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How to Win in Casino Slots

Author: Ivanna Shostak
20 November 2019, 18:39
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Since many players do not know exactly how most slot machines work, some of them have developed stereotypes that it is simple and easy to win, and the use of strategies is not required. The Login Casino’s team has prepared an interesting article on how to win in casino machines.

How to Win in Casino Slots

The organization Bally Gaming and Systems created machines for blind people. The devices were equipped with buttons with special bulges that people with disabilities could recognize by touch. Thus, players with low vision could also take part in simulators and slots.

People engaged in slot machines should know that they are very unlikely to win a large amount of money (the probability of winning is close to zero). Casinos in all countries except the UK try not to disclose information about the winnings ​​so that players do not know about their real chances of success.

The easier the game is, the lower the probability of victory is. In gaming slots, everything runs literally instantly, unlike other types of gambling activities, and money is lost extremely quickly. Therefore, whatever the chances of success in gaming slots are, they will always be lower compared to the ones in card games, baccarat or blackjack.

The main task of the gaming machine algorithm is to save financial resources and earn money thanks to the customers. It should be noted that most players are not systematic in their games and do not adhere to certain rules. However, through a well-chosen strategy, you can save a considerable part of your bankroll.

The following are some strategies that may come in handy for virtual games and classic video machines.

Online strategies                                                                                                            

Choice of fixed maximum payouts

Some slot machines have a clearly determined maximum payout, while others offer progressive jackpots. In the latter ones, a counter is installed that increases the number of winnings after each game session. That is, the more people take part in this gambling activity, the higher the jackpot gain is.

Progressive machines attract attention due to their increased returns. The disadvantage of the system is its interconnectedness: since everyone wants to hit the huge jackpot, the chances of winning at a progressive game will be lower.

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Choosing a game with minimal jackpots

Choosing a game with minimal jackpots

You can improve the chances of success in games with the lowest jackpots. The lower the gain is, the easier it is to get it because it forms faster. It takes a lot of time to accumulate more substantial jackpots, so the player’s chances will be lower. In addition, those who want to enjoy the newest and most modern machines with many zeros have even lower chances of victory.

Disadvantages of slots machines with video displays

Slot machines with video displays look presentable and attractive, but indeed, they pay a modest amount of money. Their return is approximately 5% less but, for gambling establishments’ owners, this is a considerable amount. The demonstration of small video clips takes longer, during which the casino does not receive income. Therefore, the machines are programmed to hold a considerable amount of money from the players.

An interesting fact: the participant in the game process needs to periodically change his or her behavior towards rational one because, in such games, there are many distracting factors that affect the player’s emotional state. Gaming machines are specially equipped with a variety of sound effects and have an attractive design. Thus, the pressure on the player is from almost all sides. Feeling it, the casino’s client should stop and only after a while, the gambler should continue the session.

Offline strategies

Regardless of the probability of winning a certain amount of money, there are always proven strategies on how to win in casino machine and save your own financial resources.

Single-game strategy

It one of the easiest and, at the same time, the most effective tactics. The point is to play the machine once making the highest possible bet. If there was a victory – repeat again, and in case of defeat - choose another machine. The approach is very simple but you need to luck to win at the gambling activity.

Standard deviation strategy

Standard deviation strategy

Your first task is to find the slot machine with the same payouts, that is, the one that pays the amount multiple of the number of coins that are installed on the line. For example, if the return is thirty coins with a bet of three coins, then with a bet of four coins the gain will be forty coins.

Then you should determine the standard number of spins between winning positions. Next - press the machine key until the moment you get the win, and after that - wait for the winning combination, not forgetting to count the spins between each successful loss.

If you already know the number of such spins within ten times, then theoretically you can calculate the average value of spins between wins. Information is also relevant for slot machines with huge payouts.

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How to win in casino machines

Your first task is to understand how slot machines work. According to a large number of people,  this is one of the simplest forms of gambling but, indeed, it is not so easy. Perhaps this will be true from the point of view of the use of hands, but strategic thinking and analysis must be involved in this process. Winning is not always easy since the factor of luck also plays a significant role, as well as understanding of the work of slot machines.

The result of each spin is an absolutely random combination of numbers. A computer program selects a particular symbol/number on the first, second, third (or more) reels. The payout, or the return of the machine, will depend on the chance of losing a winning position. It is essential to consider the RTP of each machine. The higher it is, the better chances the player has. The sequence of signs cannot be changed so each spin gives a similar chance of victory, as within the previous spin.

Regarding the issue of how to win in casino tips, we suggest that you read the following recommendations:

How to win in casino machines

• The presence of a large bankroll for slots. It will be the best option if there are several thousand bets.

• Collecting a small pool of slots (approximately 10-12), if it is bigger, it is already unprofitable.

• A thorough study of how the slots work, what is their return, dispersion and also what are their advantages and disadvantages.

• Understanding what amounts of money are necessary for a game session, taking into account the active bet and game time. The player is not required to risk more than 5% of the bankroll for completing one session.

• Ability to stop not only when you lose, but also when you win. It is difficult for a gambler to stop, especially when the game is successful.

All of the above-mentioned information is only the basis, which can be supplemented by your thoughts, observations and conclusions.

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How to win in casino roulette


Game clubs and casinos are provided with a high-security system and video surveillance. The guards’ vigilant looks and the video cameras accompany all the gamblers’ actions. Casino employees also wear special clothes without pockets so that they do not steal anything.

There are many strategies for playing roulette, but today we will consider the following ones:

• Playing on the "odds". The player makes one bet on any “odds” field (red-black, even-odd, etc.). If this person wins, then the bet doubles, and in case of failure, he or she will not lose much. This approach makes it possible to control the game process in order to stop at any time.

• A riskier strategy that involves multiple and complementary bets. For example, given the history of past numbers, the player decides to bet on red, then selects the number 31. This number is in the third dozen, so there is also a bet on this. It turns out that there three complementary bets in this case. You can win one, two or three bets at once, or you can lose, but the chances of winning still increase.

How to win in casino roulette

How to win in casino blackjack

Blackjack is the simplest and most addictive casino game, it has many hidden features. In a classic casino, you can win at blackjack only with the help of a positive mathematical expectation. New players can use basic tactics, and experienced gamblers prefer to combine several strategies. As a result, their advantage over a gambling establishment reaches 2% of the average rate. To understand how to win in casino card game, you need to choose the right blackjack strategy. The following are the recommendations that will help you win at this famous card game.

In a virtual casino, experts advise playing against a live dealer. Some casinos mix a deck of cards before each deal, while others do not do this. In any situation, you can use the "empty card counting” to win the game. In traditional gambling houses, there is a basic strategy plus-minus card counting system.

To count cards means to make a profit. The player is waiting for the moment when there will be a lot of “pictures” (10-point cards) in the deck in order to raise bets and gain an advantage. If the deck already has many 10-point cards, then it is easier for the participant to make a decision.

Ideally, you should choose to play where the cards are not mixed by the dealer, and all the boxes are busy with the gameplay. The player opens the table and starts the score without any bets. The more professionally the gambler counts the cards, the greater the number of winnings is.

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Several counting methods are known. Beginners can use the basic strategy, which helps to minimize the benefits of the casino - up to 0.5%. The combination of a counting system and basic tactics will help to get a positive expectation + gain. Advance play is also possible, but it is more suitable for advanced gamblers. It is worth clarifying that although this method is not cheating, many professionals are negative about counting cards.

To increase the chances of winning at blackjack, the gaming establishments’ customers often use the approach with changing bets. The meaning of the strategy is that when losing, you need to increase the bet, and after a successful deal, reduce it. This kind of algorithm smooths out variance during failures.

How to win in casino blackjack

If the game takes place in a live casino or a traditional gambling house, then the choice of the box is a responsible decision. So, if you chose the last ones, this will give additional time to consider information about the other players’ cards that will provide a mathematical advantage. If you are a beginner, then other gamblers will react aggressively to a sluggish game at the last box, as these decisions affect the dealer’s second card. Experts recommend choosing the last boxes, as they have their own advantages.

If you know the effective step how to win in a casino, it will not be quite difficult for you to win at any game, whether it is roulette, blackjack or gaming slots. However, remember that casinos will always win. And even in Caribbean stud poker, three-card poker or Double Exposure blackjack, there is always a chance not only to break a huge jackpot but also to completely lose it.

As mentioned earlier, the Spanish regulator in the field of gambling has introduced new regulations concerning gambling advertisements in the country.

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