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Melbet: Collaboration with Celebrities

Author: Gambling Man
20 May 2020, 15:49
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Betting companies around the world are establishing close sponsorship links with sports organizations, federations, and leagues. Individual athletes or celebrities are not deprived of their attention too. In the following material from the Login Casino team, read how Gvozdyk, Kyshenko, and even Mickey Rourke came to the partnership with the Melbet betting company.

Melbet: Collaboration with Celebrities

Melbet previously announced cooperation with famous athletes, including boxers Artur Kyshenko and Oleksandr Gvozdyk. However, quite recently, the information space was full of news that the Hollywood star Mickey Rourke also became a partner of the betting company. It should be noted that, despite the fact that Rourke is mainly known for his acting career, he was a professional boxer in the past.

Oleksandr Gvozdyk

Interesting fact: Father brought Oleksandr to the sport. In spite of the fact that the sports career of the future champion began with kickboxing, at the age of 10, Oleksandr began to attend his first boxing training.

First, let's talk a little about the athlete representing one of the most popular sports in the world. Of course, one of the most significant achievements of his career is considered to be a bronze medal received at the 2012 Olympics. After this fateful event, the athlete received the status of a professional and went to conquer the United States. The first boxer’s contract was signed with the promotion company Top Rank, and the manager of the Gvozdyk became Egis Klimas, who is well-known for cooperation with Oleksandr Usyk and Vasyl Lomachenko.

Two years after the Olympics, Oleksandr held his first professional fight. Four years later, the Ukrainian managed for the first time to receive a significant professional award – the championship belt.

However, since the WBC title was temporary, Oleksandr had to face Adonis Stevenson to get the main award. The fight, which took place a year later, ended for the Canadian with a deep knockout and coma, of which he, fortunately, managed to come out.

Not the last role in the professional life of every boxer is played by his coach. At the moment, Oleksandr is working with Teddy Atlas.

The last match Oleksandr lost to Artur Beterbiev. In general, the athlete is determined and confident that he will be able to take revenge. To stay informed about the future fight – follow the latest news on sports.

The boxer decided to share the good news that he became ambassador of the betting company Melbet on his own page on Instagram. The athlete also added that he chose this particular betting company for reliability and decency.

Artur Kyshenko


The athlete started boxing at the age of 11 and only a year later, he became interested in Thai boxing.

Artur Kyshenko is a professional kickboxer, also known as “Squirrel”. The athlete has been many times champion of Europe in Thai boxing among amateurs. As a professional kickboxer, he has participated in more than 50 fights, most of which he completed in his favor.

Kyshenko’s biggest achievement is considered to be the K-1 World MAX tournament finals. The championship took place in 2008. After 10 years, the well-known athlete managed to take first place in the ranking of


Раньше в профессиональном кикбоксинге была всего одна топ организация – K-1, и чемпионы k-1 считались лучшими бойцами в мире????Сейчас же появилось бессчётное количество новых организаций. В профессиональном кикбоксинге, как и, наверно, вообще во всех боевые искусствах на данный момент, спортивная составляющая вышла на второй план. Сейчас молодые бойцы – это в первую очередь бизнес проекты. Именно поэтому настоящие фанаты кикбоксинга до сих пор ждут бои кикбоксеров старой школы, школы K-1, а новых звезд можно перечесть на пальцах одной руки. ⠀ PS: Совет молодым бойцам – если вы действительно хотите стать лучшими, не бойтесь за свой нолик в графе поражений. Один бой с топом, даже если проигрышный, можно прировнять к 10 победам над середняками. Запомните это! ⠀ Back when I started competing in professional kickboxing, K-1 was the best organization. Its champions were considered to be the best kickboxers on the planet. However, there is an enormous number of promotions right now. Тhe sporting component took a secondary place and young fighters are now primarily business projects. In my opinion, this is the reason why, even nowadays, true kickboxing fans are still waiting for the fights of the old school K-1 kickboxers and there are only a few young kickboxers fans have heard of. PS: My advice to young kickboxers is to not be afraid of taking a loss. One loss to the top fighters can benefit you more than 10 wins against no name kickboxers. ⠀ Author: @gleb.tomkovich ⠀ #mood #motivation #fight #kickboxing #boxing #box #men #muaythai #k1 #Japan #kyshenkogym #kyshenko #seminar #online #coronavid19 #карантин

Публикация от Kyshenko (@kyshenkoartur)

Last year, he made his debut as a professional middleweight boxer. The fight against Beibi Berrocal, the athlete from Colombia, ended in a great victory for the Ukrainian.

Together with Melbet, the athlete shot a motivating video, after which he thanked the betting company for cooperation.

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Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke is mostly known for his acting career in Hollywood. However, he also managed to achieve success in other fields.

In the professional ring, Rourke held eight fights. It is quite interesting that by the standards of sports, he returned to his boxing career at a very advanced age – at 40. At the same time, it should be noted that Rourke’s first fight took place when his acting career was just gaining momentum – in 1991.

For those who remember Mickey Rourke as a handsome man from the cult "91⁄2 Weeks" - in fact, the actor’s life story isn’t the most trivial.

Since the real father of Rourke died quite early, a stepfather quickly appeared in his life. The latter was frequently beating the boy, and this became one of the reasons which pushed the future celebrity to enroll in the boxing section at the age of 11.

Interesting fact: In addition to the site of the betting company, the operator offers to become a partner and earn money with Melbet Affiliates. For partnerships, please contact glmarketing_3 on Skype or [email protected]g.

It is significant that in the teenage years, the Hollywood celebrity was considered one of the best boxers. So, in amateur boxing, he took part in about 47 fights. At the age of 19, Rourke’s life changed drastically: in a fight with one of the opponents, the athlete sustained a serious concussion. Most offensively, it was in this fight that Rourke was considered an unconditional favorite. However, doctors advised him to stop participating in boxing matches. So, Rourke had to forget about sports for a very long time.

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