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Patrik Antonius: a Favorite of Women and the Poker Fortune Itself

Author: Ivanna Shostak
24 February 2020, 15:52
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The way to the pinnacle of the poker career is full of obstacles. Only the most courageous players can cope with all the difficulties and reach the desired goal. One of such professionals is the well-known Finnish gambler Antonius.

Patrik Antonius: a Favorite of Women and the Poker Fortune Itself

Patrik was born in 1980 in Vantaa, Finland. His parents were simple workers. This influenced the character of the small boy, who from childhood tried to break through and be the best in everything he did. When Antonius was only 13, many coaches predicted a bright career in tennis for him. The boy devoted all his time to sports and hoped that someday, he would be able to earn enough money in order to support his parents financially.

After two years of hard training, Patrik had to give up tennis: a spinal injury prevented him from even starting a career as a professional player. Thus, Patrik Antonius tennis career ended very quickly.

Afterwards, Patrik was extremely upset. In order to somehow run away from the problems, he began to spend a lot of time with friends who told him about poker. Soon, Antonius began to independently participate in games for money, which were held in the same tennis club. One day, Patrik could win $50-100, which was pretty good for a fifteen-year-old boy.

In high school, he continued to play poker, but the stakes were already higher. Patrik could spend several nights at the poker table secretly from his parents. There were times when the young gambler left his home to play at night when his parents were already sleeping and returned at dawn.

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Patrik Antonius’ poker career

For a long time, Patrik played poker only with his friends. Small gains made it possible not to take pocket money from parents. However, when Patrik turned 18, he decided to play big and went to the Helsinki casino. There he took part in the tournament with a buy-in of $25, and quite easily won it, for which he received $225. By this time, Antonius had almost completely recovered from his injury, and he was invited to serve in the Finnish army.

Having returned from the army, he tried himself in several professions: a fashion model, a restaurant clerk and a tennis coach.

Patrik Antonius’ poker career

However, none of these professions brought Patrik the level of income that he was looking for. The Finn continued to dream of a beautiful life in which he would drive a chic car, live in a big house and visit the best places in the world and share pictures of them on the Patrik Antonius Instagram page. In the end, Patrik came to the conclusion that only poker could give him all this and in the shortest possible time.

Patrik Antonius became a regular customer at local casinos and quickly grew to $ 2/4 in pot-limit Omaha. After a year of such a game, Antonius decided to take a short break and flew to Italy to study the art of cooking. Having returned to Finland, Patrik continued to play poker. He also signed up for one of the online poker rooms. The Patrik Antonius’ fight for the better results was very successful – in just a few months, he was able to increase his starting deposit from $200 to $20,000.

In addition to the money earned, Antonius gained vast experience, which allowed him to play with any opponent. In 2004, Patrik decided to return to tennis, as well as graduate. Of course, this took a huge amount of time. Antonius played poker only 2-3 hours a day and this allowed him to earn $20,000 - 50,000 per month playing at the limit of $50/100. After some time, Patrik Antonius made a decision to head to Las Vegas.

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Patrik liked the new city. He quickly made many useful contacts with renowned poker professionals. They gave him some valuable advice that helped the Finn quickly improve the game. Thus, since 2005, Patrik Antonius began to take an active part in international tournaments.

Patrik Antonius at WSOP 2010 and other well-known poker tournaments

The first success for Antonius was the 12th place in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, which brought him $34,000. A little later, he became 15th at the WPT and added another $40,000 to his bankroll. The same year, he became the third at the EPT in Barcelona and the first at the EPT in Baden, which brought Antonius nearly $500,000 in total.

Patrik Antonius at WSOP 2010 and other well-known poker tournaments

In July 2007, Patrik became the third in the WSOP Pot-Limit Omaha tournament, which brought him more than $300,000. The next year, he became the seventh in the same tournament and received another $ 128,000. Afterwards his results at one of the main poker events were not so successful. For instance, at WSOP 2010, the popular gambler took the 601st place.

In 2012, the whole world started talking about Patrik Antonius again – he became the second in the Aussie Millions super tournament with a record buy-in of $250,000. For the second place, Patrik received $1,235,000. Four months later, the poker player was fourth at the EPT in Monte Carlo among super-high rollers. Later, Patrik was able to double-score big wins. In 2013, he finished third in the Aussie Millions Main Event with a buy-in of A$10,600, which brought a prize of A$600,000.

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His next success was awaiting Patrik at the Aussie Millions, but a year later, in the $100,000 no-limit hold'em tournament, in which Antonius became the fifth and thereby replenished the bankroll by $626,937. However, the record for Patrik was a performance at the Super High Roller Bowl China with a buy-in of $270,000. Then he managed to go heads-up against Justin Bonomo. Despite the loss, the second place brought the Finn as much as $3 150 000.

The most recent information on Patrik Antonius’ net worth

According to diverse resources, at present Patrik has a networth of approximately twenty-five million dollars. This wealth has come from diverse poker events that the famous Finn has participated in. As Patrik Antonius hendon profile states, the well-known gambler is currently sixty-fifth in All Time Money List.

What about the personal life of a poker player?

Poker gave Patrik everything he dreamed about: a lot of money, a chic and free life, and most importantly – huge popularity. The well-known gambler is also satisfied with his family life: he has been married to Maya Geller, who is also a poker player, for a long time and has two daughters. Antonius has repeatedly participated in many poker TV shows, including the very popular High Stakes Poker and Poker After Dark.

What about the personal life of a poker player?

In his spare time from poker, Patrik likes to play sports. He devotes a huge amount of time to diverse sports activities: visiting a gym, regular jogging, golf, a healthy diet and vitamins are essential for Antonius's day. In addition, he enjoys spending time with his family. Patrik Antonius’ wife and children are certainly the most important people in the life of the popular gambler.

A large number of women envy Geller: her husband is so talented, clever, caring and, of course, handsome (Patrik Antonius’ model career is just a proof of this). The well-known poker player seems to be a great role model for everyone, isn't it?

As mentioned earlier, Adrian Mateos, the poker player Spain, became the EPT Prague winner and received twenty million dollars.

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