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How to Win at Craps?

Author: Ivanna Shostak
21 November 2019, 11:28
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Craps is a well-known gaming activity, which dates back to the medieval period. In the next centuries, rules of craps have changed significantly, but its ultimate goal, which is to win some amount of money, has not changed. Nowadays, this gambling activity remains quite popular.

How to Win at Craps?

All new players usually wonder how to become successful at this game. The answer seems to be quite simple: gamblers need to clearly understand how to play the selected game and pay special attention to the diverse types of bets. Proper use of this knowledge is one of the main secrets of playing craps. Thus, in order to help you, we will share information on the four best craps bets in this article.

Of course, there is no and cannot be a strategy that gives a 100% result in this game because it is not possible to guess the number of the points that will be rolled the next time – it simply does not obey any rules. Nevertheless, there are strategies based on a mathematical expectation, which means that they have more chances to be winning ones. Therefore, what are these strategies?

Don’t Pass Line strategy

Many people assume it is one of the best bets in craps. This strategy, in fact, gives the best benefit to the players. A person wins if two or three points are rolled and does not win if seven or eleven points are rolled (twelve brings a draw, in which the casino retains its benefit). After the come-out roll, the gambler who selects Don’t Pass bets is looking forward to the exact opposite result of the person who bets on a pass line: seven will be rolled before the point. Thus, this bet is less likely to lose than win after the come-out roll.

In the case of such a bet, a casino has the advantage of only 1.36%. In the meantime (for comparison), the bet on Pass Line / Come leads to a casino’s benefit of 1.41%. However, be ready that if you play live, then the rest of the players will not be very glad that you bet against them. In online gambling establishments, you will not face such a problem.

Don’t Pass Line strategy

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Iron Cross strategy

Once the come-out roll is made and the point is set, players make the Field and Place bets. This allows players to wager successfully with those who prefer betting on Pass Line, and who often try to avoid the number 7. Its high winning rate makes this strategy one of the craps best bets. In general, this means that although the Iron Cross strategy does not allow the player to fully overcome the house edge, he or she still has a chance to generate a winning.

5-Count strategy

This strategy isconsidered to be one of the simplest. A shooter has been passed the dice, and he or she is on the first-come out roll. At this moment, you do not make any bets. Only when the shooter makes five successful rolls of the dice, you can risk the first bet. This is what this strategy is about.

Lay strategy

If you intend to minimize the casino’s benefit, you had better make bets on Don't Pass lines. The first advantage consists in the fact that such types of bets are paid according to real probability, the second one is that the bets made on laying odds have a zero percent advantage of the casino. A double bet in such a case reduces the casino’s benefit to 0.5% or, in some cases, even lower.

Since you are making bets on laying odds, it will be necessary for you to at least double its size. For example, if Point is ten or four, then you should make a bet in a ratio of 2:1. In such a case, you risk two dollars for every one dollar you desire to win. Thus, if, for instance, your goal is to win extra ten dollars for every five dollars wagered on the Don't Pass line, you need to bet twenty dollars.

Lay strategy

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Thanks to the above-mentioned best bets in craps strategy, gamblers have an opportunity to gain an advantage in this game in diverse online as well as land-based gambling establishments. A lot of practice and multiple repetitions can turn you into a successful player.

As mentioned earlier, in Spain, a number of changes regarding gambling advertisements have been introduced by the country’s regulator.

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