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Mike Postle: Poker Player and Cheater. Susccess Story

Author: Ivanna Shostak
23 December 2019, 16:24
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Poker is a game that has attracted millions of people around the world, primarily because of its competitive spirit, unpredictability, excitement and skill factor. In addition to all of the above, playing poker, you can make much money, which is another advantage of this wonderful game.

Mike Postle: Professional Way of the Famous Poker Player and Cheater

However, there is the flip side of the coin, which can radically change the player’s point of view about the game. This is about fraud. Like in any other popular sport, poker also deals with large sums of money, which is exciting for people who have sticky fingers and are unable to earn their living by honest work. Given the fact that there are many options for cheating in poker, we sometimes can witness situations when players lose hundreds of thousands of dollars through no fault of their own. In the following article, we will tell about one of the most discussed poker scandals of the current year – the accusation of fraud against Mike Postle.

Mike Postle poker

Postle is a regular player of low-limit cash games and the Stones Gambling Hall, a member of the Stones Live stream show on Twitch. He has been playing poker since 2005. During this time, he managed to earn more than $530,000, mainly participating in $100 - $300 tournaments. If you also want to hone your skill at poker and win a lot of money – then try video poker at When you start to play video poker there, the feeling of fear and discomfort will disappear completely. No one will push you into decision-making, and annoying onlookers will not distract you so you will be able to devote yourself completely to the game.

Mike Postle cheating

Earlier, Postle was charged with fraud. Twenty-four players, including Veronica Brill, filed a $30,000,000 lawsuit against Postle and producer of the Stones Live show Justin Kuraitis. Veronica Brill, who is also the regular player of the Stones Gambling casino and former Stones Live commentator, suspected Postle of strange behavior during games in which he often passed having good combinations of cards, which even very experienced players would not have done.. If one of your aims is to join that group of experienced gamblers and play poker successfully, you have the perfect opportunity to practise your skills at This virtual casino will provide with an impressive collection of card games, which you will certainly like.

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The accusation is based on the assumption that the player used a mobile phone during the game, which displayed information about his opponents’ cards (the tables of the Stones Gambling Hall are equipped with a device for reading cards). Probably, this information was transmitted to the player by the producer of the show and Postle’s friend Justin Kuraitis.

Did Mike Postle cheat?

It should be noted that there is no direct evidence in Postle’s case. That is, no one has yet provided confirmation that the player really saw his opponents’ cards or that Kuraitis passed information to Postle. However, circumstantial pices of evidence are very convincing.

Thus, why is Mike Postle cheater?

The first piece of evidence is Postle’s unrealistically high win rate:

Mike Postle cheater

This is the player’s win table on the Stones streams for 2018/2019. Postle won over $253,000 in 277 hours of play. In sixty-two of sixty-nine sessions, his profit was unrealistically high. Some of the losses during the game sessions can be attributed to the fact that at that time, producer Justin Kuraitis was not at his workplace. Therefore, he could not share information with the payer. Besides, Mike won all his big all-ins. It did not go unnoticed by the media. For instance, one of the most well-known examples became Mike Postle ESPN, where one of the channel’s most famous personalities Scott Van Pelt shared information on this story during the edition of SportsCenter. According to the host, if Postle were truly such a talented player, he would already be in the best casinos of Las Vegas.

Secondly, the player’s style is characterized by non-standard decisions, extraordinary VPIP combined (approximately 40-50%) with super-tight folds. We will give an example of one of the suspicious situations. During one of the games, Postle folded AK on the table with K84 before his opponent revealed a pair of eights. This raised many questions on how the player could know that his top pair. On Reddit, Mike Postle’s decisions became hotly debated by a number of users. Some of them are sure that it is impossible to play so successfully. Thus, according to their point of view, he is definitely a cheater. This opinion is also shared by users of another forum – TwoPlusTwo Mike Postle. Most of them claim that even the best professionals would not play so successfully.

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Further proof is a very weird live graphics bug. Mike Postle’s fraud can be also indicated by the fact that RFID streams (radio frequency identification is a system through which players’ cards are read and displayed) made a mistake three times during Postle’s games.

Mike Postle poker

Another suspicious moment is his behavior when he plays poker. Pay attention to the Mike Postle hat: it is a baseball cap with much lowered down visor. During the game, the player lowers his head down to take a look at something near his desk. At the same time, his face is completely closed from the cameras. If you have ever cheated at school or university, you will quickly realize that Postle has a mobile phone on his knees. Most likely, the player received information about the opponent’s cards via his phone. It should also be noted that mobile phones are not prohibited in Stones Live.

The next interesting fact is that Postle was involved in the process of Stones Gambling Hall stream setup. After not only the poker community started talking about the Postle’s case, but the rest of the world, he deleted his LinkedIn profile. It stated that Postle worked for a company that set up the stream for the Stones Gambling Hall.

According to the story about Mike Postle update, the Stones Live organizers conducted their own investigation. Having reviewed all the game sessions during the streams, in which Postle took part, they came to the conclusion that everything was fair and denied the rumors of fraud due to the fact that they could not find any evidence.

It is possible to get more information regarding the situation that arose thanks to Mike Postle Twitter. According to the player’s posts on the social network, he was guilty only of playing poker well and all those who participated with him in tournaments for a long time know this very well. It is sad for Postle that he needs to dig up his 16-year past to prove that he has played poker in the same style all these sixteen years. Postle also stated that there is an independent investigation carried out by third parties that would prove his innocence. In Mike Postle’s interview with Mike Matusow, the player also denied all allegations against himself.

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Mike Postle

What is Mike's defense based on? Firstly, there are games where Postle still lost. In general, this is where the reasoned defense position ends. That is because the player’s case itself is based only on circumstantial evidence that does not directly indicate guilt. If Veronica Brill or any other player assumed that Postle was a scammer, they should have gone to the public address control room (preferably with witnesses) to see what was really happening there. Alternatively, they should have grabbed Postle’s phone from his hands (but it is better to do it in a legal way) to really make sure that he got an illegal advantage in the games against opponents.

In any case, the above-mentioned story has unified the poker community, and Mike Postle news attracted the attention of society (including non-poker) to the problem of unfair play.

As mentioned earlier, the World Championship of Online Poker has managed to break another record and brought over $104.7 million.

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