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Online Casinos in the Age of Social Media

Author: Gambling Man
19 February 2021, 15:09
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As a form of entertainment entirely dependent on digital technology, it’s only natural that online casinos continuously evolve. From benefitting from faster internet speeds, more capable processing hardware, improved connectivity, and much more, this arm of the betting world is constantly in flux. One of the more modern and influential changes to the online casino market has been from the introduction and now dominance of social media.

Online Casinos in the Age of Social Media

Taking a look at some of these adopted avenues in practice, we want to examine what makes this form of modern communication so important.

Generalized cooperation and competition

One of the more recent and well-regarded arrivals in online casinos has been the development of wide-ranging slot tournaments. Today, no deposit slot tournaments with real money prizes are offered in forms like monthly tournaments, with enormous prizes available even with no money down.

While the basis for these tournaments also ties into the success of other multiplayer games like poker and craps, slots tournaments, in particular, owe their success to social media systems like discord. Often with slightly different players than those of table games, social media helps these players connect, share tips, and engage in friendly competition. 

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Rapid special offerings

Online casinos are an industry that utilizes a wide range of specials to keep players engaged. Starting from free spins and deposit matches, specials then open out into the more esoteric through seasonal bonuses and flash offers. In terms of flash offers, social media such as Twitter has been an enormous boon.

Designed for smaller statements, Twitter’s method of fast-paced engagement encourages fans of specific casinos to follow their accounts and stay alert. Through the addition of random competitions on Twitter and other services like Facebook, a more active overall community results.

Gamification systems

While not strictly social media itself, gamification systems owe a lot to the level of open communication made possible through social media. Gamification systems let players gain loot, find bonuses, and even change their account avatars in some cases to modify how they appear to others. At their core, these could be seen as smaller and self-contained social media systems, only with bonuses that are better integrated into the casinos, which use them.

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On the largest scale, the integration of social media and casinos comes in both overt and coincidental forms. Overtly, leveraging greater competition and cooperation, more rapid engagement, and gamification systems serve to boost levels of player interaction and long-term interest. Coincidentally, the effects of social media can be just as important.

As a whole, social media continuously reshapes how we integrate with the online world. It acts as a lens through which we see new opportunities and the greater possibilities of person-to-person play. This applies on many stages, from smaller player groups with friends to international and even international systems.

In this way, online casinos have become a prime example of the advantages that social media can hold for business. It’s a connected world, and only growing more so by the year. As the barriers to entry continue to lower, and both social media and online casinos only become more popular, the combination looking forward is a promising one.

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