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Kelly Minkin: One of a Few Successful Female Poker Players

Author: Ivanna Shostak
31 January 2020, 11:46
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Women have repeatedly proved that they play poker no worse than men. For some of them, the game is a profession, but for most, poker is just a hobby. Among the latter, there is Kelly Minkin – the girl who became famous due to her incredible performance in the Main Event of the WSOP 2015. The Login Casino team will provide detailed information on the player’s biography and major achievements in the poker industry.

Kelly Minkin: One of a Few Successful Female Poker Players

Minkin’s many-sided personality

Kelly was born in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and at the age of eight, she moved with her parents and two brothers to live in the city of Phoenix. According to Kelly, when she was small, she was very similar to boys. She loved all kinds of sports, played softball, basketball, volleyball, ran at the stadium and even tried water skiing. In general, Kelly was a very active child.

In order to be close to home, Minkin decided to continue her studies at the University of Arizona and instead of one chose two main subjects – molecular biology and cell biology. Kelly intended to continue her studies at medical school, but unexpectedly changed her mind and decided to enter law school, passed the exam successfully and became a law student. After graduating from law school, she began working in a law firm as a specialist in the field of illegal medical practice. Despite the fact that professional activity took almost all her time, Kelly never gave up another passion – poker.

How did Kelly Minkin’s poker career start?

While studying at school, from time to time, Minkin visited the local gambling establishment with her college boyfriend in order to play poker for fun. Then her boyfriend went abroad to play basketball and the young girl found herself at the gambling establishment more and more often, hoping to have a good time.

According to Minkin, her family also played poker so she had the opportunity to hone her skills. The more she went to the gambling establishment, the more she won. Then she began to increase bets from three-six dollars to four-eight dollars. Besides, Kelly switched from one-three dollars no-limit to two-five dollars. The young gambler was sure that she was slowly grinding her way up.

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Minkin appeared on the poker scene in 2013. That year Kelly’s father encouraged his daughter to participate in the $1,000 buy-in Arizona State Poker Championship. At that tournament, she took the second place.

According to Kelly, she did not understand what she was doing there because, at that time, she wanted to remain focused on cash games. Kelly’s father was really excited to see her play, so she decided to take a part in that tournament for him. However, after some time, the gambler made a decision to start traveling the circuit in order to participate in more tournaments. It was quite logical taking into account her competitive background. As Minkin still claims, she is interested in every activity that is competitive.

How did Kelly Minkin’s poker career start?

In January of 2015, Kelly managed to win a $500 preliminary event at the tournament L.A. Poker Classic for $54,630. Afterwards, in February, she reached her greatest success when she became third in the $3,500 buy-in WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open Championship for $262,912.

According to Minkin, she plays the poker game by adapting to her surroundings. The popular gambler considers herself an aggressive player and she enjoys applying the pressure. However, at the same time, Kelly realizes that, in some cases, it is necessary  to pull back a little bit and respond to what other players are doing, even if such actions might seem a little passive.

Kelly Minkin’s WSOP impressive achievement

In 2015, Minkin became famous in the world of poker when she managed to take the 29th place at the WSOP Main Event. As a result, she received $ 211,000 and became “the last girl among the participants of the Main event in 2015".

Kelly notes that the tournament was difficult for her: she felt physically exhausted and tried to devote every free minute to sleeping. The girl’s only goal was to show her best game and adapt to her rivals as quickly as possible.

Kelly's successful performance at the WSOP 2015 Main Event was on a par with the girls' high results in previous years. Tiffany Williamson was the 15th in 2005, Tiffany Michelle became the 17th in 2008, Leo Margets took the 27th place in 2009, and the Frenchwoman Gael Baumann was the best in 2012 taking 10th place.

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According to Kelly Minkin’s Instagram post, after leaving the tournament, her heart was broken, and the last thing the young woman would like to do at that moment was to play poker. For her, this was a twofold feeling: to reach such a peak and still feel the bitterness of disappointment, but this was a part of the game. Kelly hoped that with her good result she managed to inspire a considerable number of poker players to new achievements. At that moment, Minkin claimed that work would allow her to be seen by fans again at the poker table in the next couple of months.

Kelly Minkin’s WSOP impressive achievement

What is the exact Kelly Minkin’ net worth?

If we take into account the player’s total earnings from diverse live tournaments, it is possible to conclude that her net worth is approximately one million dollars. Well, it seems that Minkin has not done badly in the gambling field, especially since poker is not her main occupation.

Information on Kelly Minkin’s attorney career

According to Minkin, the key to success and happiness in life is balance. She claims that she enjoys playing poker and likes her day job. Having both of those things makes her appreciate the other one even more. When she plays poker at a gambling establishment, she enjoys the highs that come with winning. When she is experiencing the lows that come with variance, she has stability and consistency to get back to her job. Afterwards, the job seems to be monotonous, she has the excitement of the game waiting for her.

The poker player’s law firm is quite generous with her working hours and gives her the opportunity to schedule poker trips so that Kelly can continue playing. Minkin is also sure that her gambling skills are useful during the work. For instance, such skills help her to be extra competitive when she needs to negotiate a settlement for a client.

Despite her success in poker, Minkin does not recommend this gambling activity to her law firm coworkers. As he claims, playing poker is tough and the game itself is very unstable. Even if you are one of the most talented and famous players in the world, you need to accept the fact that there will be a great number of days when you face stronger opponents and lose. According to Kelly, for her, it is quite difficult to accept this fact. Therefore, thankfully, Minkin has something else to get back to on those days. That is the reason why the young woman does worry so much when she faces some problems at the playing table and makes a bad play.

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Information on Kelly Minkin’s attorney career

According to one of the Kelly Minkin’s Twitter post, she wishes there were more hours in a day and days in a week so she could be engaged in both activities full time. Minkin believes that poker is a great way for improving her confidence, as well as for experiencing a sense of accomplishment. On the other hand, for Minkin, law seems rewarding in ways that poker cannot be. When she is able to help other people who face some problems – that is a feeling the young woman cannot find in poker.

The poker player’s personal life

Despite the fact that Minkin is one of the most successful female players, it is quite difficult to find any information regarding her personal life. For instance, a great number of poker fans want to know whether Kelly Minkin is married or at least whether she has any relationships. It should be noted that there is no information on Kelly Minkin husband or boyfriend in the public domain. She easily shares her emotions after diverse poker tournaments, provides information on her efforts to balance her work and poker but, at the same time, do not say anything about her personal life.

Of course, thanks to the poker player’s social networks, it is possible to find out some details of her life. For example, it is possible to see Kelly Minkin’s bikini photos, which the young woman took during her holidays.

As mentioned earlier, the winner of the European Poker Tour Prague became Adrian Mateos, a 25-year-old Spaniard.

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