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Mike Tyson’s Comeback 2020: The Boxer Is Ready for Title Fights

Author: Catherine Lysenko
26 May 2020, 17:22
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It is difficult to imagine that one of the most odious boxers in the history of this type of sports may return to the ring at the age of 53. His exhibition bout won’t be surprising but competing for the title of the champion sounds impressive. According to widely discussed sports news, it may become a reality.

Mike Tyson’s Comeback 2020: The Boxer Is Ready for Title Fights

Is Mike Tyson fighting again to win the title of the world champion?

“Iron Mike” has been considered a legend of the boxing world for many years, despite his controversial career. Almost all boxing newcomers of the 90s had banners with “Kid Dynamite” at home or gym. His explosive behavior and outstanding style that he adopted from Cus D'Amato impressed everyone, and his story of an ordinary guy with a lower-class origin inspired people. Tyson has been proving that there is nothing impossible by his achievements, and a good technique together with talent and hard work can lead to wins and titles.

Mike Tyson became the world champion at the age of 20 and his record wasn’t beaten. Moreover, he became the absolute champion only a year later. It is impossible to imagine something like this now.

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Many sportsmen adored Mike and wanted to connect his name with their lives. For example, the current WBC champion Tyson Fury was named after the legendary boxer. His father, John Fury, admired “Iron Mike”. John was among the first people who commented on the information about the return of “The Baddest Man on The Planet” to the ring.

Will Mike Tyson be back to boxing?

It doesn’t make any sense to provide the boxer’s biography. The Internet is full of detailed articles and documentary films about the life, development, and failures of this glorious sportsman, for instance, the film "Beyond the Glory" (2003).

However, the main thing is that Mike Tyson is going to return to the boxing world. He has recently announced his decision and proved it by his training video that has created much buzz. The video shows that Mike while training with focus mitts, has a high speed of blows, moves, and reaction time. It seems that the champion doesn’t have this 15-year pause and the absence of the sports regime. This situation was supported by Rafael Cordeiro’s statement that former Mike Tyson came back. According to the trainer, the boxer has the same speed of blows as 21-year-old sportsmen.

mike tyson comeback 2020

The video and trainer’s comments made fans start discussing the possible title fight seriously, even though the boxer said that his aim was exhibition fights and charity. He is going to donate all money he will make to help homeless people and drug addicts. Of course, a big number of boxers want to compete with Mike. His return to the ring is much awaited and the sportsman is open to offers. John Fury is among these possible opponents and he is literally ready for being beaten by his idol.

Russian fighters Alexander Emelianenko and Oleg Maskayev also announced their desire to fight against Tyson. However, the only event that can really interest fans is his fight against Holyfield. Evander is going to return to the ring as well and it is a great opportunity for the third bout.

Mike has said that he is interested in the meeting with the former absolute champion whom he has lost out to two times. According to Tyson, it will be a very profitable fight for charity and it seems that this bout may be held. Vladimir Khryunov, a promoter from Russia, confirmed that he had talked to Holyfield and he had said that this meeting could take place. In addition to this, some media sources shared the news that an unknown Arabic fund was ready to pay Tyson $20 million for this bout.

This news is growing day by day. Fans’ expectations may even come true and article titles saying: “Mike Tyson is the world champion” may appear on mass media soon. 

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Mike Tyson: will the boxer compete for the title of the champion?

This assumption is based on the WBC president Mauricio Sulaimán’s words. In his interview for Stats Perform News, he said the following:

“Mike Tyson was the youngest man who won the world championship. It means that he may become the oldest one. He is an awesome, legendary sportsman.”

mike tyson back to boxing

Photo source:

Mauricio has stated that he will support Mike if he decides to compete for the championship. However, Sulaimán has made it clear that he doesn’t like speculations. Although Mike solicits the support of the organization, he will need to undergo all required procedures and get the license.

Concluding his speech, the WBC president has said that he likes Tyson’s intention to promote sports and his idea to participate in exhibition bouts and charity. At the same time, if Mike decides to break Foreman’s record (he became the heavyweight champion at the age of 45), he won’t stand against it.

Mike Tyson’s last five bouts




June 11, 2005

Kevin McBride


July 30, 2004

Danny Williams


February 26, 2003

Clifford Etienne


June 8, 2002

Lennox Lewis


October 13, 2001

Brian Nielsen


Mike Tyson vs. Shannon Briggs: will they meet in the ring?

There are many rumors about potential Tyson’s opponents. Mike’s fans make predictions who will be the best rival for the boxing star. However, only several people have some real chances to meet with him in the ring.

One of such sportsmen is Shannon Briggs. A 48-year-old ex-champion is a good match for Tyson who isn’t also a young fighter. Shannon even announced that they had held negotiations and agreed on their bout. He has also added that it will be an exhibition match because Mike insists on this type of fight. Both boxers have many advantages over each other. However, Briggs didn’t have such a long pause in his fighting - his last bout took place in 2006. It means that his hands and legs still remember all moves that are necessary to succeed in the ring. As for “The Baddest Man on The Planet”, he may have problems with timing and punches.

mike tyson boxing return

The possibility of Mike Tyson’s return to boxing

So, what should we expect? According to all news that is popular on the web now, we can conclude that the legendary sportsman Mike Tyson – the champion and sports icon for many people – has significantly hyped the media space that suffers from the lockdown. Now sports face hard times because of events cancellation and “Iron Mike” delivers a bombshell for good purposes. It isn’t important whether he will fight at exhibition events or want to experience a real elimination bout again – it remains a great occasion. If he meets with Holyfield, this event will become historic.

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9 June 2020

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7 June 2020

Mike Tyson wins forever my best

31 May 2020

بالتوفيق إن شاء الله

Juliio gomes
30 May 2020

Na verdade ele ivencível mas o teempo!

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29 May 2020

Iron Mike is 53 yrs of age, with his age he can't win WBC any.

28 May 2020

Mike Tyson can win with no problem he is a good boxers

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