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How to Play Baccarat: Simple Explanation of Game Rules

Author: Gambling Man
9 October 2020, 10:07
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Although baccarat is the number one card game in many gambling establishments, according to the world’s casino news, some players still don’t pay much attention to it and prefer poker because this game seems very complicated to them.

How to Play Baccarat: Simple Explanation of Game Rules

We will prove that baccarat is an easy-to-play and, what is more important, an interesting game that is worth being included in the list of your favorite games. Being extremely popular in France and Italy some centuries ago, the game also attracted modern card players. Let’s understand baccarat deeper and find out why it is considered to be the most popular game among high rollers.

Baccarat: the game with a hint of French nobility

The history of baccarat started in the nineteenth century when gamblers of that time were charmed by its luxury nature. In the period when baccarat appeared in casinos, only rich players were allowed to play it. Players who didn’t have enough money or didn’t look like nobles didn’t have the right to participate in the game together with wealthy grand people. Baccarat was called the game for high rollers, and it meant that players were ready to wager hundreds of dollars.

Of course, nowadays, the game isn’t rare and every player is allowed to join the baccarat table with at least a ten-dollar bet. It is popular in many countries around the world, but in some of them, it holds the leading position. For example, Asian gamblers are known as the biggest baccarat fans. You will surely find dozens of tables with this game in casinos of China, Macau, Malaysia, etc. Moreover, European and American casino owners understand that Chinese gamblers like to travel to other countries to play baccarat and are ready to spend much money on this, so they do everything possible to provide the best gaming conditions for them.

There are several types of baccarat:

  • Chemin De Fer;
  • Super Pan Nine;
  • Three Card Baccarat;
  • Baccarat en Banque;
  • and Punto Banco.

The last variant is the most popular, and you will find it in the majority of land-based and online casinos.

Baccarat rules: beginner’s guide

It isn’t a secret that beginners are always frightened by the complexity of the game rules. However, it is just a prejudice that baccarat is more difficult than the understanding of roulette wheel numbers, for instance. If to spend some time on rules and have a little bit of practice, any card player can become a professional.

how to play baccarat

So, what are the main baccarat rules? Read the simple explanation that will help you to understand everything in the first attempt.

There are six-eight decks of cards in a standard game. In the beginning, two hands are used, called the banker’s/player’s hand. Players can choose any hand they want to play. The general principle of baccarat is as easy as ABC and is clearer than slot machine tips: players should get the maximum number of scores using only two-three cards. However, there is one obligatory condition for all players: while dealing cards, each game participant gets the combination, the value of which shouldn’t be more than nine. The winner is the person who has the number close to nine. For example, if the player has eight score points, and the dealer – seven, the former is the winner.

Here are the key facts about scores to keep in mind while playing baccarat:

  • The ace’s value is one point.
  • Cards from two to ten provide the number of scores equal to their value.
  • Queens, jacks, and kings – zero points.

A player’s task is to bet on himself or herself, a dealer, or draw score.

This is all a beginner should know about the baccarat rules. As you can see, there is nothing difficult in understanding and playing the game.

After reading the rules, it is always better to have the practice and apply knowledge. Play baccarat at the best online casino and become a real professional who can beat everyone.

play now

Of course, when you will play baccarat more and more, you will need more information about the game, in addition to basic principles and essential rules. For instance, it is important to remember that there is such a notion in the game as a natural win. What does it mean? It means that a gambler’s first two cards are totaling to eight or nine. However, if a natural win doesn’t happen during the game, players may need one more card.

Baccarat online: what digital casinos to choose?

baccarat rules

As we live in the IT era, the majority of gamblers switch to online gaming. It is needless to say that playing baccarat with friends at one table or with strangers in a land-based gambling establishment also has a lot of advantages. At the same time, online casinos are more convenient because you can play card games anywhere and anytime on your computer or mobile phone.

That is why many gambling websites have added baccarat to their gaming library. According to players’ feedback, there are two casinos on the web that offer the best functionality and features for playing baccarat. Both experienced gamblers and beginners will find lots of advantages and reasons to play baccarat at these casinos.

Booi Casino

Offering a wide selection of top casino games, Booi also has an impressive list of the baccarat game variations. Gamblers can try more than twenty types of baccarat, including live dealer games, no commission baccarat, professional series, and high-limit baccarat. Booi Casino provides high-quality baccarat games with modern design and a user-friendly interface. If you want to refresh the rules in your mind, you can click a special menu tab with a drop-down rules list, which is included in every game.

Play Fortuna Casino

Another excellent online casino with an extensive list of the baccarat games. If you are a novice and aren’t confident in your gaming skills, try mini-baccarat at Play Fortuna Casino. It requires lower stakes and is the best choice for practicing the game without high risks.

Strategies for baccarat no one will tell you about

If you have understood how to play baccarat and know the general rules, it’s high time for choosing the right strategy. It will allow you not just to play but also to win often. You will find tons of recommendations on the Internet on how to become a constant winner, but your rivals may use them as well. Here is the list of effective strategies from the baccarat experts that aren’t available on many websites.

baccarat online

  1. Don’t play long games. This recommendation will be especially useful for novices. Some card games require a long-term playing process, for instance, poker. This is the main difference between these two card games. Baccarat isn’t always oriented towards long playing. If you lose, it is better to start everything from the very beginning.
  2. Banker bets are more winning. Some gamblers may say that it is a myth, but there are many proofs that this option in the game is more successful. In the majority of cases, the winning percentage is fifty. This approach to playing allows gamblers to get not so big but, what is more important, frequent wins. Don’t believe that it works? Click the button below and use this strategy at the casino.

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  1. Count cards. This strategy can increase a player’s chances to win significantly. However, counting is quite difficult because it requires much time and attention. At the same time, if you are good at mathematics and calculations, you have an excellent opportunity to apply these skills in the game. Another important factor in this strategy is good attention because you will need to track all cards during the game. Many professional players say that the cards tracking helps to choose more winning bets. Although this method is more often applicable to blackjack, it can also be useful for baccarat.
  2. Create a betting plan. Experienced players admit that having a betting plan can help increase the wins percentage. You can prepare a type of scheme with all stakes during the game, depending on various scenarios. This will prevent you from being at a loss when you fail to win and being blinded by success. Baccarat experts always have detailed plans with accurate figures and steps.
  3. Keeping to a certain sequence. It is another efficient strategy that frequently works. Its scheme is simple: gamblers should increase stakes if they win and return to the minimal bet when they lose. This approach will ensure that the game will bring more benefits than losses anyway.

strategies for baccarat

There is no one secret on how to win in baccarat every time you play. Everything depends on a gambler’s attention to the details, the ability to analyze the situation fast, and control all important aspects of the game simultaneously. Try various methods to find out which one is winning.

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Frequently asked questions

How is baccarat played?

It is played based on a few simple rules.

What is baccarat?

Baccarat is a popular card game often played in casinos.

How to win baccarat?

Choose and use the right strategy for playing baccarat.


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