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James Holzhauer’s Show Must Go On: A Sports Gambler Who Is Good at Quizzes

Author: Catherine Lysenko
1 April 2020, 15:43
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James’ wide interests helped him to earn millions and become a rich person. The participation in a popular American TV quiz together with success in the gambling sphere made him wealthy and famous. What’s not to like?

James Holzhauer’s Show Must Go On: A Sports Gambler Who Is Good at Quizzes

You can probably find out about Mr. Holzhauer from television because he is undoubtedly a TV star. However, game shows are only a part of his life as James is also an experienced card player and the person who knows everything about sports betting. A well-thought-out strategy and fast speed are his best helpers in all scopes of his activity. He efficiently applied his betting skills in quiz shows and became a multi-champion in the majority of them. Besides, here you can find essential bookmaking news from our editorial staff.

James Holzhauer: bio and interesting facts about his life

James was born in Naperville, a small suburban town in Illinois. The boy discovered a wonderful world of figures and numbers in his early childhood. He was very talented in math and did sums easily. James was so engrossed in arithmetic that his parents decided to accelerate his educative process and organized an advanced academic program for him. It gave a big boost to the boy because he skipped the second grade and became the best pupil. It inspired young Mr. Holzhauer to continue studying the subject in a special high math school and even to enter the corresponding department of the Illinois University.

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James Holzhauer: college years and personal life

It is worth mentioning that James’s first steps in poker were taken during his student years. He started playing the game and found out more about cards and various strategies. Of course, his mathematical mindset helped him a lot while playing poker. James visited the club where he could practice his favorite game. Later, he organized own home “club” and gathered together with his friends who also gambled. However, winnings in these games weren’t very big.

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james holzhauer family

As for the gambler’s personal life, he isn’t single and has already got a family. His spouse, Melissa Holzhauer, gave birth to their daughter – Natasha. The interesting fact is that Melissa is also fond of participating in TV shows. Moreover, she began to appear on television even earlier than her husband. Her successful debut was in the Who Wants To Be a Millionaire show. Now the woman is more focused on her career as a teacher and a tutor. She likes her job and is considered to be an excellent professional in the Greek and Latin languages. The couple lives in Las Vegas and brings up their child.

James Holzhauer’s poker and gambler career achievements

As it was mentioned, James’s acquaintance with poker occurred when he was a student. Then he slightly changed his gambling direction and decided to try luck in sports betting. Again, this sphere was tightly connected with calculations and James was a real expert in them.

Holzhauer took part in the 2006 World Baseball Classic tournament and he was on a roll. After graduating from the university, he chose Las Vegas as a place of residence and continued to bet on sports. James took a professional approach to bookmaking because it wasn’t just entertainment for him. The gambler created winning models and worked at many strategies to make accurate forecasts on games.

At the same time, James didn’t give up poker matches and decided to show his skills at the World Series of Poker 2019. Unfortunately, this try wasn’t successful for him because he took only the 454th place in this competition. This position wasn’t winning and the player didn’t get money. His other match with a famous poker player Mike Sexton whose net worth is $10 million became one of the most prominent contests in his career. Of course, Mike was a strong rival and it was quite difficult for James to compete with him. He finished playing in the seventeenth round with the prize of $600.

James Holzhauer – the Jeopardy! Champion with 32 winnings

The participation (and almost ultimate championship) in the Jeopardy! TV quiz made James a TV star with millions of dollars on his bank account. Here are some interesting facts about him:

james holzhauer jeopardy

  1. The ninety-seven percent of all James’s answers were correct.
  2. If to divide all the money he won during the show, he earned $150 000 per hour.
  3. Holzhauer used books for children to prepare for contests. It may seem funny but pictures in these books and simple visual representation of difficult notions have helped him to acquire more knowledge on various topics.
  4. The Jeopardy! wasn’t the first quiz for James. The Chase opened the doors to the world of TV shows for him.

The total amount of all Holzhauer’s winnings is, just imagine, two million dollars! He competed in 27 Jeopardy! games and took his place in its history as one of the smartest players ever.

James Holzhauer: The Chase and the first winnings

The Chase became the first game where James tried his hand in answering questions. He impressed everyone with his speed and knowledge even at that time. He won almost $60 000 from the total sum of $175 000 and became the leader among three finalists. You can find many old records of the episode with James’s participation on the Internet.

Questions you may ask about the gambler

Who is James Holzhauer?

James Holzhauer is a sports gambler, poker player and TV show participant.

Why did James Holzhauer leave Jeopardy!?

After his last failed game, he decided to take a break. They say that he lost this contest intentionally to finally forget about shows.

What does James Holzhauer do for a living?

James is a millionaire and now he is more focused on sports betting as he is very competent in this sphere as well.

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