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How to Play Roulette: Detailed Information on Odds and Roulette Payouts

Author: Ivanna Shostak
21 January 2020, 17:38
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Roulette is without a doubt one of the most popular casino games. It is loved by millions of players around the world and presented at almost all land-based gambling establishments, as well as virtual ones. Despite such popularity, surprisingly few people are familiar with the history of this game, its types, rules and roulette wheel payouts. In order to find out more information about this, read the following article from the Login casino team.

How to Play Roulette: Detailed Information on Odds and Roulette Payouts

Where did this game come from?

If it is quite easy to find much information regarding the history of other gambling activities, then there is no exact data about where, when and how exactly the roulette game originated, and it seems that there will never be.

Traditionally, the origins of the game are found in the ancient world – primarily in China, where people supposedly created stones with images of animals carved on them. Ancient Rome, with its custom of casting lots by rotating the wheel of the chariot on a vertically fixed axis, is also a possible candidate for the title of the homeland of the prototype of roulette. In addition, it was in ancient Roman mythology that the goddess of fortune made human destinies with the help of a wheel.

More reliable traces of the emergence of roulette should be sought in modern Europe but even then it is impossible to determine the exact period in which the game was born. It is generally accepted that the idea arose thanks to the scientist Blaise Pascal, who used a spinning wheel with balls in his research on the construction of a perpetual motion machine, and besides, being a gambler himself, he spent time playing with pleasure. Much more unusual is the version that the inhabitants of European monasteries created the initial version of roulette in order to while away their free time from prayers.

Among the predecessor of roulette, there are the French Biribi, the English role-poly, as well as odds and evens. Any gambling was banned in Europe – it was imposed by both the state and the church. The excitement caused by gambling activities completely captured the thoughts of citizens and parishioners and was a serious nuisance for the authorities. However, the frequency of issuing orders prohibiting gambling only proved that the state could not fight the human passion for the games of chance.

Play Roulette

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It should be noted that the word "roulette” was first mentioned in Paris in the XVIII century. It was this century that marked the heyday of the popularity of roulette and its spread into the New World. Is roulette one of your biggest passions? Then follow our enthralling casino news to stay informed on this subject.

How many types of roulette are there?

Overall, there are three most popular types of roulette – European, American and French. Below, you will find information on each of them.

In European roulette, the wheel has thirty-seven sectors (number from 1 to 36 and 0 or “zero”). 0 gives the main advantage of the casino because almost all bets lose if the ball lands on 0. Its payouts are similar to the American roulette payouts but in terms of odds, it is more beneficial for gamblers.

American roulette, unlike the European one, has thirty-eight numbers (sectors) on the wheel – from 1 to 36, 0 and 00 (double zero). As for “00” payout in roulette, this type of bet pays out 35:1.

Popular online casinos offer you a choice of both types of roulettes – European and American.

The third option is the French roulette. It has 37 sectors on the wheel, as in the European one. This option, which includes "La Partafa Rule", is quite popular in some casinos in France. If a ball lands on a zero, the players who have bet on this sector receive half of their initial bet. Also, see our review about roulette numbers on wheel.

How does payout for the odds in roulette give the casino an edge?

An important factor in choosing a game in a gambling establishment is the knowledge of what is the advantage of a casino over a player in this game. Sometimes newcomers do not even think about how to increase their chances of winning already at the initial stage (while choosing a game).

Roulette is included in the list of gambling activities where the casino advantage is easily calculated by the rules of the game, and therefore roulette does not provide a player with a great advantage over the gambling establishment.  I will start with the type of roulette that is the most unprofitable for the player.

types of roulette

American Roulette

  • minimum advantage - 2.63%
  • maximum advantage - 7.89%
  • basic casino advantage in American roulette - 5.26%
  • Surrender bet changes advantage to 2.63%
  • Basket bet changes the advantage of the casino to 7.89%

European Roulette

  • minimum advantage - 1.35%
  • maximum advantage - 2.70%
  • basic casino advantage in European roulette - 2.70%
  • En Prison bet changes the advantage to 1.35%
  • La Partage bet changes the advantage to 1.35%

French Roulette

  • minimum advantage - 1.35%
  • maximum advantage - 2.70%
  • The basic advantage of a casino in French roulette is 2.70%
  • En Prison bet changes the advantage to 1.35%
  • La Partage bet changes the advantage on simple odds to 1.35%

Read the best Cafe Casino review here and try your luck at roulette.

Types of bets available in roulette and chart for payout in roulette

payout in roulette

Roulette has many different types of bets available. You can make a bet on a single number or a combination of numbers. Different types of bets allow players to choose different probabilities and expected payout sizes.

Roulette bets are divided into three categories:

  • inside bets;
  • outside bets;
  • call bets.

Inside and outside ones are standard, and every player must know them. Call bets are more complex and not available in all gambling establishments, so they are not obligatory for players.

Inside bets

If you look at the roulette table board, you will notice a sector with numbers (1-36, 0 and 00 in American roulette) and some other sectors for betting. Internal bets regard the selected numbers. Look at the following roulette payout table for more information.

Type of bets


Straight-up (a bet on a single number)


Split bet (a bet on any two adjacent numbers)


Street bet (a bet that covers three numbers)


Corner bet (a bet on four numbers)


Five-number bet


Six-number bet (a line bet)


Thus, it is possible to notice that the most beneficial option is to make a bet on a single number, for which you can receive a payout of thirty-six chips.

Outside bets: what are the payouts in roulette?

Outside bets are placed on special sectors of the roulette table board outside the numbers sector. For more information on this type of bets, see the table below.

Type of bets


Red or Black


Odd or Even


Low or High






It should be noted that in terms of outside bets, the numbers "0" and "00" are neither red, nor black, nor even, odd, neither low nor high. For each of these bets, a zero or a double-zero is considered a loser, except for games where La Partage, En Prison or Surrender rules are applied.

In some cases, you can also utilize the roulette payouts calculator in order to find out the expected return on your bet.

Roulette: game etiquette

If you want to enjoy the game and high roulette payout at a real casino, you should know the rules of the game and remember what to do and what to avoid. To do this, a game etiquette was created.

Roulette game etiquette consists of a set of unwritten rules that must be followed. Of course, casino staff is understanding about visitors who do not know the etiquette of the game, including novices. So, most likely, you will not be punished for non-compliance with the rules but it is recommended to know them anyway.

Here are some of the most important rules for Roulette etiquette.

Odds for roulette

  1. Know when to make a bet. The dealer announces the start of a new round, "Please, bid!" After the words, "Thank you, betting is done!" the round ends and no more bets are accepted. You should remember this.
  2. Know when to swap your chips for cash and how to handle them. Roulette chips are different from those in other casino games. In roulette, each player has chips of a different color so as not to confuse them with chips of other players. Roulette chips cannot be used in other casino games. So before joining the gaming table, you need to exchange money (or standard casino chips) for roulette chips, and after the game is completed, make a reverse exchange.
  3. Control your emotions. No one forbids you to enjoy winning, but you need to be able to keep your emotions under control even if you are not completely satisfied with how much does roulette payout you have received. It is unacceptable to shout or offend other people (players or dealers), whether you win or lose. If it is difficult for you to control your emotions, try to look for a virtual gambling establishment. For instance, familiarize yourself with the full 1xslots casino review 2020 .
  4. Help others bid and let them help you. The roulette gaming table can be very large and reaching out to some sectors can be a daunting task. In this case, do not try to throw the chips across the table. Kindly ask other players to place your chips on the table, clearly explaining what sectors you want to bet on. If so, be sure to help others place their preferred bets on the table.
  5. Do not violate the tip rules. Tipping in some casinos is allowed but in others, it is are strictly prohibited. Find out the rules regarding tips at the gambling establishment you have decided to visit and do not break them.

In online roulette, it is quite simple to follow the rules. When you play an automated online roulette, you will no longer be able to go against the rules. The only exception is a live dealer. In such games, you can even talk to him. You just have to be polite and everything will be fine.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the payout odds in roulette?

The potential payout odds in this game  are stated in the form of x to 1. This means you will be able to win x dollars for every one dollar you bet. For instance, a bet on a single number provides you with a payout of 35 to 1. Thus, if you guess the number, you will receive your dollar back plus thirty-five dollars.

Are roulette odds good?

Any single number in the American variant of roulette has odds of 1:38 of occurring, and the payouts for single number winnings are still thirty-five to one. Based on this information, it is better to play European  or French variants of roulette. Thus, your odds grow when you choose such games over American Roulette.

What are the odds on green in roulette?

The single-number bet odds are paid out thirty-five to one at both roulette tables. A single number includes the green zero as well. However, the odds of landing a single number are thirty-seven to one at the American roulette wheel and thirty-six to one at the a European one.


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