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Introduction to NSBroker Services in 2021

Author: Gambling Man
15 March 2021, 09:59
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Established by NSFX Ltd in 2011, NSBroker is a trusted Forex and CFDs broker headquartered in Malta. The company, in cooperation with reputable banks and other liquidity providers, aims at revolutionizing the online trading sphere. Moving forward, NSBroker longs to offer innovative trading platforms, creative trading tools, and transparent trading conditions to clients of all kinds, albeit retail or institutional.

Introduction to NSBroker Services in 2021

During 10 years of operation, NSBroker has proven itself a legitimate and reliable organization to work with. Accordingly, it successfully retains and attracts international traders, especially from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, and the Arab region. The recent survey on the satisfaction level of NSBroker customers indicates that approximately 90% of them feel content with services provided by the company and find trading policies trustworthy.


Financial offers and trading conditions

Before going further to how creditable NSBroker is, we will take a quick look at what speculators might trade in the customized platform of NSBroker and trading conditions (e.g. charges or margins) for respective assets.

The first impression of NSBroker is that the company empowers clients to trade with the assorted product portfolio. Particularly, over 100 tradable assets are classified into 5 groups: forex, share indices, precious metals, energy carriers, and cryptocurrency. The trading fee and leverage ratio are differently regulated for given instruments.

trading platforms


The forex market in NSBroker seems livable with 40 currency pairs including majors, minors (crosses), and exotics. Of which, the spread of major pairs floats from only 0.3 pips and retail traders could augment investments up to thirty-fold.

Meanwhile, those betting on minors and exotics have to pay the company at least 0.5 pips and 1.9 pips respectively. Besides, the maximum leverage amount they could receive is 1:20. In comparison, professional traders are promised to magnify their trading capital up to 100 times. Moreover, the broker also charges you a fixed commission of US$8 per lot. 

Share Indices

At NSBroker, you may participate in index CFDs (Contract For Difference) to trade major and minor indices on which different spreads are imposed. Of which, the featured offerings involving UK100 and JPN225 have variable spreads of GBP 0.7 and JPY 7 separately. Furthermore, 0.05% of position size is regulated as a fixed commission, regardless of share indices. The highest leverage level for retail traders to venture on those offerings is 1:20.

Precious Metals

Gold and silver are two spot commodities popularly traded in NSBroker. They are priced per troy ounce (oz t) in the US dollar. The spread required for trading XAU/USD varies from US$1.5, far greater than that of XAG/USD. Meanwhile, the leverage ratios offered to speculators on those products are 1:20 and 1:10 respectively. Similar to currency trading, the commission per transaction is US$8/ lot.

currency trading

Energy Carriers

When trading CFDs on spot energy, you may leverage your investments up to tenfold and be charged US$8 for the commission on a single trade. Some most prevalent products entail Brent Oil (UK Oil) and WTI Oil (US Oil) traded against the US dollar. The spread of XIT/USD floats from US$0.12, versus US$0.04 for its XBR/USD counterpart.


Apart from traditional instruments, NSBroker entitles you to open a position with Bitcoin (XBT), Ethereum (XET), Litecoin (XLC), and other cryptocurrencies whose prices are quoted at the US dollar. However, the leverage tool merely allows inexperienced speculators to double their investment, coupled with the 0.5% commission fee.

NSBroker: safe or scam?

The first criterion of a dependable broker is regulation. When it comes to legitimacy, NSBroker is always defined as an absolutely safe broker for all traders. Indeed, with over a decade of experience in the market, the broker has been under the regulation of governmental entities in different jurisdictions.

safe broker

Based in the Republic of Malta, NSBroker holds a Category 3 investment services License No. IS/56519 granted by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). The company abides by the Investor Compensation Scheme to secure clients’ funds. Accordingly, in the case of insolvency, customers might receive reimbursement of up to €20,000. Besides that, the broker’s operational activities are administered by those following organizations and laws:

  • Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID)
  • In Germany: Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) – License No. 131055;
  • In France: French Prudential Supervisory Authority (ACP) – License No. 74397;
  • In Spain: National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) – License No. 3354;
  • In Denmark: FINANSTILSYNET – License No. 9221;
  • In Italy: Consob – License No. 3597.

In compliance with the legislation issued by the competent authorities, NSBroker pledges to build a standardized regulatory environment for improved financial transparency, and efficient client protection in financial services. Moreover, the company also strives to provide traders with safe trading activities by segregating their funds from its working capital or following the Negative Balance Protection policy to hinder clients from facing debt when their balance drops to zero.

Available account types

The registration process at NSBroker is considered fast and straightforward. After creating the NSBroker account, you can continue opening either real or demo accounts depending on your experience and knowledge.

As for live trading, there is only one type of real account that enables you to conduct all transactions directly with counterparts in an ECN (Electronic Communication Network) environment at real market prices and with raw spreads. Thereby, rookie traders are less likely to suffer widened spreads in the volatile market as the account provider makes money from commission per transaction in lieu of altering the spread’s value.

Both deposit and withdrawal at NSBroker are fast processed as well. No deposit fee is required, yet the broker may charge low commissions for withdrawal. The minimum deposit amount by any given payment method is $500

deposit and withdrawal

The broker also gives you a chance to practice trading on a demo account without fear of monetary risks. Paper trading will help you quickly get accustomed to trading investment products and testing trading strategies in simulated market conditions.

Trading platform

NSBroker offers the latest trading platform, MetaTrader 5 (MT5), in an attempt to enhance user experience and optimize trading activities. All MT5 versions (e.g. mobile, desktop, and website) are available for traders to trade whenever and wherever possible. Except for already built-in features in MT5, NSBroker provides you add-ons and extra indicators at no cost. Accordingly, the company sets up the trading ecology system including:

  • 21 time-frames in the charting system;
  • 40+ graphical objects;
  • 50+ technical indicators and 17 display styles for these indicators;
  • 4 scaling modes;

Trading platform

The introduction of the multi-threaded strategies tester is another plus of the MT5 platform. This tool will use the historical data of the market to evaluate your input parameters and show whether your trade setups need optimizing. Furthermore, the depth of market (DOM) is an additional function that helps display all possible quotes instead of merely bid/ask prices. Accordingly, you may choose your expected prices.

Trading for beginners

For novice traders, NSBroker’s education system is resourceful. The availability of the trading glossary, video lessons, ebooks, and instructions well-equips inexperienced speculators with fundamentals. Moreover, after registration for a live account, you will be directly connected with the broker’s personal analyst who gives you adequate training and guidance on investment. Beyond that, you may engage in webinars hosted by senior traders and then live discussions. This is also an effective means to improve your knowledge of financial markets.

NSBroker trading

Having been well-prepared for basics, you can visit the Analytics page learning how to base the fundamental analysis of market movements on major news or to technically analyze price action. Such information is essential for making more precise predictions of upcoming price moves.

Trading signals

If you still feel unconfident, consider taking advantage of trading signals from NSBroker’s analysts. MetaTrader 5 allows traders to get signals automatically, thus, you can discuss this with your personal analyst to get signals for your orders. Trading signals are a good option for traders who don’t have much time studying the markets as well as new traders who lack timing experience for order entry and exit. During using this solution, you can also learn how to place orders properly from senior traders and prepare yourself before going on your own way.  


trading NSBroker

The reviews of NSBroker are quite positive. According to the recent report, 94% of beginners continue trading with NSBroker after a year using its service, whilst 89% of experienced speculators receive higher gains from 70% to 90%. Indeed, the concrete proof infers that NSBroker is a legitimate and successful broker.

The company’s cutting-edge trading platform, MT5, is well-equipped with a bunch of charts and technical indicators, facilitating the client’s observation and analysis of trading signals and trends afterwards. Traders also find it safe to invest in financial offerings by NSBroker whose operation strictly adheres to regulations by creditable organizations. These traits, together with prompt technical support, tight spreads, and low commissions, encourage customers’ loyalty and preference to NSBroker over years.

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