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How to Play Slots and Win

Author: Maxim Plaksin
29 November 2019, 13:10
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To win playing slots without special training is a challenging task. Indeed, to achieve success in this gambling activity, it is not sufficient to be just lucky – a strategy helping you learn how to play slots to win will come in handy. The slot is a game with a negative mathematical expectation in which it is essential to follow certain algorithms.

How to Play Slots and Win

The main objective of the process is to save as much money as possible so you will have a better chance of success. One of the gamblers’ problems is the lack of a systematic game and ignoring the rules. However, thanks to competent tactics, you will be able to save a considerable part of the bankroll, as well as increase capital.


Initially, you have to understand what a bankroll is. This is the sum of money that is used specifically for playing the game. There is one bankroll for small bets, and another for medium and large bets.

Interesting fact:

In the past, slot machines were often called "one-armed bandits." This is owing to the fact that the old-style slots were equipped with a large mechanical lever located on the side (unlike the buttons that are on the front panel in modern models), and also because of their ability to eviscerate pockets and wallets.

A bankroll can also be withdrawn as a payment. However, this is often permitted only if the limit is exceeded.

Gambling experts recommend a certain minimum for bets. For instance, if a person plays for 1 cent, then the bankroll should be more – approximately $ 200-300. It is necessary to have more capital since it must be ready to face high dispersion.

Another basic rule is to play for that amount of money which you would not worry about loosing.

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After determining the bankroll, you need to select slots. When choosing, it is important to build on the following criteria:

• a high rate of return (on average 96-97%);

• high dispersion, which means that there is a chance to win more in one spin;

• it would be desirable that slots were represented at the largest venues of modern online casinos.



Most of the machines from reliable developers are highly dispersed. No one says that it is necessary to keep away from low-dispersion gaming machines. However, in general, low returns also indicate low gains. In this case, it is recommended to reduce the bankroll.

An interesting fact: You can try online gambling for free. Many virtual casinos offer this opportunity. This is an attractive offer for those who are not interested in winning, but exactly in the game process.

Average bet

How to play slots at the casino with a bankroll and high-dispersion slots? It is better to make minimum bets. In modern slots, there is no linkage to a max bet, that is, chances of winning do not depend on the bet sizes. It is essential to play all lines in order to ensure an opportunity to get all types of scatters and bonuses. There are some exceptions but it makes no sense to look for them in practice. In addition, you can always reduce the number of coins per line instead of decreasing the number of lines themselves. If you prefer to make small bets, do this as high dispersion makes it possible to win some amount of money even in case of small bets. Raising the average spin requires a significant increase in bankroll.

Before a game session, it is important to determine the amount of money that you are not afraid to lose, as well as take into account a number of nuances:

• what amount of money you are ready to spend every hour of the game;

• the allowable amount for a possible loss;

• bonuses frequency;

• how much time you are ready to spend playing slots.

It is impossible to make an accurate calculation of expenses, and especially the chance of winning, in one-two hours of the game. For a couple of hundred spins, everything can dramatically change, especially in a slot with high dispersion.

An interesting fact: In 1989, the first launch of the slot machine on the global network took place. Its name was "Money Splash". The only slot that paid a $1 million jackpot was the Mega Millions device. Both slot machines were released by Microgaming.

Average bet

Stop loss

Stop loss is the amount at which the gambler should stop. This is a kind of threshold that cannot be crossed. Everything is individual here. A good idea is to risk no more than 10% of your bankroll in one game session. The lower the figure is, the longer the player will remain in the game. Having approached the stop loss, you need to finish the game so as not to lose at least what you have bet.

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Risk game

People who know how to play slots at casino remember the golden rule – do not try a risk game. Such a game is relevant only with a small amount of money, for example, in the case of $5 or $10 bets. In general, bonus rounds are organized in order to increase casino profits. Slot machines often give a less than 50% chance to win. If the machine already gives out well, you should not risk it, especially in old Novomatic slots.

Stop win

Interesting fact

In different countries where online casinos are allowed, age restrictions apply. In some countries, teenagers are allowed to play for money (we are talking about lotteries), and somewhere starting gambling is allowed only after reaching the age of 21.

This option is the opposite of stop loss. For example, it is added to all modern NetEnt slots when starting auto mode. You can indicate the exact number, for example, $10, so that when you win the game will automatically stop. Obviously, slots cannot give win constantly. Therefore, it is recommended to indicate the threshold of accumulated funds, after which the game session will automatically stop. A useful tip from the players: if you increase the active account by 20-30%, it is already worthwhile to pause in the game.

Some set the parameter plus fifty and even plus one hundred per cent, but the higher the desired income is, the more difficult it is to achieve and, respectively, the greater probability of losing all the money is.

Stop win

Lowering bets while losing

Some people make the same bets all the time while others lower it in case of big failures. This way you can save a bankroll for much longer. Suppose a player with a bankroll of $1000 played for $1, but already lost $90. Most likely, he is approaching a stop loss. There is a good solution - to reduce the bet by half, to $0.5. Raising the bets during continuous losses can lead to big losses. If it does not help and the player continues to lose, the best option is to stop playing.

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Raising bets while winning

In the practice of the game in slots, there is one more nuance: you can increase the active bet immediately after a major win. Experts do not recommend this but, from a mathematical point of view, this decision is sometimes justified. For example, a player took 10% of a personal bankroll ($200) to make a bet of $1. When a slot gives out ×200, the score is increased by 100% and stop-win is fifty per cent (one hundred dollars). Therefore, the gambler gets free $100. There is an opportunity to risk and bet $2 or $3 to a certain indicator – for example, up to $400. If it does not work out, then it is no luck.


Interesting fact

The most outsized machine is Big Bertha. The height of the machine is 2.3 meters. It was so large that not all players could reach the start lever, which put in motion the engine with a capacity of five horsepowers. The winning percentage on such a machine was minimal because it had eight reels and twenty symbols.

To understand how to play slots at a casino, you have to be aware of the importance of the random number generator (RNG). Each spin has no connection with the previous one. Slot machines do not know whether you won or lost in the previous slot, it only receives a selection of numbers from the RNG and gives information to the display. Thus, you need to forget about the various patterns and diverse tricks in trying to cheat the machine.


How to play slots machines in casinos

Slot machines are among the most popular services in the entertainment industry. Leading developers regularly introduce new gambling products to maximize customer satisfaction. Of course, in the age of the widespread Internet, people have an opportunity to access machines online, where they are widely in demand.

Interesting fact

Most of the cash in virtual casinos is spent by Cyprus’ residents - approximately $2.5 million per year. This is a lot considering that the population of Cyprus is 800,000 inhabitants. It turns out that on average, every Cypriot spends 3,125 euros per year in an Internet casino.

The key principles that make most people choose online machines are interactivity and accessibility. To try the game, any PC with Internet access is enough. In addition, today's slot machines adapt to mobile devices. They help to diversify leisure and take a fresh look at the entertainment segment, especially since they can be used anywhere in the world.

Comprehensive descriptions of the machines on the service, convenient division according to the main criteria will help determine the right option of the game. Users are offered a free opportunity to test slot machines in demo mode without restrictions.

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How to play slots online

Demo-versions help to understand the nuances and teach how to play slots machines. In this version, you can select the appropriate bet size, active lines and configure other parameters. In online games, the drums rotate by analogy with the classic ones. The difference consists in the fact that the game is played using virtual currency. To win on the reels, certain combinations of symbols must be displayed. Each slot has its own set of winning lines, which are easy to find in the rules of the game (usually this is the “Help” section). After pressing the “Play” button, the system automatically starts rotating the reels. After stopping, the RNG will give out a specific combination. If it is in the list of winning ones, then the sum of the prize money will be displayed in the “Win” window. Details of the slot are usually described in the game menu.

How to play slots online

What kind of slots are there? The most famous ones include fruit slots, classic 777, video poker, etc. How to choose the best slot? To start with, the classic version of any gambling establishment is suitable. It should be characterized by an intuitive interface and simplicity of the gameplay. It is a better idea to opt for the traditional number of reels and lines – 5×3. The RTP level, that is, the percentage of return on the slot, is important, though not crucial. We should clarify that the low indicator is 95% and less, the average – from 95.5%, high – from 97%.

As mentioned earlier, a recent survey carried out in the UK marked the decrease in the number of children participating in gambling activities.

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