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Linkedin Automation Tips: Salespeople Should Know It

Author: Catherine Lysenko
31 December 2020, 10:55
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Linkedin became the most influential business social networking platform for the last several years. A number of companies offer various tools for its automation. However, they won’t be effective without applying special techniques to communication, profile setting, and audience targeting.

Linkedin Automation Tips: Salespeople Should Know It

Stefan Smulders, a founder of, and Manuel De Vits, a Linkedin expert, have shared valuable tips on the automation peculiarities, salespeople’s typical mistakes while generating leads, and current Linkedin algorithms. The experts have provided short master classes on reaching out to the target audience and the creation of message texts that will draw everybody’s attention.

Why is Linkedin automation important?

Before continuing with tips, it is necessary to understand why Linkedin automation is so important for businesses that are going to promote their services on this social network or find clients there.

Automation has several obvious advantages:

  1. Less time-consuming operations.
  2. More effective processes.
  3. More control over the Linkedin inbox messages, which aren’t designed properly.

Manuel De Vits has explained that manual management of Linkedin profile isn’t always a good decision, especially for companies. Messaging box is very time-consuming, that is why it’s more convenient to have software. Automation allows Linkedin users to analyze their performance and use only efficient strategies.

So, the main question is what these strategies are and how to use them properly. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Most strategic ways to accelerate sales via Linkedin

The experts have shared the most powerful methods on how to make Linkedin a lead generating platform. Applying them, you will level up your profile and get closer to your target audience, even if you sell Tesla stocks.

Profile personalization

One of the major recommendations is to personalize a profile. Experts have said that it is always better to start with a profile as it reflects a person or a business. Stefan Smulders suggests personalizing your page on the website as much as you can because it helps to make a first impression. In this case, automation can be very useful as it allows Linkedin users to warm up a profile and make it attractive in a few easy steps. To make a long story short, you can make all the necessary settings without spending much time on this.

Profile linkedin

Use your headline to give people a proper answer about how you can help them. Another essential thing to do with the account is to fill in the field for a photo description before uploading it. Thanks to this text, the photo has all chances to appear in Google search results in the “Images” category. According to the experts, this simple procedure may lead to more people visiting your Linkedin page.

Interaction can triple your results

The speakers have also emphasized the importance of interaction. “Start to interact, not just do messaging,” said Mr. De Vits. He explained that, initially, Linkedin was built for recruitment and networking, not as a sales platform. It tries to get people together. That is why it is necessary to check what level of interaction you have with the platform and its users.

The quality of conversation is the main business driver on the social network. In case you don’t see the desired results from your communication on Linkedin, the first thing to do is to analyze previous conversations. If the results are poor, it is necessary to change the way you communicate with people.

Engagement should precede reaching out

Another crucial part of any Linkedin campaign is engagement. Manuel De Vits recommends switching from the sales perspective:

“Stop sending connections blindly to the maximum number of people. Not everybody may be your client, but they may know somebody who can be your client.”

The expert emphasizes the importance of sympathy because nobody wants to deal with salespeople. Vice versa, companies’ representatives want to deal with exceptional offers. That is why they aren’t likely to continue with anyone who is trying to sell something. If you are different and interesting, people will pay attention to you, but to become such a person it is necessary to change the tone of communication on Linkedin.

Linkedin campaign

Reach the engaged audience

Salespeople should do a better job of finding the target audience and make more personal requests. The speakers have shared several valuable tips on how to do this properly.

For example, Stefan Smulders recommends searching for related content on Linkedin, find posts, and get the list of people engaged in it, which can be also done via automation tools. It is easy to search for such content using hashtags as well. In addition to this, an effective method is to find influencers in a specific field and reach out to people who are active under their posts. Sending connection requests to such users in proper time will lead to success because they are interested in your scope of activity.

Furthermore, your interaction with posts may also bring benefits. Comment on users’ posts and participate in discussions. Activity and interaction on Linkedin are the most powerful tools, which may lead to connecting with people under posts.

Be active on Linkedin

One more piece of advice is being active on the website. The platform should see that you are an active user who applies its tools. For example, not so long ago, Linkedin has introduced a new feature – stories. However, very often, salespeople have a question: what to do with this? The answer is simple: just use them, and it will also influence your profile positively.

Do A/B testing

It is difficult to predict the results of any campaign, however, nobody wants to expose their business profiles to risk. The way-out is an A/B test that will allow you to research users and find the right approach to the target audience. Salespeople can do this on small accounts.

A negative reply is still a reply

linkedin sales

Mr. De Vits has noted that one of the major aims during reaching out on the platform is to get a reply by making a person interested. Moreover, even a negative answer still means the establishment of contact. “If you don’t get ‘yes’, try to get ‘no’,” recommends the expert. He adds that, pushing people to say “no”, you will get “yes” sometimes. Even if you are trying to establish contact with the world’s richest person or a celebrity, don’t be afraid of a negative reply.

Major mistakes most salespeople make

In addition to recommendations on what is to do to succeed on Linkedin, the speakers have provided information about the most common mistakes that the majority of salespeople make.

Fast and furious

One of the most popular missteps is being “fast and furious” on the platform. It means that salespeople try to connect with other users too fast and too much and get blocked as a result. Mr. Smulders has said that spam is the main problem on Linkedin, and users leave the platform because of this. That is why the website has a war against spam and does everything possible to prevent such cases. He has added that, in 2021, to survive on Linkedin, business owners should define new borders or recognize patterns. To be safe, salespeople need to focus on strategy. It means that their connection requests shouldn’t be flagged.

Users’ attacks

The main negative trend on Linkedin, frequently discussed in business news, is that everybody is attacking other users. The connection process becomes aggressive. The experts have emphasized that it is necessary to reconsider the way you approach people and communicate with them on this social network. Attacking Linkedin users will result only in the blocked account.

Profiles not prepared for outreach

profile Linkedin

Reaching out without having a Linkedin profile not prepared for this process is among the most common mistakes that salespeople often make. Not optimized profiles may do the opposite – alienate your potential customers. In other words, your page is a business card, which should describe who you are but not provide all information at the beginning to keep a person interested.

In conclusion, it is important to mention the main message that is included in all speakers’ recommendations: Linkedin automation is super useful if to combine with the proper strategy and approach to communication with users there.

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