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Live Streaming in Gambling: Aims and International Experience of Implementation

Author: Gambling Man
27 January 2020, 13:06
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Live streams in gambling are becoming a more and more popular practice. Therefore, the Login Casino team has decided to understand the aims the operators are trying to achieve. The representatives of 1Ante shared their knowledge regarding international experience.

Live Streaming in Gambling: Aims and International Experience of Implementation

The global industry of recent years has been taking more and more advantage of live streaming. The technology is so popular that not only the betting segment but also interactive gambling establishments have been actively implementing it. Not many people remember that the pioneer of this format was the lottery sector.

Live streaming: lottery segment

Interesting fact

The USSR people were demonstrating a record level of involvement in lottery operations. However, by the beginning of the third millennium, the majority of Russians lost their enthusiasm in terms of lottery. This was mainly attributed to a large number of operators whose level of services’ quality was far from perfection. By the middle of the 90s, only 4% of people were playing lottery. Therefore, modern operators started introducing live streaming in order to regain the trust of the audience.

Lottery is a special type of gambling, that is why in many jurisdictions it is the only legal way to try one’s luck. Lottery draws in live mode have been used both literally and figuratively. The second option implies a preliminary record of draws with a subsequent broadcast usually in the morning hours. This format made it difficult to bring up the live feed. However, nowadays it is hard but possible in the case of countries with huge territories and several time zones (e.g. the USA and Russia).

It is worth noting that live lottery draws are some kind of long-time survivors in the TV environment. According to experts, such a high level of popularity is explained by their acknowledgment among the people. This is a program about ordinary people who decided to try their luck showing their genuine feelings. According to social surveys, despite gamblers being the main part of the audience of such programs, among the viewers there are also people who simply enjoy such a family format.

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Live streaming in interactive casinos

Live streaming in interactive casinos

Due to the rapid development of modern technologies, the format has also undergone some changes and is currently mostly used on the Internet. The European interactive casinos started using it more actively while live games became the part of operators’ offer from Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and other countries.

“Foreign online gambling operators of virtual casinos are using this format with the aim of forming the atmosphere of traditional gambling establishments and therefore providing the audience with a wider range of emotions”, noted specialists.

The main difference between the land-based and online gambling segments used to be the atmosphere of brick and mortar establishments, which virtual casinos were unable to create. According to 1Ante specialists, not every European operator can offer live streaming services for its customers.

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The secret of live streaming popularity

A few basic aspects of why live streams are so popular for gambling have been already highlighted in this article. Namely: live-streaming provides brand awareness for operators and for interactive casinos – the traditional atmosphere of a gambling establishment.

Besides, according to psychologists, these programs are admired by the audience due to their simplicity and popular culture.

The secret of live streaming popularity

“The scale of operators’ offer plays an important part in the online gambling business. The more diverse items they can offer, the more likely a wide range of audience is attracted. Moreover, the biggest demographic group is millennials, their tastes are more demanding and need constant implementation of innovative approach”, stated the representative of 1Ante.

As mentioned earlier, sports betting companies are also actively implementing live games in their portfolio.

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