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How to Manage Casino Bankroll

Author: Rode Arteaga
10 December 2019, 17:36
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The main thing in gambling is not to be left with empty pockets. Therefore, bankroll management tips will definitely come in handy for any casino lover. The article below provides several pieces of advice on how to keep your money safe and sound.

How to Manage Casino Bankroll

Despite various strategies, it should be remembered that there is never a 100% guarantee of avoiding going bankrupt. However, an appropriate bankroll management system will reduce the level of risk and provide a more pleasant gambling experience.

Bankroll management: what is it?

This term means the art of keeping one’s bankroll in the process of wagering it at the gambling establishment. It’s not a surprise that the house edge is present in each casino game. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention both to long-term, gradual losses and short-term losing steaks.

The main purpose of bankroll management is making one’s financial resources last as long as it is needed. For instance, if a gambler was on a week tour to Macau, their aim would be to make their money last through this whole trip or even come back with some gain.

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Proper size of bankroll

In case you are not interested in win rates and other regular deviation calculations, the following formula will be useful:

A x B x 0.2 x C

where A is the average bet size, B – bets/hour, C – total hours, and 0.2 accounts for player error together with the house edge.

For instance, when a gambler bets five dollars per hand playing blackjack with approximately thirty bets/hour and the process of the game lasts for 6 hours, they will need about 180 dollars to make sure they have a sufficient amount of money for this session.

Risk management

Risk management

In order to determine one’s level of risk it is required to gather some pieces of information: one’s return per dollar (or any other currency), bankroll size plus standard deviation. When using a calculator a gambler enters their win rate, a sample bankroll and standard deviation. After that, the bankroll should be adjusted in order to see what size of a bankroll one needs for a low risk of ruin. It is advisable not to exceed the level of 10%.

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Last but not least

Never gamble with the money that you cannot afford to lose. This is rule number one in any casino game. It is highly recommended to create a separate bank account specifically for gambling money. Before visiting a gambling establishment it is better to find out the sum you will need for the gambling session and take some extra money, just in case. Yet again, these extra financial resources should be within your affordable gambling budget.

As mentioned earlier, a recent survey in the Netherlands revealed the most common trends among the Dutch gambling fans.

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