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How to Choose a Casino Hosting: Tips from Rosloto Expert

Author: Gambling Man
26 August 2020, 12:03
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Conducting an online gambling business would not be possible without reliable and secure hosting. The stability of the virtual establishment depends on the choice of a good server. Therefore, operators should pay enough attention to the theme of selecting a decent casino hosting.

How to Choose a Casino Hosting: Tips from Rosloto Expert

Learn more about the characteristics of online casino servers and learn how to choose a gambling hosting from this article prepared by the Rosloto team.

Also, read the latest casino news to know everything about the market.

The essence of casino hosting

Casino hosting is the provision of servers for storing information (correspondence, databases, software, etc.). Some major gaming companies buy their own hardware to host their data. However, such equipment is rather bulky. Moreover, it is very expensive. That is why this option is not suitable for beginners.

A great alternative for novice entrepreneurs is a server for rent. Some entrepreneurs order hosting services from large companies cooperating with different industries (for example, Microsoft, Google, etc.).

However, the best solution here is to collaborate with firms focused exclusively on iGaming projects (iGaming hosters).

The benefits of iGaming hosters

  1. Additional opportunities for managing gambling software. Some information service providers are focused on working exclusively with programmers. They offer rather complex information management tools.

At the same time, iGaming companies provide a complete set of convenient and easy-to-use data management instruments.

  1. Creation of a turnkey casino business . Very often, iGaming hosters are involved in providing different services. For example, experienced companies such as Rosloto can create any website according to customers’ requirements. Besides, such experts can develop software based on clients’ sketches.
  2. Enhanced protection of gaming projects. Hosters focused on the gambling industry have reliable security systems in their arsenal. They are created specifically for gaming projects.

secure hosting

Effective protection tools

Gaming websites and casino software are at constant risk of being hacked. Therefore, hosting suppliers must provide operators with reliable security tools. Let us consider some of them:


The system copies hard disk data, protects it, and notifies the operator about attempts to gain unauthorized access to information.

Thanks to this, any problems, can be eliminated instantly.


Unfortunately, hackers often use DDoS attacks today.

These security systems are aimed at detecting traffic anomalies and preventing DDoS attacks.

VPN tools

The instruments are used to transfer information securely using innovative encryption technologies.

How to select a reliable hosting provider

Novice operators often do not take the issue of choosing a server hosting provider seriously enough. As a result, they make deals with little-known companies and lose their money. Unstable operation of software can scare off potential customers. That is why it is crucial to find a time-tested partner. Familiarise yourself with the characteristics of a reliable iGaming hosting provider.

  1. Extensive work experience. Trust only experienced companies having a long history. Avoid new brands that offer services at very low prices.
  2. Transparent conditions of cooperation. All the nuances of cooperation must be specified in the contract. If your potential partner is hiding any information, this fact may say about some pitfalls that may arise during the collaboration.
  3. Availability of additional services. Make sure that it provides a wide assortment of services (or works with reputable partners).
  4. Round-the-clock technical support. Any website can face DDoS attacks or other technical issues. Experts from trusted companies are always ready to fix any problem in the shortest possible time.

Casino Hosting

The main things about choosing a decent casino hosting

To be sure of the success and profitability of your project, cooperate with reputable hosting providers. Here are the main things worth knowing to find a suitable casino hosting:

  • work only with experienced firms;
  • make sure a casino hosting is protected;
  • order additional services to simplify website management;

Rosloto has extensive experience in the gaming industry. The company proposes secure casino hosting. Besides, the brand's assortment includes many other offers, for example, the development of turnkey casinos, the sale of gaming content, the creation of betting solutions, etc.

Do you want to find out more about gambling hosting? Please contact Rostloto consultants:

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