause in the game in order to count down the pot. The right way here is to put the number of chips you wager in front of you. After that your bet will be checked by the dealer and added to other chips, in the middle of the table.

Act in turn

The game of poker is conducted clockwise. Due to this everyone receives an opportunity to play one at a time. Acting out of turn can result in an unfair advantage to the remaining players. For instance, the one who discards their hand before it gets to them unconsciously sends a message to everyone at the table that now it is easy for them to get away with bluffing.

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Do not make a string bet or string raise

When betting or raising it is important to put the proper number of chips into the pot one at a time. String bet or raise is illegal. Such a situation might happen when a gambler makes a bet that is less than the full raise. In this case, the word “raise” is not pronounced, therefore, it returns the stacks to possess more chips. This is a forbidden technique because it can be used for one’s gain. That is why it’s necessary to say “raise” whenever you decide to do it.

Keep cards on the table

Keep cards on the table

Actually, it is a rare case for cardrooms to allow players to take their cards off the table. As a rule, it is a must to keep them in front of you. Firstly, the player next to you might see your hand as soon as you get it. And secondly, if the dealer cannot see your hand, it may lead to confusion since he might deal your card to another player.

A stitch in time saves nine

Since a big number of starting hands in the game of poker are thrown away, a lot of time is dedicated not to playing but to watching. Therefore it is necessary to play fast. It does not mean that you cannot take some time off in case the decision is hard. Say “Time, please” and take a break. However, if it is possible, act as quickly as possible.


Certainly, there is no universal way of winning at the poker table. The result depends on the player’s skills and luck. But in some situations, small hints like those described in this article might come in handy.

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