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Is Virtual Reality Actually Real?

Author: Yana Kryvosheina
29 August 2019, 10:45
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With the help of iGaming, the world of casino games became much closer to gambling lovers. Since its emergence players no longer have to leave their cozy home, dress up or go out. The gaming process is also unlimited.

Is Virtual Reality Actually Real?

Nowadays high-tech innovations are influencing each and every sphere of life. The gambling industry is no exception. Let us take a closer look at one of the latest and the most fascinating technological developments widely used in gambling: virtual reality.

How does that work?

Virtual reality, or VR, offers a computer-based, enhanced experience for any type of game. Specialized VR equipment includes gloves, omnidirectional treadmills, or headsets that are used for stimulating real or totally fictional experience. One more innovation of a similar kind is AR – augmented reality. This implies playing with other people in a realistic casino atmosphere to your liking, not just playing live games. It means that if you choose to bet on a horse, virtual reality will make you feel as if you were present at a real horse racing competition.

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Is it as good as most people think?

The main reason why traditional, land-based gambling establishments still attract so many players is connected with the atmosphere. Prestigious gambling tables, spinning wheels, slot ringing, flashing lights, other players fussing around. A usual online casino, as it has already been mentioned, offers you the comfort of staying wherever you like and excitement of the game at the same time. However, you do not receive the real casino experience. Here comes VR. Virtual reality helps you to immerse yourself in a huge number of virtual casinos. Player is able to choose the setting they like, assumed that they have the necessary equipment (headphones, headset, controllers, sensors, treadmill). Since these are not cheap things to buy, gambling establishments are developing special VR rooms.

Is it as good as most people think?

VR vs. real casinos

In case a player is eager to try a VR game but is not ready to acquire the full pack of VR equipment, they might enjoy a trip to a real Las Vegas Casino. One option is a “VR Lab” located in the Linq hotel run by Caesars Entertainment. In this specially equipped room, one will see touch screens all around the bar and headsets on cozy couches. Another VR area was opened two years ago by MGM. Virtual reality is quite an ordinary thing for Las Vegas residents. This place is a tremendous hub for VR companies that are providing their services to a huge number of technologically oriented tourists.

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It is rumored that in the nearest future VR will cover live dealer games as well. Despite the fact that casinos are actively investing in this innovation, personal user VR technology has not become mainstream yet. That is why it is difficult to say unequivocally that VR casino games are the future of gambling. However, it is definitely an interesting experience to try, especially for those, who admire innovative technologies.

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