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Legal Status of Gambling in India

Author: Gambling Man
25 June 2020, 09:42
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Online betting in India is a million-dollar business for casino owners and players. The success of this novel internet business translates to great riches amassed overnight. Such great tides of fortune, as expected, have become a magnet for illegal and unhealthy gambling practices. Get more news about the gambling industry in other countries across the globe.

Legal Status of Gambling in India

In response, the government, as well as the different states, has come up with bills and laws to promote responsible sports and casino gambling in India. The legal status of gambling in India, however, is an intricate matter for consideration from various standpoints: constitutional, religious, and social perspectives.

Furthermore, Jimmy Norin, who runs to encourage legal gambling, has reached out to most gambling operators, who offer their service in India, and confirmed the legality of their businesses.

The law on sports and casino betting in India

In 1990, the government of India renewed the 1976 Public Gambling Act. This act allows casinos in India to operate as offshore establishments. There exists no record of cases of prosecutions arising from online gambling in India.

Furthermore, the government does not outlaw online betting or casino activities in India. The presence of online gambling companies operating in India further proves that online gambling is legal in the country. That, however, does not mean that the government avoids regulating betting and gambling activities.

  • The Sikkim Online Act of 2008 allows the intranet availability of Casino Brag, Roulette, and Blackjack with the Sikkim state.
  • The Indian Penal Code under Section 294 A bans private lotteries. Some states like Gujarat and Pradesh have repealed the section to allow the operation of non-profit lotteries.
  • Games should not contravene intellectual property laws, or depict women indecently or display obscene content.

Favorite sports and gaming activities

Football, baseball, and cricket rank high in popularity in India’s sports betting. The betting sites allow players to place bets on regional and international tournaments such as the Indian Premier League and the Cricket World Cup. The companies have added European leagues too with exciting and lucrative betting odds.

Legal Status of Gambling in India

That is not all, the betting companies strive to offer a wide variety of products to their clients by adding other sports on their platforms. The offers also change depending on prevailing seasonal sporting activities. These sports include but limited to the following:

  • tennis;
  • ice hockey;
  • motor racing;
  • American football;
  • rugby;
  • handball.

Responsible casino gaming behavior for success

Since everybody wishes to come out ahead on the online betting platform, you can leverage the following aspects to your advantage:

  • Accessibility of online gambling platforms.

The digital aspect of sports and casino betting enhances its accessibility since you do not have to bet at a land-based casino. Some companies now float apps that you can download to your device for faster access to the gaming sites. Others like offer reliable recommendations on platforms and games.

  • Availability of online betting resources.

As a player, you need equipment such as a computer or an internet-enabled phone to access online gambling platforms. Some companies also run ads on television and newspapers listing the pickings for the day. You can also visit an offline franchise shop set up by a betting company to place your bets.

  • Be conversant with sports.

The online company acts as the bookmaker and draws up lists of events and the accompanying odds per game. You should educate yourself on the nature of sports to participate successfully in any of the games. Any ignorance will cost you, so learn how the actual sport translates on the odds set by a betting company.

  • Prepare a budget.

Set an amount of money you intend to spend on betting activities. This will protect you from overspending on the betting at the expense of other commitments.

  • Register an e-wallet.

Due to regulations, many banks in India do not process payments involving online casinos.

Implications of irresponsible betting

Despite the easy accessibility of gambling platforms, games are not easy, and players lose money all time. The loss of a stake, depending on the amount involved, and the consistency in losing, has negative effects on players. These effects sometimes contribute to calls for more stringent regulation of the online betting industry in India:

Legal Status of Gambling in India

  • Addiction to betting activities leading to overindulgence. The obsession makes a player forego other crucial activities like work duties and studies.
  • Spending money meant for basic needs and other important commitments on betting.
  • Mental problems due to frustrations caused by financial losses incurred through gambling.
  • Overindulgence leading to the situation when a player lacks time to interact with the family, and it causes resentments.

The implications may lead to a person’s engagement in crimes like stealing, conning others, and selling contraband goods to raise money to fund gambling activities. For those reasons, the law requires that players should be of legal age to participate in any of the gambling activities.

Should you bet?

Although the financial benefits of casino betting override debates on its legality, operators do not offer it as an investment option. Gambling is a leisure activity that requires moderation and knowledge to avert legal and personal problems.

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