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Kelly Winterhalter: a Skincare Entrepreneur Who Plays Poker like a Pro

Author: Catherine Lysenko
24 February 2020, 18:36
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Women in poker are always an interesting topic to discuss because the game is mostly associated with male players. However, as Ms. Winterhalter shows by her poker and business experience, it’s possible to be a successful owner of a skincare company and one of the best female poker players at the same time. “Skincare and poker are two things I’m passionate about”, says this beautiful girl with bright eyes.

Kelly Winterhalter: a Skincare Entrepreneur Who Plays Poker like a Pro

Kelly is one of the most charismatic players in the poker world. If to search for information about Kelly Winterhalter, Wikipedia won’t provide you any results. However, this girl is popular in the poker industry, despite the fact that she plays this card game for only 3 years. One would think that this period wasn’t enough for talking about poker seriously but Kelly took part in six WSOP tournaments already.

Kelly Winterhalter’s bio and the main stages in life

Kelly was born on December 22, 1988. The girl decided to drop out of college because she wanted more freedom. She worked full-time for 8 months but then she understood that it wasn’t the lifestyle she dreamt about. Kelly wanted to live her life more interesting: to travel more and to have a lot of exciting moments. Kelly Winterhalter’s birthday present of a dream is a ticket to a country or a city she has never been to.

This desire was the major reason why she quitted her job to find herself in other activity areas. The search for a new path led her to poker where she was a newcomer but with big ambitions.

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Kelly Winterhalter: poker career and a skincare business

As Kelly said in her interviews, she was always fond of math, and various mathematical calculations didn’t seem difficult to her. Being also a psychology books lover, the girl liked to apply the knowledge in real life. Poker attracted her so much because she could use both of these interests in the game: math – for poker strategies, psychology – for better understanding of her game partners’ behavior.

Kelly Winterhalter: poker career and a skincare business

Kelly Winterhalter’s age is 31 and she has recently entered the poker world. Her first meeting with the game occurred when Kelly was sitting at home and had nothing to do, so, she decided to try $3/$6 Limit Hold'em. This moment became significant in her life. She understood that it wasn’t only a passing fancy but the occupation for the life term.

Ms. Winterhalter started doing everything possible to develop in this sphere and achieve goals. She had some money which she could spend on poker tournaments, and she didn’t even hesitate about it. The female player was a frequent participant in cash games which allowed her to get some money for further tournaments. Kelly participated in serious poker events, including legendary WSOP. She often said that she fell in love with WSOP because it was a big opportunity for her to get deeply involved in playing poker. Kelly feels like in a summer camp during tournaments: her friends from around the world gather in one place and they can play their favorite game together.  Now the girl dreams of being a WSOP bracelet owner and it motivates her to improve poker skills every day.

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One of the interesting facts to mention is Kelly’s game with Phil Hellmuth. The experienced player tried to influence his inexpert opponent that could lead to a big-money loss for Ms. Winterhalter. Kelly commented on this situation saying that it was her debut on TV and everything seemed so new to her. Poker Night in America became a good lesson for her. She noticed that pressure from her opponent but she overcame it and won the pot. The female player analyzed the game later and was happy to understand that this tournament was cool and she was up to the challenge.

Kelly Winterhalter: poker career and a skincare business

Kelly often says that she is so much in love with poker because the game provides her with opportunities to travel around the world. And it means that poker makes her dreams come true. Moreover, the girl combines travels with poker tournaments because she often goes somewhere to play the game. She writes a lot about her life on Twitter.

Another Kelly’s passion is the creation of natural skincare products. It sounds a little bit surprising that a poker player can devote his or her time to something else in addition to the favorite game. However, Kelly finds time for her entrepreneurship as well – it’s usually 20% for cosmetics and 80% for poker. She is a licensed esthetician that’s why she is excellent at creating cosmetic products. Her company, Ellovi, is focused on products made of absolutely natural ingredients. The girl jokes that one can even eat their moisturizers because they don’t have any chemical additives. Kelly is deeply interested in the cosmetics manufacturing process and wants to make her brand really helpful for skin.

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Kelly Winterhalter: net worth and the biggest wins

Of course, profit from playing poker is as much important as the game itself. Kelly’s current live tournament winnings are estimated at $44 296. The biggest win is $7 681. As a novice in poker, the girl doesn’t have a million-dollar profit from the game but everything is possible in the nearest future.

Her tournaments with the best results are the following:

  • $ 100 + 25 No-Limit Hold'em – Daily Event – the first place;
  • $ 135 No-Limit Hold'em 10PM – the sixths place;
  • $ 100 + 25 No-Limit Hold'em – Nightly Event – the seventh place;
  • $ 365 No-Limit Hold'em – the eights place.

Kelly Winterhalter: net worth and the biggest wins

Currently, Kelly lives in Oakland, CA, but her business and poker gave her a free hand for her perfect lifestyle. The player lives according to the schedule she is comfortable with. She has more time to travel, enjoy being an esthetician and develop her skills as a poker player. This flexibility and sense of freedom are more than important to her because she doesn’t like being tied down to one job or place.

Speaking about a player and an entrepreneur Kelly Winterhalter, bikini parties and noisy get-togethers, except for poker events, aren’t for her. She is highly motivated for getting her most desired prize ever – a WSOP bracelet.

As mentioned earlier, the schedule for WSOP 2020, the well-known poker series, was announced.

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