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Live Games – Challenge of the Day and the Means of Customer Acquisition

Author: Gambling Man
20 December 2019, 10:09
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Due to the fact that the level of competition on the betting market is constantly growing, operators need to quickly adjust to customers’ needs and introduce innovative solutions. The Login Casino team has been researching the live gaming niche as a means of expanding the audience by reference to the experience of 1Ante.

Live Games – Challenge of the Day and the Means of Customer Acquisition

Online gambling users, especially those of the betting sector are becoming more and more seasoned. Therefore, operators are trying to introduce innovative solutions that make them stand out if compared with rivals. According to specialists, one of the most relevant mechanisms is launching live games.

Live games: definition and application

Live games are a phenomenon whose distinctive feature is simplicity of functional application together with a high level of audience involvement. The format makes it possible to attract new segments of users which, according to 1Ante representative, is proved by the growing trend of live games popularity.

“The most eloquent in this regard is the proportion of customer involvement. According to our data, approximately 30% of betting companies’ operations can account for this type of entertainment”, says representative.

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Why this format is interesting for users and the mechanism of its work

Online gambling has not only been far ahead of the land-based segment, it can be called cunning, if such a definition is suitable in terms of business, due to the fact that with the help of technological development it is trying to recreate all the strong points of the offline segment in a more accessible format for the audience. Therefore, live games are a possibility to make bets not only before the sports event but during the competition as well. From the psychological point of view, it allows a bettor to become a part of a big event and gives a completely different range of emotions.

According to experts, the popularity of live bets is so high that within the next couple of years pre-match bets are likely to be completely eliminated.

Why this format is interesting for users and the mechanism of its work

“The pace of life of modern people became much faster because everyone values time in a special way, even when we are talking about spending free time. Live bets help to save time resources. For instance, if the user made a guess regarding the number of goals during the first half of the match – it is not necessary to wait till the end of the game because the broadcast provides an opportunity to find out the results of his prediction much faster”, explained 1Ante specialist.

According to 1Ante representatives, one of the most important aspects which make live games attractive for users is the profitability of bookmakers’ offer. So, how does it work? If the sports meeting has already begun but still no result on the scoreboard, the odds for one team’s victory start growing.

“One of the live games’ drawbacks is excessive emotionality connected with the fact that complete novices take part in the forecasts. As a rule, a desire to win one’s money back after an unsuccessful bet can lead to extra losses. Therefore, it is always necessary to remember that gambling games are a way of spending free time and not a means of earning money”, highlights representative.

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Main types of live games

It is worth mentioning that, according to 1Ante, the majority of types of sport are suitable for the live mode. However, football, basketball, tennis and hockey remain among the favorites.

Football is especially attractive because users can increase their winning due to an unexpected gaming situation. For instance, a few minutes before the final whistle one of the teams starts actively attacking their opponents. If the bettor manages to predict the outcome of this attack correctly – it will not take long for the betting company to provide him/her with a profitable offer.

“Besides, interesting variants of live bets are possible in a situation when the outsider team scores a goal at the very start”, adds 1Ante representative.

Main types of live games

Basketball is distinguished by its dynamics and is famous for its comebacks, therefore, it is especially important for the users to be able to feel the moment when the team is on the ball.

Tennis as an individual sport has its peculiar features. An experienced bettor will always notice the bad physical or emotional state of the player and will increase the chances of winning.

Having analyzed the website of 1Ante it should be noted that the operator’s portfolio includes all main types of live bets. Users may find especially interesting live bets on eSports competitions.

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Live games can become a good means of attracting new segments of users since they expand the emotional range and give a unique experience connected with participating in the sports event. Besides, users should remember to keep a healthy attitude to betting and wagering, not to make any decisions basing on an emotional impulse.

As mentioned earlier, the US sports betting market keeps on growing. Therefore, the 11th state has already started providing sports wagering services. 

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