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How to Start a Casino in Japan: Recommendations from Casino Market Expert

Author: Gambling Man
23 July 2020, 11:25
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Many experienced and novice operators consider Japan as an extremely promising and profitable market. Indeed, this country attracts entrepreneurs by its optimal conditions, according to Japanese casino news.

How to Start a Casino in Japan: Recommendations from Casino Market Expert

However, before starting your own project, you should learn the peculiarities of conducting a gambling business in Japan. Casino Market experts will help you learn this issue more thoroughly.

The characteristics of the Japanese gaming market

According to the Japanese gambling laws, the activities of land-based establishments are allowed within the territory of the country. Online projects registered in Japan are blocked by law-enforcement agencies. At the same time, websites licensed in offshore jurisdictions can operate almost unhindered.

The benefits of the Japanese gambling industry

The Japanese gambling market is marked by the following advantages:

  1. The extensive demand for gambling entertainments. The Japanese are great gambling enthusiasts. They like to spend their free time in traditional Japanese gaming clubs. Such establishments are located in all large Japanese cities (Tokyo, Kyoto, Yokohama, Osaka, and others).
  2. The development of up-to-date payment methods. Unlike Europeans or Americans, Japanese citizens use electronic payment methods more often than cash or credit cards. In addition to virtual payment systems, cryptocurrencies are very popular here.
  3. High profitability. Japan is characterized by a high standard of living. Japanese residents have decent, stable incomes. They are willing to spend substantial sums on games of chance.

The stages of developing a new project

How to Start a Casino in Japan: Recommendations from Casino Market Expert

One of the most important stages of launching a gaming project is the search for optimal jurisdiction. If you want to launch an online casino in Japan, you should register your company in an offshore zone. Casino Market offers a large selection of countries with good conditions for business licensing (for example, Costa Rica, Curacao, Dominican Republic, the Isle of Man, etc.) Besides, an operator should cope with the following tasks.

Search for casino providers

High-quality gambling content and administrative software is the key to the success of any online casino. Reliable suppliers should provide a wide range of games and programs that are relevant to the Japanese market

Website design development

The profitability of your project will directly depend on the attractiveness of your website. Thematic design implemented in Asian style will be appropriate for Japanese gamblers

Ensuring the security of a project

Performing this step will allow you to feel calm and confident. Also, a high level of protection will enhance the reputation of your brand

The attraction of a potential audience

Experts from well-known companies apply different marketing tools to promote gaming projects as fast and effectively as possible

The purchase of a turnkey online casino in Japan

The realization of all the above steps requires a lot of financial and time costs. The lack of the necessary experience often discourages beginning entrepreneurs from the idea of launching online casinos in Japan on their own.

That is why time-tested companies are always ready to help both beginners and experienced businessmen. Some service providers have been operating in the Japanese market for many years. After ordering a turnkey casino from a reliable intermediary, you will receive:

  • assistance in collecting documentation and obtaining a license;
  • the creation of a vivid and attractive website;
  • the selection of relevant content;         
  • the promotion of your project in the Japanese market.

It is worth noting that Japanese gamblers are quite demanding. They are well aware of the advanced technologies and the latest gambling trends. Therefore, buying a turnkey casino from a company with extensive experience in the Japanese market will guarantee the success of your project.

The main things about the launch of online casinos in Japan

How to Start a Casino in Japan: Recommendations from Casino Market Expert

The Japanese gambling market is characterized by potential profitability and many opportunities for operators. To launch a successful project in Japan, you should complete the following tasks:

  • to find good casino providers;
  • to ensure the high level of security for your online casino;
  • to attract a potential audience;
  • or to order a turnkey casino to save your time and money and get a guaranteed positive result.

If you want to find out more about the launch of gaming projects in Japan and other countries, please contact Casino Market experts:

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