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Most Profitable Cryptocurrencies for Mining in 2019

Author: Rode Arteaga
20 December 2019, 10:09
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Mining is a kind of competition between computers that compete with each other in solving mathematical problems related to cryptographic hash functions. The device that finds the solution first gets paid. Experts determined what cryptocurrencies can be mined with the greatest benefits in 2019.

Most Profitable Cryptocurrencies for Mining in 2019

Mining Methods

The most effective of them is to create a so-called farm. This will require special high-power equipment, as well as power supply and cooling. The disadvantage of this method is its high cost.

The second way is via a computer or a smartphone. The third method is cloud mining.

What to Mine In 2019

Earlier, Bitcoin used to be the most popular cryptocurrency for mining, but over time, this process became more complex. To date, the extraction of even a small part of Bitcoin requires large computing power. However, there are several altcoins that can still be mined for the benefit of the miner.

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Grin Coin

The Grin Coin is based on the mimblewimble protocol. This is one of the most popular coins for modern miners. Nvidia graphics cards (1070, 1070ti, 1080, 1080ti, 2070, 2080, 2080ti models), as well as some AMD cards, are suitable for mining. Among other ways of its mining, there is an opportunity to join the mining pools such as F2Pool, Grinmint, Sparkpool, Pool.BTC.



Ethereum ranks third in the world in terms of market capitalization. The coin is also one of the best cryptocurrencies for mining. It can be extracted using graphics processors. Its main advantage is the function of the smart contract. Ethereum’s extraction requires an Ethminer video card. Experts believe that, despite the high cost, it will pay off in the long run.  

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Ethereum mining is a difficult process, but the reward will be appropriate. The use of optimal equipment will allow you to receive a substantial income.


Today, this cryptocurrency can be mined using ASIC miner equipment. Litecoin is a peer-to-peer coin capable of making cross-border payments. Fast transactions’ confirmation is the main reason why this cryptocurrency is one of the best for mining. Litecoin mining pools are Antpool,, Litecoin Pool.

As mentioned earlier, representatives of Apple announced that the company shows interest in cryptocurrencies.

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