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Integration of Casino Games: What Determines the Popularity of the Gambling Aggregator Market?

Author: Gambling Man
22 September 2020, 16:38
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In this article, the experts of the Exinitio company, an aggregator in the iGaming sector, have described how they choose suppliers of gaming software in the foreign market and why it is necessary to simplify the procedure for integrating products into the platform as much as possible.

Integration of Casino Games: What Determines the Popularity of the Gambling Aggregator Market?

Aggregators help to save time on selecting content from different providers and quickly integrate it into the platform. The customer delegates the responsibility for the selection, installation, and maintenance of the licensed software to highly specialized professionals.

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Features of game providers: international practice

High-quality licensed software is the basis for online casinos. Users are attracted to content with a modern design, a variety of game offerings, efficient security protocols, and other additional features. The Exinitio specialists have identified the main characteristics by which you can determine a reliable provider of gaming software.

A wide selection of games on various topics

The first criterion is that the package of games should include products that will capture the interest of the largest number of users. Online slot machines are popular now, so providers have focused their creativity on this sector. Nevertheless, the set should include the widest possible list of software: table games, video poker, casual and live games, etc.

Graphics, the realistic nature, and new technologies

First of all, the user pays attention to the visual part. Bright, lively graphics and catchy design are important. Developers make extensive use of animated elements and sound effects to increase engagement.

“It is important to remember that the player visits the site specifically for gambling, and not watching cartoons. Graphics shouldn't be too aggressive or intrusive. This can distract the client from the main purpose of the platform, which is the game process,” the lead UX designer at Exinitio says.


Besides, as he clarifies, it is worth considering the interests of customers who use older models of PCs and smartphones to surf the Internet. To do this, providers create scalable graphics. Visitors to the site see the same clear picture regardless of whether it is a high-resolution screen or an outdated phone.

Software performance and speed

The period of the COVID-19 pandemic has spurred an already massive transition of users to smartphones. In such conditions, the high-quality casino software should work equally well on all popular platforms. Leading developers make products that run smoothly and reliably on most modern operating systems.

Processes should switch with unnoticeable or minimal latency.

“One of the most annoying factors is a slow page load. For the customer, this nuance may seem like a trifle, but this is what will deprive the platform of most of the users,” the Exinitio experts say.

In addition, today, in the foreign market, the issue of quick and easy access to a casino or a gaming slot is most relevant. It is enough to just connect your smartphone or computer to the Internet. Any additional plugins, program installations, and other complex manipulations that the client does not associate with entertainment and recreation, lower the platform's rating and deprive it of regular users.

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Software functionality

Providers use different formats of bonus systems. Promotions, free spins, no deposit, welcome and reload bonuses attract and help to effectively keep users on the platform.

Security and customer support is an integral and essential part of a gambling site product. Companies complement their apps with anonymous profile features, account protection protocols, and secure withdrawal features. To communicate with users, they utilize traditional telephone lines, e-mail, or optimized chatbots.

How does the unified API work for online casinos?

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The gambling aggregator creates a single set of algorithms that take into account the peculiarities of an individual software provider and customer requirements. The integration of games into the platform is fast and efficient. By the time of placement in a virtual casino, the aggregator provides a product adapted to the technical features of the platform and provides support for its continuous operation.

The Exinitio experts have identified the main advantages of a unified API protocol for online casino resources, which they have implemented in their project:

  • it analyzes the target audience and selects a package of various games that cover the interests of the desired categories of players;
  • it reduces time and does not require the involvement of additional specialists to adapt and support the software performance on the resource;
  • it takes into account the nuances of third-party software for the platform and configures the most beneficial integration;
  • it conducts a test run and fixes problems when they are found;
  • it works with all popular types of gambling entertainment: sports, live casinos, virtual sports, and others;
  • it organizes the launch of the affiliate system, self-service terminals, deposits, and withdrawals, helps with the organization of the client's play area;
  • ensures further uninterrupted operation of games and constant technical support for the client.

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The success of foreign online casinos directly depends on the high-quality product that is available on the platform. This attracts more users to foreign platforms, expands the circle of regular customers, and brings the resource to the top among competitors. The Exinitio specialists recommend using only licensed software, cooperating with reliable developers, and entrusting all technical details to experienced gambling aggregators.

The Exinitio company itself offers its clients three service packages (basic, pro, and enterprise) involving payment gateway, software development, marketing assistance, and other services. To get more information on the fees, visit the website of Exinitio. In addition, the company is ready to discuss individually the provision of such services as the registration of a bank account, certification of the software, as well as the registration of a company and its licensing.

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