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How to Win on Slot Machine? Take Advantage of the Best Tips

Author: Gambling Man
5 October 2020, 15:01
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Modern slot machines set in land-based casinos and their online versions have much more in common than the differences. The mechanical machines remained in the past. Today, they are replaced by automatic machines with electronic «stuffing», and the handle to start the spins they have is nothing more than a tribute to tradition. Therefore, the answers to the question of how to win playing the machines, have much in common for both land-based gambling establishments and online casinos, but there are still differences.

How to Win on Slot Machine? Take Advantage of the Best Tips

Is online slot the best game to play in a casino?

Externally, most of the floor machines are the same «one-armed bandits» as they were a few years ago. But their «stuffing» has completely changed and become electronic with complex software instead of mechanical. These are whole game complexes, equipped with a modern touch screen control panel, 3D graphics, and several LCD monitors.

Every spin results are determined by a randomizer based on special software and a microcontroller. The program works in a way so that the gamblers get a part of the amount deposited into the slot. Usually, it makes 75-90% in land-based devices. RNG is the basis for the winning events formed in online slots, but accomplished in the form of a chip, giving absolutely random results. The theoretical return is higher. In some online slots, it reaches 99%, but the average indicator is 94-96%. This difference is quite straightforward: the terrestrial establishments incur considerable additional expenses, so they are forced to reduce the percentage of payments in their favor.

There is also a difference in volatility. In most online slots it is average or low, that is, winnings fall quite often, but in small amounts. The volatility of land-based machines is higher: you can play without results over a protracted period, but there is a chance to break a gross score if you land.

Finally, online casinos usually have a much wider choice of machines. This is due to the fact that there is no need to find free space to accommodate gaming devices, and the Internet platforms settle with dozens of manufacturers of the entertaining software. Terrestrial institutions can not afford such a luxury, so the range of their offers is limited.

To sum up, we can say that the odds of becoming a winner in online machines are higher. This is due to the factors listed above, and some others, like availability. To be a legal player, you have to visit one of the special zones, because according to laws in some countries, they can be installed only there. Meanwhile, online games are available 24 hours a day and from any place with the Internet.

how to win on slot machine

Nevertheless, the portion of fans of terrestrial institutions who come to them for the sake of a special atmosphere, which one hardly can get at home in front of the monitor screen, does not decrease.

Great tips on how to win on the slots

If you follow the latest gambling news, you know that the game-of-chance industry is constantly evolving: manufacturers regularly release new models that amaze the imagination, both in terms of their appearance and functionality. For instance, new models include bending screens over 2 meters high, equipped with LED backlighting. Another innovative solution is multi-component screens from several monitors, which can be mounted in different configurations, subject to the scale and geometry of the premises.

Despite the high technology implementation, the essence of slots remained the same, and little has changed for players who dream of impressive winnings. It is more difficult to succeed at ground gaming appliance than at their online clones, but this does not exclude the potentiality of gain. There are several recommendations from skilled players that can be followed to increase your chances of advantage.

Replenishment Control

Details about the cash in the slot machine at a particular time are not available to anyone, including the venue employees. However, dedicating a lot of time, you can track how many players have placed bets. Offline machines, in contrast to the online ones, «make the decision» to win by focusing on the balance. The more the difference between replenishment of the machine and payments is, the higher the chances of winning are.

Placement of slots machines

Each institution does not put the entertaining appliance chaotically but focusing on their profitability. The most popular gaming hardware is usually installed in places where a lot of people pass to attract a large number of players — in front of the entrance, for instance. Coincidently, success may happen regardless of how much time you spend playing, in spite of stereotypes.

In the gambling environment, for example, there are different myths that it’s more likely to break the jackpot during working days, and the same machines, installed in different casinos, give different levels of payments. This has nothing to do with reality: the soft for random numbers, on which the gainings are based, does not depend on external circumstances.

how to win on the slots

Information research

The RTP indicator in land-based devices is lower than in online machines, but it still varies. It is a good idea to study the information about each machine before starting the game to choose the most bountiful among them. Some gambling establishments try to hide such information, but most often it is in the public domain.

The reputation of the venue

Fraud in land-based establishments is more widespread than in online casinos. This may be due to the fact that all online games are conducted on servers to which casino employees do not have access, while, in terrestrial casinos, it is much simpler to make some changes in favor of the casino.

Of course, gaming halls, which have all necessary licenses and certificates, will not engage in such fraud, as they are constantly checked by examining organizations. Before you start playing, it’s worth it to make sure the casino has all the necessary permits and the integrity of the seals on the slots machines.

Benefiting from all casino offers

Most casinos develop loyalty programs for regular customers, as well as to attract and retain new players. Among them, for example, the cards of the institutions, possession of which allows you to get certain bonuses and privileges. The use of such cards is also a guide for the marketing department, which develops effective ways to attract gamblers on the basis of incoming data. Not rule out that these methods will include very beneficial offers that have the potential to improve the chances of payment.

How to Win at Play Fortuna and Booi Online Casinos’ Slots?

Both of these casinos are licensed and work exclusively with reliable software providers. This means that all activities are conducted honestly and according to existing international legislation. Winning depends only on the case, and any fraud by the casino administration is completely excluded. Players can get some useful tips that help them pick a good slot. If they follow these tips, the likelihood of winning increases.

how to win on slots at casino

Extra bonuses

Online casinos Booi and Play Fortuna have introduced loyalty programs, offering players additional bonuses. Here are some of them:

  • bonus for account replenishment — money + free spins in popular slot machines;
  • birthday gift — this can be free spins or a portion of the top-up amount;
  • promo codes and individual offers from the casino.

Before you start applying the proposed bonuses, it is necessary to get acquainted with the conditions of the loyalty program, as they often imply the wagering on certain conditions. If there are no doubts, the bonuses must be used: with their help you can get additional spins, and thus increase the likelihood of winning.

Demo version

Almost all online slots are available in two versions — to play for money or for free. In the demo mode, there is no need to make bets with real money, but there will be no winnings. Nevertheless, the demo version allows you to get acquainted with both animation and graphics, and the bonus features offered by the slot.

Bonuses in the games are an essential component of possible winnings. Modern slots offer a wide variety of such bonuses, usually representing additional free spins, received for a certain collected combination or a completed task. It is not difficult to guess that the more spins you have, the higher your chances of winning are.

However, it is also reasonable to pay attention to bonus games, which are offered in many online machines. On the one hand, it allows the player not to wait for the bonus, and at any convenient time to activate unique features. But along with that, no one guarantees the prize in this case, so this is a kind of risk. Before deciding to go for it, it is reasonable to play in demo mode first, as well as evaluate your own bankroll.

Return rate

RTP is an abbreviation familiar to every gambler. We have already mentioned the return rate, which is the share of funds deposited into the game that can convert into a payment. Accordingly, the greater this indicator is, the more prospects of benefit are. There is no need to take this indicator literally: it is more important for the statistics. However, RTP becomes a decisive aspect for players in choosing the machine.

best game to play in a casino

It's important to keep in mind that the same slot may have a different return percentage, and this is not a cheat. The fact is that developers can release several licensed versions of the same gaming tool with different RTPs. For example, Play'n GO has such variations, and there is no crime in it. The provider has released several versions with the marketing purpose to maximize the distribution of machines to different institutions. One of them may prefer a slot with RTP 97%, another casino – with a lower indicator. All versions are licensed but in different jurisdictions.


The term «volatility» refers to the level of risk for a player: the higher the volatility is, the higher the risk is. High volatility means that winning sequences rarely occur, but the payments are large. Low volatility means that the prizes are small but they occur quite often.

This parameter is determined by the slot providers, neither gamblers nor casino employees can influence it. The volatility of the mechanism is specified in its description, but gamblers also use their own formulas to determine the risk level. It is up to the player to accept the volatility of the slot: some prefer to wait for a big win, others do not risk and choose small payments.

Additional information on how to win on slots at casino

Novices in gambling have a lot of questions about how to win at the casino, as well as what strategy to choose to achieve success. Below, we provide more information on this subject.

Winning a jackpot

Obtaining the jackpot is purely a matter of luck. Nobody can predict this possibility, but there are several tactics to boost the likelihood of winning a big prize:

how to win jackpots on slot machines

  • Choose models with minimal jackpots that allow you to triumph in the short term. The opposite approach is to operate slots with a big jackpot. The more significant it is, the more likely is that nobody has won it earlier, so the chances of breaking the jackpot increase. However, it is unlikely to guess how long the winnings have been happening, so you can just count on luck.
  • Play on one machine before losing. If it happens, instantly move to another slot, and if you win, continue performing.
  • The fixed jackpots occur more often than progressive ones. For those who are just discovering the realm of gaming, it is recommended to start with such machines.

There are also many myths concerning jackpots. The most popular says that if the machine recently gave a jackpot, then, in the near future, it is not worth waiting for such to happen. Again, it has a very unpredictable operating principle, and nobody can predict its behavior.

In the pursuit of the jackpot, one should take into account his or her financial possibilities, because the game can last long. If the bankroll is limited, it is better to grant preference to machines with small jackpots. In this case, there is less competition among the players, in contrast to the slots, which offer to win millions of prizes.

Playing without loses

You can't win all the time. Winnings, even when it comes to large sums, are always temporary, because the main principle of the casino is based on the fact that in the long term it always remains in the plus. All the methods listed above only increase the chances of winning, but do not guarantee them, and certainly not mean that you can win all the time.

Profitability of slots

New games with extraordinary features are regularly introduced to the market to raise your chances of winning. Thus, one of the latest trends is slot machines without pay lines at all, only with winning sequences, which can be from 243 to 1024 — and, accordingly, the same chances of succeeding.

how to win on slot machines every time

Another innovation is slots with Megaways function, which have no fixed paylines. Pictures of different sizes appear on the game board, and depending on their quantity potential combinations are also calculated. For example, in Bonanza from Big Time Gaming, their number can reach 117 649.

Choosing a reliable casino

On the Internet, there are many casinos offering to catch luck in slot machines. At first glance, it is not easy to determine which of them are fraudulent, but there are a few signs, which must be of your notice:

  • High-quality site. Reputable casinos, such as Play Fortuna and Booi that keep achieving success thanks to the Gambling Craft affiliate program ,  pay much attention to the developments of their sites. If you notice any errors on the website, primitive design, unclear navigation — this is a reason to be concerned.
  • Availability of a license. Serious online casinos post information about it on their website. If such information is not available in the free access, the license can be checked on the website of the regulator.
  • A large assortment of games from well-known companies with international names. Fraudsters often install slots from little-known local developers, while licensed casinos prefer to cooperate with market leaders.
  • Variety of payment systems with which the casino cooperates. The more of them are, the more the gambling establishment should be trusted. It is noteworthy that many online casinos accept cryptocurrency, which can not yet be used in land-based establishments.

Winning on online slot machines

how to win on slots online

The foremost strategies and factors determining the likelihood of winning at online slots are listed above. It is worth mentioning some psychological moments that allow you to keep your emotions under control and choose the most winning strategies. For example, it is recommended to devote time to the development of bankroll management — a system of managing your own funds. It is worth starting with determining the maximum size of possible loss — this is the amount that can be painlessly lost and after which the game should be stopped without trying to win back.

The main thing that any beginner should start with is studying information about the casino. All techniques, methods, and ways to increase the probability of winning will only work if the casino works honestly and without fraud, has all the necessary documents and its activities are controlled by international regulatory bodies.

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Frequently asked questions

How to win on slots online?

First of all, it is necessary to choose a good slot. To do this, read more about the various characterisitcs of the offered games and pay more attention to such indicators as RTP and volatility. If you have a limited bankroll, try a demo version. This will help you to familiarize yourself with the game, which will increase the chances of a positive result.

How to win jackpots on slot machines?

Start with slot machines offering small fixed jackpots. Of course, you will not be able to win a large sum but, at the same time, you will be less likely to lose all your bankroll.

How to win on slot machines every time?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to win every time. All the methods that were listed in the article only help to increase the chances of winning, but do not guarantee them.


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