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Net Worth Kobe Bryant. The NBA Legend and a Devoted Family Man

Author: Catherine Lysenko
4 March 2020, 13:57
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Kobe Bryant is one of the most talented American basketball players of all time. He is at the top of the most popular NBA players list who have become a part of the U. S. basketball history forever. Kobe got two gold medals at the Olympic Games and ranked 33 on the Forbes’ list of the Richest Entrepreneurs who are less than forty.

Kobe Bryant – the NBA Legend and a Devoted Family Man

Bryant was an excellent player and a successful business owner who knew how to manage people and invest money. He also had several absolutely different and not related hobbies. Kobe owned his own collection of luxury cars, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, and others. At the same time, the basketball star made a short film “Dear Basketball’ which brought him the Academy Award in 2018.

Kobe Bryant as a kid: his childhood and school years

Kobe Bryant’s life journey started on August 23, 1978, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He had no chances to choose another career instead of basketball one because his father, Joe Bryant, also was the NBA player. However, his family members often played soccer as well.

Kobe spent his childhood in Italy, maybe it was the reason for his enormous love for everything connected with this country. In several years, the Bryants returned to their native Philadelphia where their 13-old son joined his first basketball team at the Lower Merion High School. This period of life became crucial for the teenager because he started his self-realization as a basketball player. Thanks to him, his school team took part in all Pennsylvania championships.

This success pointed the way to Kobe and he didn’t even hesitate about his future career: young Bryant became the part of the NBA just after he finished studying at high school with the title of the player with the all-time highest scores – 2833. 

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Kobe Bryant: net worth and basketball career of the NBA star

June 26, 1996 – a significant date for Kobe Bryant as a basketball player. He was chosen by the Charlotte Hornets team. This moment determined his fate. Later, the player was traded to the Lakers – the Los Angeles team with which he totally connected his career. The Lakers became his home team for 20 years, but, at that moment, he signed the contract with the American team only for seven years.

Kobe Bryant

When Bryant was 19 he became the NBA All-Star, the youngest one. It helped him to promote his personal brand as a basketball star and get his first contacts with sponsors. His career was developing at a rapid rate because later Bryant became the main NBA shooter and got all possible titles. His excellent performance in the Lakers led the team to three wins in the NBA championship. 

After this run of success, Bryant had an unwanted break because of his accusation of sexual assault. However, it didn’t prevent him from the return to the sports when the case was settled and he got another 7-year offer from the Lakers. The next seasons were quite unsuccessful for the player because he came into conflict with some of his fellow players and the Lakers' former coach. Bryant received much criticism and was forced to join the All-NBA 3d Team.

Scored 27000 and 30000 points in 2011 and 2012 helped Kobe to recoup his losses. He signed the $48.5 million contract for two years. In 2016 Kobe Bryant announced that he wanted to retire – his 60-point scoring in the NBA game became “goodbye” to the basketball world. You can read all the sports news here.

It should be mentioned that Bryant’s net worth is $680 million. It consists of two main parts:

  • $328 million as a total of his salaries as the Lakers’ player;
  • $350 million received from endorsements.

Kobe Bryant’s family – people who supported the basketball player at the start of his career

As mentioned earlier, Kobe’s father, Joe, is an ex-NBA player known as “Jellybean”.  After retiring from the NBA in 1992, he continued his career in sports as a basketball coach for the women’s team – the Los Angeles Sparks. Kobe’s mother’s name is Pamela and she is the relative of the former NBA player. Kobe also had two sisters named Sharia and Shaya. They both are married and have children.

Kobe Bryant’s family

Joe and Pamela supported his son at the start of his career but marriage with his wife changed the situation and they pulled away from him. Bryant’s parents and sisters were against the woman he loved and even didn’t come to their wedding ceremony. The parents were sure that their 21-year-old son is too young to become a husband and be responsible for a family.

Nonetheless, the player’s relations with sisters remained warm and sincere. Thus, his older sister Sharia took his part in the court actions concerning his personal items. Kobe’s mother Pamela sold them without his permission to earn money on her son’s popularity.

Sometime before his death, Kobe decided to stop giving money to his sisters because, in his opinion, it prevented them from professional fulfillment in life. However, this decision didn’t make their relations worse but, vice versa, helped them to find a common language.

Wife of Kobe Bryant – Vanessa Bryant

Bryant met a woman who later became his wife and the mother of their four children, Vanesa, in 1992. Later, the loving couple married. Their marriage survived despite various difficult situations that the family faced. One of them is the scandal connected with the sexual assault accusation but the case was dismissed.

Kobe Bryant’s children: daughters of the best father

Vanessa Bryant became the mother of four beautiful girls: Natalia, Gianna, Bianka, and Capri. According to her interviews, Kobe was a very good father who loved his kids. His last child, Capri, was born in 2019.

Business built on shoes: Kobe Bryant’s sneakers merch

Kobe Bryant was successful in everything he did and his collaborations with the biggest world’s brands weren’t an exception. One of them was his collaboration with Nike which had started seventeen years ago – in 2003. Bryant worked a lot together with the brand’s designers and developers to create a unique line of sneakers based on his own basketball history and experience. His customized products turned out to be in high-demand that became a winning strategy for Nike.

Kobe Bryant net worth

Even after a sportsman’s death, the brand continues its campaign selling out Bryant’s merchandise in its online shop. Nike is going to update the Kobe 5 Protro line with a new color palette and launch it at the nearest time.

Kobe Bryant’s death – a helicopter crash claimed his life

January 26, 2020, became a tragic day for Kobe Bryant’s nearest and dearest. He together with his daughter Gianna died when their helicopter fell down in Calabasas, the Los Angeles suburb. This terrible news circled the globe breaking the hearts of all Kobe’s fans and his friends. Kobe was 41 and his daughter was 13.

The family was flying to the Mamba Sports Academy where they were going to spend time together playing basketball. The death of the famous athlete and his child became a big loss to the family. His parents are inconsolable for their son’s death, and his two sisters too. Kobe’s widow, couldn’t choke back her tears when she was telling about her talented husband. Bryant’s tragic end also devastated his teammates and other colleagues who knew the player personally.

Many investigations are being conducted now in order to determine the reason that caused the helicopter crash. According to the latest data, the weather could be the major reason for the helicopter’s crashing down. The vehicle was lowering at high speed – approximately 2 000 feet a minute.

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Kobe Bryant’s jersey’s auctioned off: $20 000 for a piece of clothing

After the NBA star’s death, his marches and personal items became extremely popular among his fans. One such item is Kobe’s jersey of the 1998-1999 season. Any person can buy this piece of clothing in memory of the favorite player.

A Los Angeles auction house sells the jersey for $20 000. They say that it was given by someone who was connected with the Lakers and it even had the authenticity certificate.

FAQ about the basketball legend

What is the net worth of Kobe Bryant?

How much money Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant’s net worth exceeds $600 million in total and he is one of the richest basketball players after Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. Also, find out about the real NBA referee salary.

How much money did Kobe Bryant make in his career?

As a popular basketball player, Kobe Bryant received a $328-million salary from the Lakers. He was one of the top-paid players in the basketball type of sports.

How much is a Kobe Bryant rookie card worth?

There are a lot of rookie cards with Kobe Bryant on various websites on the web. They have different designs and represent many moments from his basketball career. Their price ranges somewhere between $33 000 and $1500. The number of the most valuable cards is 15 and they are available on auction websites as well.

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