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Key to Success in iGaming

Author: Ivanna Shostak
24 September 2019, 11:29
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The expert in the gaming industry and chief product officer at Pragmatic Solutions Valli Fragoso shares her opinion about the major issues in the gaming industry and explains how to cope with them.

Key to Success in iGaming

According to the expert, the first problem operators might face are obsolete platforms. It is extremely difficult to adapt and develop the platforms that were created for other reasons. The industry is constantly changing. New rules and regulations are published, new marketing requirements appear – all this requires constant adaptation. Even operators do not want to work with a system that is difficult to develop and adapt appropriately.

Operators often face another problem consisting in the lack of true customisation possibilities, such as customised UI/UX. In these cases, Pragmatic Solutions might help operators to solve the issues. Fragoso claims that their main focus is put only on developing their platform and its supporting features. Its main characteristics are efficiency, high speed and flexibility.

This fully API-based igaming platform has been providing the best sports, casino, lottery and many other products for its clients. Taking into account the importance of quality of platform for operators, companies should invest a lot in their technology.

What is really important – Fragoso’s team has created its software for the right purpose from the very beginning. While other platform providers spend much time on creating other products, Pragmatic Solutions are developing their platform. They believe developing a platform is a long-term process and focus on it is a key to success.

created software

The company always offers its clients a solution that is easy to adapt and develop. They do not make their customers wait much time – they start to look for a solution once they get a task.  If the customer needs something in one week, for example, the company will complete this mission in one week. Customers are extremely important for the operation of any company. They need to listen to their clients and solve the problems taking into account their requirements.

Licensing aspect

There are a few essential things a successful platform needs. Firstly, an experienced team that knows perfectly the market and all rules and regulations regarding the industry.

Nowadays the world of regulated igaming grows; many countries are legalizing online gambling. Thus, such growth will be important for all operators who want to launch their established brands online.

Fragoso’s company is constantly reviewing their approach to licensing. Their platform is certified for many markets, among which are the UK, Malta, Sweden and others.  As for certification of additional markets, it is quite easy and is done once they get a client’s request.

The best approach

The expert advises putting one’s focus on land-based operators with brands that are easy to recognize. They are looking for ways how to enter the market but they do not have enough knowledge how to do this taking into account all the difficulties regarding online gambling.

The best approach

To solve the clients’ problems, it is necessary to employ the best experts in different fields, from sales to marketing. The company’s business approach should consist in building trust and creating long-term business relationships with their customers.

Fragoso believes there should be no place for the barriers or limitations as it will help to achieve success for both company and customers. According to her, only flexible approach might help to build trusted partnerships which, in turn, will lead to more investment and growth over time.

The expert does not insist their products are the best ones in this industry. Their team enjoys the process of studying and they always want to learn something new to help different customers.  The company claims it will never draw on a new customer only to earn as much money as possible and find the quickest solution to the problem. Short-term quick wins are much worse than long-term trusted partnerships.

As mentioned earlier, Swiss gambling regulators have published lists of igaming companies banned from operating in the country.

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