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Martingale Strategy: Roulette and Blackjack

Author: Yana Kryvosheina
5 November 2019, 12:01
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Martingale, which was founded in France in the XVIII century, is a strategy of managing bets. Its essence is in increasing the amount of money you bet until you win. However, despite the seeming guarantee, the strategy does not give the player any additional advantage. Now let us consider this approach in detail.

Martingale Strategy: Roulette and Blackjack

Martingale strategy in roulette

There is a lot of information about Martingale strategy but the simplest idea is in the following: the player loses in case the coin comes up tails and wins in case it comes up heads. According to the strategy, the gambler is supposed to double the bet amount each time they lose. Consequently, the first time they win, all the previous losses would be recovered. This approach is applied to many types of gambling games, including roulette since the likelihood of hitting either black or red is almost fifty percent. Today, the grand Martingale strategy is widely applied in baccarat and roulette, however, it can also be used for almost every game with bets that have approximately a 50 percent chance of winning: sic bo, craps and even blackjack, after some transformations.

The best Martingale strategy roulette can offer is betting on even-money bets since they have the maximum (almost 50 percent) odds of winning. However, the payout, in this case, will be the lowest: the prize money will amount to your bet for the spin. The bet progression here would look like this: one – two – four – eight – sixteen – thirty-two – sixty-four, etc.

This approach is rarely used by seasoned gamblers due to its high level of risk. If luck is not on your side, you will run out of all the money after several rounds.

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Martingale strategy: blackjack

Martingale strategy: blackjack

Blackjack is another game where the Martingale, or the wrongly assumed “can’t-fail strategy”, is widely used. Here the risk is the same as in roulette because the principle of the approach does not change: in case of losing, the bet is doubled. Is Martingale strategy legal? Yes, it is. However, it’s the riskiest system of all that have been invented so far. This means that if the player has been so unlucky to go on a lengthy losing streak, the outcome can be really bad.

For instance, you bet $5 and lose it – the next bet should be doubled ($10). In case the second bet is also lost, you lose $15. Next bet – 20 dollars, therefore (in case of loosing) you lose $35. You might end up losing 635 dollars if your $320 bet is unsuccessful. And this is an example of only seven unlucky bets in a row.

How to use Martingale strategy

We can define one round as a sequence of successive losses after which comes either a win or the gambler goes bankrupt. After winning the player has to reset the betting amount and start from the very first sum. Therefore, such “rounds” can be considered independent. The answer to the question, how to do Martingale strategy, is obvious: double the bet after each loss. If you are not the most unsuccessful person in the world, the eventual win is supposed to cover all the losses. A more complicated question sounds like “how to make Martingale strategy work?”

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How to use Martingale strategy

The likelihood of not doubling one’s bankroll depends on the probability of losing six spins of roulette in a row, in case the player is betting even/odd or black/red. The majority of bettors tend to believe that six losses in a row is something that will unlikely happen to them. But the truth is, the chances for such a scenario are much higher than you could have thought. According to psychological research, players, who believe that the possibility of losing six times one by one is very unlikely, wrongly assume that in a longer string of bets the chances are very low as well.

The main thing in Martingale strategy gambling fans love is the, so to say, “guaranteed win” in the long run. However, as you have already got to know, it is far from reality. Therefore, the main piece of advice here is, in case you do not have an unlimited bankroll, better be careful with this cunning strategy.

As mentioned earlier, the beginning of October saw Spanish people protesting against the fast increase in the number of betting shops.

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