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Jamie Kerstetter: a Female Poker Pro with a Good Sense of Humor

Author: Catherine Lysenko
20 February 2020, 10:30
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Have you ever thought of why some poker players attract many fans from almost all corners of the world, while others stay away from the spotlight and public recognition? It isn’t always a matter of wins intournaments or career achievements. Usually, charismatic people get more fans and attention, and Jamie Kerstetter is undoubtedly one of them.

Jamie Kerstetter: a Female Poker Pro with a Good Sense of Humor

Looking at this beautiful blond-haired woman, you will never think that she is a pro poker player with a big number of matches behind her. Her sincere smile and kind face are probably the main reasons why she is a favorite player of many poker fans. They think that she has the best sense of humor in the poker world.

Jamie Kerstetter: bio and interesting facts

Jamie was born in Monroe Township, New Jersey. She was always a smart and goal-oriented person. At first, the girl decided to devote her life to the sphere of law. She was studying at the University of Michigan Law School and successfully graduated from it. However, after she worked in a law firm some time, the career of a lawyer stopped to appeal to her as much as before. So, Jamie chose another way – to earn money and have a favorite occupation at the same time.

Remembering her student years in interviews, Jamie Kerstetter said she was involved mostly in soccer. It might sound surprising, but the girl was fond of sports: she ran marathons and was one of the best soccer players at the university. Jamie was proud of herself, although, she never wanted to build a career in sports.

The thing is that her father is a real big soccer lover. He wasn’t a professional player, although, the game was a significant part of his life. While raising Jamie, he taught her a lot of vital values and skills based on soccer strategies. In her interviews, she said that her father was a key person in her poker career. When she was a small girl, he taught her how to be competitive, self-confident, have logical thinking, and be persistent. Moreover, the girl also had older siblings who often became her rivals in the game. It helped her to learn how to cope with stronger competitors.

Jamie Kerstetter: bio and interesting facts

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According to Jamie’s photos is social media, dogs are the biggest love for her. The poker player’s dog Crouton is her total obsession. She often shares cute and funny photos with him on Twitter and Instagram, adding witty descriptions under pictures. Her followers spectate Crouton hiding from the thunder in the bathroom, sleeping in the bed under the blanket or playing outdoors almost every day. This love to dogs and animals in whole resulted in Jamie’s desire to run a marathon to raise funds for the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Notwithstanding the fact, that Ms. Kerstetter is an ex-marathon runner, she hasn’t been practicing running for a long period of time. In addition to this, Jamie Kerstetter’s age is 37. That’s why the marathon became a real challenge for her. She and her family did a lot for animal protection: they rescued and adopted several dogs and cats. The poker player also promotes the adoption of homeless animals instead of buying expensive ones.

Not only marathons for animals show Jamie’s love to them. Not so long ago, she announced that she … would become a vegan for a year to win the bet! Jamie decided to take part in a prop bet and received support from many health and veganism gurus including her poker fellows. The prize is $10 000 and some people consider the sum not to be enough. Jamie said the bet’s philosophy is more important for her than its equivalent in money. Animals are the main motivation for her. She also noted that she wanted to train her willpower because her love for animals and the desire to eat meat and dairy products contradicted each other.

As for personal life, Jamie Kerstetter’s boyfriend was a top secret over a long period of time. However, in some interviews, she admitted that she had a boyfriend who was also a poker player.

Jamie Kerstetter: bio and interesting facts

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Jamie Kerstetter – poker career and the biggest wins

Although Jamie is considered to be the rising star of the poker industry, she already has a lot of wins to be proud of. Her desire to be the first in everything and undertake any challenge in the game and in life makes her a strong rival.

Speaking about Jamie Kerstetter, poker career start is, of course, the main topic to mention. She made her serious steps in poker career taking part in various tournaments, including Full Tilt. After this, she had quite a difficult period: poker wasn’t legalized in New Jersey so she went to Mexico to continue with it there. Later fortunes looked up at her and the woman got the opportunity to become an ambassador of PatyPoker and return to New Jersey where the game was finally legalized.

Jamie is mostly famous as an online poker player with a total of winnings estimated at $800 000. At the same time, she was an excellent player in land-based casinos as well – she got approximately $630 000. WSOP Main Event brought her a sufficient part of this sum.

Among the tournaments in which she participated are, for instance, the following:

  • $400 No-Limit Hold'em Monster Stack $100K GTD;
  • $500 ONLINE No-Limit Hold'em Turbo Deepstack;
  • Main Event (WPT);
  • $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em;
  • $10,000 WSOP Main Event.

Jamie Kerstetter and her thousands of followers on Twitter

Jamie’s outgoing personality, always smiling face and sociability made her a Twitter star. The player’s followers love her for being sincere and showing her life as it is. Her manner of writing on social media attracts a lot of people. If you know who is Jamie Kerstetter, Twitter is surely your favorite place to read her posts. Jamie says that she likes humor and funny stories, and she enjoys spending time with her followers and sharing her thoughts with them. One more important thing – this girl can find a common language with both: fans and haters, under any circumstances. She always gives quick replies and can keep the conversation interesting.

Jamie Kerstetter and her thousands of followers on Twitter

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Jamie admitted that her tweets are mostly impetuous, the same as her actions in poker but it’s her way of life and she likes it. Kerstetter thinks that humor is the best approach to almost any situation and it can help a lot even in serious things. In addition to the posts about her lifestyle, she also writes about poker events and other related topics that make her account interesting for other players.

The rising star often shares her future plans or current information about life. For example, recently, she has tweeted that she still loves poker but she is more focused on other things now. Among them she mentioned writing more about the game, creating content for some poker channel and having fun as a usual person. Jamie has also written that Twitter is her hobby, her favorite type of entertainment and that she tweets only when she has what to say to her followers.

In conclusion, Jamie is undoubtedly one of the most charismatic and interesting personalities in the poker world. Her talent to take everything easily in life is worth much.

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