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Is It Possible to Beat the Casino?

30 July 2019, 13:56
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Bill Zender, a former professional card counter, dealer and casino manager, shares his secrets and explains why the most profitable slot machine is an ATM.

Is It Possible to Beat the Casino?

Identify the Most Awkward Dealers

Zender estimates that there are less than 100 professional card counters in the world. If you are one of them, then your advantage is only 1.5%. Therefore, Zender advises to save energy and instead of it keep an eye on the careless blackjack dealer who may accidentally expose a card.

There was a time when Zender earned his living by keeping a diary about 35 weak dealers from 16 different casinos. This strategy is called “cardholing”, and it can bring an advantage over the casino, according to the player, from 6 to 9%. “It's completely legal,” says Zender. “They can throw me out of the casino, but cannot arrest me.”

Keep an Eye on Details

These days casino dealers are standing at the gaming table in a bikini, and strippers are dancing in the halls. At first sight, such places look like ordinary Vegas gambling houses with alcohol, beautiful girls, etc. But Zender advises to take a closer look. While you are distracted by the legs of those beautiful women, you probably will not notice that the casino has reduced the payout ratio from 3/2 to 6/5. This means that a bet of $100 will bring only $120 instead of the traditional $150, which significantly increases casino profits.

Be Able to Quit While You Are Ahead

In roulette casino advantage is always 5%. The player has good chances to win the first, second and third bets. But if he played roulette nonstop, the casino would have taken all his tokens. Each casino has calculated the moment after which it definitely wins. And this magic number is 30,000 bets. That's why casinos lure with lobsters and hotel suites. Hence, the unbreakable rule should be to stop while you are still winning.

Use the Laws of Nature

Use the Laws of Nature

Roulette wheel is a tool based on a mechanical operating principle. Eventually, the wheel may become unbalanced, or the partitions that separate sectors with numbers may wear out. The more often a wheel is used, the faster it wears out and can give  more privileges to certain numbers. In 1873, Joseph Jagger found a worn out roulette table in Monte Carlo and was bidding on dislodged numbers. He won $400,000 – today it is $7.8 million.

Win, or You Will Lose

"The average gaming machine will cost the player twice or even three times more than card games," says Zender. In his opinion, the slot machine is not the best choice for making profits. If you still want to push the lever of the one-armed bandit, you should pay attention to the slots worth $5 or more, and play at maximum rates. In slots with tiny stakes, casino advantage has been increased to 15-20%.

Don't Play Keno

According to Zender's personal observation, the chances of winning at Keno are negligible. In some casinos, the advantage is up to 35%. No player has ever been able to guess all 20 numbers yet. The probability that this will ever happen is 1 to 3.535 316 142 212 174 336 (this is 3.5 quintillions).


Video poker is the exception to the rule that the casino wins all the time. As a rule, the house edge in video poker is 0.46%. The payoff table is shown directly on the machine, and the winnings are quite big. The catch is that most players are not experienced enough. That is why casinos make money on video poker. Therefore, you should train.

Stay Away from Bright Colors

Stay Away from Bright Colors

“Ninety percent of casino visitors have no idea that the probability of winning is not in their favor,” says Zender.

Casinos make the games with a minimum probability of winning the most attractive, decorating them with bright colors and flickering lights. For example, in craps the craziest stakes as “theField” and “Any 7” are the most colorful. So in order to increase your chances of winning, you need to choose the most inconspicuous games.

Buy a Good Watch

The owners of gambling establishments want the player to lose track of time and play as long as possible. For this reason, some casinos prohibit their dealers from wearing watches. A piece of advice here: if you won a little, do not hesitate and leave.

Buy Drinks by Yourself

Every casino has a fund that they call “re-investing in a player.” Casino employees estimate how much money you can lose, and return part of these funds under the guise of free rewards. For the average player, these are cocktails. The lower the probability of winning is, the more chance of getting a free drink you have.

However, many people neglect any advice when it comes to gambling. The excitement is so high that you want to continue.


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