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Operators Want to Take Control over their Business: How to Achieve It?

Author: Oleksii Holtvenko
21 August 2019, 08:51
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iGaming platform providers should keep up to date in order to respond to the market needs and provide their customers with the best features for operators to be competitive in this market.

Operators Want to Take Control over their Business: How to Achieve It?

The legacy software connection requires third-party APIs (application programming interface) because custom code must be rewritten in order to operate correctly. Therefore, PAM iGaming Platform by Pragmatic Solutions that has been designed to provide operators with the best scalability, stability, reliability, and speed has become one of the best API-based platforms on the market.

Pragmatic Solutions platform is a perfect common wallet system for gambling operators, start-ups and other companies that require this service. Among its features are a client-oriented approach, advanced business analytics, dynamic segmentation, risk management, CMS and front end, protection against fraud, product management, and others, which is an indicator of high-quality service and commitment to clients.

Operators receive more control over the platform due to third-party integrations, which in turn increases the resource stability. Pragmatic Solutions technology platform lets customers cooperate with developers via online communication (customer support) in order to find better solutions to any related problems.

The main difference of this platform, as well as its main advantage over other providers,  is that it has been built as a new product by taking into account all the peculiarities that may be required from the software of this kind. In turn, most providers use the software, whose initial purpose was quite different, thus it was not designated for the use by gambling operators. That is why these old software tools have so many problems related to low speed, instability, and bad scalability. The industry has been struggling with a huge number of such old-type platforms, which is why its development is hampered. In contrast, the platform by Pragmatic Solutions is designated especially for gambling operators, which is a key element in the company’s success.

company’s success

Another distinctive feature of the company is that it has been developing its core products (platform) instead of spending the energy and time on designing other products. The company invests in the platform more because the core platform business needs more money than other related businesses. According to the Pragmatic Solutions’ position, the approach of meeting the priority needs by spending money on the platform development guarantees the further success in the industry; in turn, the opposite approach will result in a failure. Thus, the company’s motto can be expressed as “Avoid distractions”.

Focusing on the platform and its features’ development helps the provider to avoid these “distractions”. That is how Pragmatic Solutions offers its customers the highest quality of service and satisfies their needs in full.

In addition to the above, the company’s key priority is to build up long-term relations with clients. That is why Pragmatic Solutions provides operators with the full range of services related to platform operation and does not even allow them to think of other providers.

This makes sense considering the complexity of the process a gambling operator has to undertake in order to change the platform. However, if the services provided by the platform are of low quality, the “home products” offered by the provider are of a higher price than available on the market, or the provider’s reputation is doubtful – than it would be better for the operator to switch the provider.

home products

Such unscrupulous providers do not understand that their main mistake is distracting their attention from the main product – their platform. In the pursuit of quick profit, these companies ruin their reputation and do everything to lose the existing customers, as well as scare off the potential ones. If the platform’s instability (for instance) is not being handled efficiently, the provider’s number of clients will drop significantly. In case such a situation occurs with your business, the first thing to do is to change your approach and start working on the weaknesses by investing in them.  

That is how Pragmatic Solutions works in order to retain its clients and increase their number. The company’s main challenge is to provide customers with confidence that everything will be fine, the platform will operate without interruption and bugs, and clients enjoy the services their operator is providing them. Short-term gain or long-term relations – this is up to you.

As mentioned earlier, the UK operators will have to raise their standards due to the implementation of new gambling regulation.

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