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Pit Boss

Author: Rode Arteaga
11 November 2019, 11:41
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If you are interested in casino gambling, you have probably heard of such term as “pit boss”. But do you really understand what this type of casino worker actually does? Let’s take a closer look at his main duties as well as the pros and cons of this profession.

Pit Boss

Casino staff

It takes a lot of effort to ensure that all the clients, regardless of their winnings or losses, enjoy their time in this gambling establishment. That is why the list of casino professions includes:

  • manager, whose main responsibility is organizing the casino system operation;
  • pit boss – administrator that controls the game process;
  • dealer or croupier – assistant in the conduct of the game;
  • inspector controls the dealer/croupier;
  • administrator, who is responsible for customer service;
  • host – employee who receives visitors and is responsible for casino bonuses;
  • cashier, whose responsibility is money transactions;
  • technician – employee, who is responsible for casino equipment maintenance;
  • security.

Pit Boss and His Responsibilities

A long time ago the pit boss used to be a manager of the gambling establishment. Now their main responsibilities include running maximum a few pits of table games and controlling supervisors of dealers in these certain pits. Nevertheless, this position is still in great demand in the casino industry.

Pit boss or pit manager, as they are sometimes called, is a person who ensures the proper work of dealers, fair and correct payoffs as well as customers’ proper treatment.

One more duty of a pit boss is paperwork, which includes documentation concerning table game equipment, shift reports, ratings of players and a lot of other stuff.

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Disagreements and Conflicts

Disagreements and Conflicts

Both players and croupiers can make mistakes during the game. As a rule, it results in small or sometimes serious disagreements. Finding solutions to such situations is also included in the pit boss’s list of duties. That is why this job requires perfect knowledge and understanding of all the table game regulations and rules. If the pit boss fails to solve the dispute, the issue must be reviewed by the manager of this gambling establishment and might even involve regulatory authorities.


As previously mentioned, pit managers have to deal with various kinds of documents on a daily basis. These include scheduling, shift changes, vacations and time off. Floor supervisor and croupier reviews are made in a standard format just like game protection, training and coaching in guest interaction, floor paperwork, etc.

The training process involves teaching supervisors to tackle such issues as card counting, different types of frauds and cheating.

Salary Range

Pit bosses have a lot of responsibilities, so it is no surprise that their salary is usually higher compared to other casino jobs. As a rule, the starting point is $24 per hour. Some pit managers get a certain cut of croupier tips. However, this is not a common practice in all gambling establishments.

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