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Loyalty Programs in Betting Companies

Author: Gambling Man
31 October 2019, 10:57
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Competition on the market of betting services is constantly growing because companies are coming up with increasingly diverse and sophisticated methods of attracting and retaining customers. The representatives of the 1Ante company shared information on modern loyalty programs offered by betting shops with the team of our online resource.

Loyalty Programs in Betting Companies is a company that gives an opportunity to enjoy both traditional and modern games, which are tested and certified, from the best providers like Betsoft, Tom Horn, Playson and others. They provide their customers with reliable offers including free spins, promotions, contests and bonuses. Since the company has proved successful in the field, we asked their experts to tell us more about loyalty programs in betting companies.

In general terms, a loyalty program is a set of marketing actions applied for selling the products and services to the existing customers. The most common example of using loyalty programs can be discount cards. In some business areas, loyalty programs include promotional and bonus privileges.

The tougher the competition on the market is, the more attention companies pay to customer retention tools such as loyalty programs.

According to the representatives of the 1Ante company, there are a few types of bonuses received by the customers for their loyalty. Firstly, such bonuses can be awarded in the form of additional points, which the client can convert into cash and/or place bets on them. Another type of loyalty program may be a monthly return on lost bets.

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Some of the loyalty programs are quite personalized and consist in looking for a personal approach towards an especially profitable customer who suddenly stops making transactions. If a client played often, the bookmaker comes to the conclusion that the customer simply decided to choose another betting company. Thus, as one of the 1Ante company’s representatives claims, it is necessary to analyze the customer’s social networks and provide this person with a special bonus.

special bonus

In such cases, the customers get the impression that they are special, thanks to this, their mood improves and their self-esteem rises significantly. Therefore, maintaining loyalty is much more pleasant, especially if the client is in general satisfied with the variety of gaming options and the quality of service.

However, there is the other side of the coin. Some customers of betting companies are engaged in the so-called bonus hunting. In other words, they run from one company to another in the hope of receiving welcome or additional bonus rewards. As a rule, such actions do not go unnoticed and are quickly stopped by bookmakers.

Using an example of an online platform owned by 1Ante, it becomes clear that nowadays it is not enough to introduce only the usual forms of gambling to satisfy the customers' requests. The company provides its clients not only with classic slots but also live games and a virtual gambling establishment’s services. Among other things, the company offers bets not only on traditional sports events but also on e-sports.

In conclusion, experts note that loyalty programs in the betting business are one of the tools to retain and encourage clients. Such actions can be beneficial for both the user and the operator. The simplest mechanism for introducing loyalty programs is the utilization of additional bonuses. The most time-consuming is the formation of an individual target reward.

As mentioned earlier, in Spain, a lot of people gathered in different regions of the country in protest against the increasing number of betting shops.

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