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How to Open a Bookmaker Office on the Internet?

Author: Rode Arteaga
4 October 2019, 17:24
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Bookmaking business is allowed even in those jurisdictions where land-based or remote gambling establishments are prohibited. This partly explains the success of bookies, and, of course, sports popularity also plays an important role here. In this article we will consider the specifics of how to open a bookmaker office on the Internet.

How to Open a Bookmaker Office on the Internet?

Opening a betting shop is a good way to build a profitable business that will be in demand. Modern bookmakers accept bets not only on sporting events, but also on political events, show business, and sometimes even on countries’ reactions to a particular geopolitical situation. The popularity of this business stimulates the gambling segment technologies development.

Today, betting shops may appear in the most unexpected regions of the world, and their number is rising year by year. Moreover, online betting is developing intensively, and TSUPIS (financial regulator of interactive bets) was launched in Russia several years ago.

The Russian authorities have long been closely monitoring betting companies, improving gambling laws and setting the rules for bookmakers.

Peculiarities of Opening a Bookmaker on the Internet

The fact that a bookmaker makes a good profit makes it attractive to many businessmen. An important factor is the legality of this activity, which reduces the risks associated with the sudden closure of the business.

Peculiarities of Opening a Bookmaker on the Internet

However, despite all the advantages and estimates of the approximate profit, risks remain in place. In order to open a bookmaker office on the Internet, you should know the market characteristics. Also, you will need professional advice on this topic, as well as market analysis of the situation at the time of opening the betting shop, and analytical calculations. In short – all the possible information on the region's betting business and its correct practical application.

It is also necessary to take into consideration the Russian legislation requirements, according to which it is necessary to have experience in this business if you want to open a betting shop. If there is none, then you need to hire a specialist who will perform management functions.

So how to open a bookmaker office? These basic steps need to be taken:

  • Register a legal entity (individual enterprise, company).
  • Obtain a gaming license.
  • Buy software for the bookmaker.
  • Develop a betting website.
  • Create a reserve fund to repay potential debts to customers.
  • Determine the bet counting method.
  • Establish the maximum and minimum bets.
  • Hire an experienced team of analysts.

When opening a bookmaker office on the Internet, particular attention should be paid to the acquisition of bookmaking software, which, as in online games, should be reliable and high-quality. It is better to order it from an experienced manufacturer, which has significant success and an impressive portfolio.

Obtaining a license is also a laborious process, as applicants are subject to thorough financial verification. In addition, you must be ready to provide a major package of documents required for obtaining a work permit.

Obtaining a license is also a laborious process

Competent odds calculation is one of the key factors affecting the work and profit of the betting company, so it is very important to hire a team of professionals who will be engaged in analyzing the probable outcomes and setting the odds.

Despite the fact that bookmaker business in Russia is legal, regional restrictions on bookmaking activity came into force on April 2. Therefore, when opening betting shops, it is necessary to be aware of the legislative requirements.

The legal bookmaker market in the Russian Federation is currently represented by two dozen sports betting operators such as LEON, Fonbet, Bingo Boom, Liga Stavok, Olimp, Baltbet, Pari-Match and others.

The Advantages of Opening a Bookmaker Office on the Internet

Apart from the fact that opening a bookmaker on the Internet does not require renting premises, repair or equipment costs, it also is convenient with regard to processes automation. In addition, a client can perform betting operations without getting up from his favorite couch. But the most important is the ability to scale the business at any time.

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