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Importance of Casino Safety While Choosing the Software — Suggestions from Online Casino Market Experts

Author: Gambling Man
11 August 2020, 15:28
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One of the biggest concerns that stop people from joining online gambling establishments massively is a fear of being deceived and having the money stolen. Surely, dishonest operators that work without a license are capable of doing this, losing poor players without their deposits and any hope in humanity. However, it is nothing compared to responsible internet gaming platforms, earning their reputation for years.

Importance of Casino Safety While Choosing the Software — Suggestions from Online Casino Market Experts

In the world of online gambling business, casino operators perceive the security of their clients as the highest possible obligation. It is of utmost importance to protect players’ personal information and their funds that they hope to spend on entertainment. Therefore, as a self-respected operator, you must ensure your clients receive the best gaming experience in a secure environment.

How do you ensure protection for online casino visitors?

There are a few basic requirements that are indispensable parts of every serious gaming establishment. They make up a foundation for any operator who is willing to secure clients’ safety.

  1. Protected network technologies. Proper innovative tools keep a constant track of any suspicious access from unauthorized sources and inadequate operation. The recruitment of knowledgeable personnel makes it possible to review service denial instances that can turn out to be hidden attacks.
  2. Encryption. The protective SSL certificate is a vivid guarantee of a reliable gambling resource. This 128-bit encryption is a standard measure for the websites that work with personal information. In most cases, they prevent any data leaks and regular DDoS attacks, keeping all users safe and secure.
  3. Authentication levels. The most reliable way to know your customer is to make them pass a two-level authentication. In case of anything less secured, you put your players at risk of having their funds stolen. Otherwise, too many identity checks can simply repel people from accessing your platform anymore.
  4. External examinations. Undoubtedly, your technicians will work at their best to ensure no holes left in the security system of the website. However, regular audits from other sources are of great help to double-check the reliability of your online gambling platform.

Which security software can help you prevent data losses?

online casino software

Among the numerous available providers on the market, it is worth working only with the proven companies. Since new operators have hardly any experience in launching a casino, here is a list of reliable security software suppliers that provide the best casino fraud protection:

  • 4Stop;
  • AA Casino LTD;
  • Abilott;
  • Accertify Inc.;
  • AcuityTec;
  • AFIMAC Inc.;
  • Alpha Protection;
  • Arxan Technologies;
  • ASAP Secured;
  • Bet IT Best GmbH;
  • Casino Market;
  • Featurespace;
  • Iovation;
  • Protocol;
  • Yoti.

These companies will provide you with the best fraud protection experience. They are the experts in ensuring your clients’ safety and preserving their accounts untouched.

What identity verification means are obligatory for a gambling platform?

Another significant part of casino security is ensuring nobody takes control of your players’ personal accounts. Proper verification systems allow your clients to have single possible access to their funds and gaming possibilities. The first and utmost step is registration. The standard set of required documents consists of:

  • ID or passport scan;
  • a legitimate proof of an opened bank account with personal information;
  • a screenshot with details of any other payment processors;
  • (additionally) photos of bank cards.

The list of required documents can change from operator to operator. However, they are proof of the casino legitimacy, showing how the owner cares about the players’ security.

What are the key fair play principles applied at an online casino?

To prove your transparent gaming operation, you must show your clients the fairness of the entertainment process. The best way to implicate this will be to showcase the usage of a Random Number Generator in the games.

The above-mentioned casino software providers have their individual approaches to RNG builds. However, the principle is the same in its essence — utilize a mathematical algorithm to ensure the gaming sequences are unpredictable. Therefore, it is impossible to influence the game’s result neither from the operator’s nor from the players’ side.

casino software

What is the best way to receive high-quality security tools?

The easiest way to fail with the security requirements is to start implementing them without proper experience. The new players who want to create a decent entertainment environment often make this common mistake. They want to save as much as possible, forgetting about the necessity to refine their gambling platform before offering it to players. As a result, skillful hackers do not waste a minute and steal from available accounts with the slightest possibility.

With this in mind, it might be really beneficial to resort to a professional guide company that will definitely supply you with a mixture of most efficient software from different providers. Online Casino Market has already helped dozens of operators who are extremely satisfied with the received service. Do not hesitate to order top-class assistance by reaching the support team via a convenient channel:


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