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How to Check Online Casino for Security?

Author: Gambling Man
18 March 2020, 16:23
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Players trust their personal data and money to online casinos, so when choosing a gambling establishment, you need to make sure of its ability to guarantee confidentiality and security. What should the player be aware of when choosing an establishment, and what are its properties that show that online casinos are trustworthy?

How to Check Online Casino for Security?


It is the most critical indicator of institution fairness. It shows that online casino activities are transparent, and players' rights are protected. Gambling establishments use only licensed software, and players are provided with an honest game in which third parties cannot interfere in the gambling process. Curacao (island Cyprus) or Valetta (island Malta) – only those gambling establishments that meet all security criteria are licensed there.

Two-Factor Authentication

No efforts of the operator will be able to ensure the safety and confidentiality of the player if his or her login details have fallen into the hands of third parties. Gaming portals implement two-factor authentication to prevent this.

For example, players at Play Fortuna online casino need not only to enter a login and password but also to confirm the right to access via SMS. The user receives a combination of characters to the number specified during registration and must enter them on a particular line.

It is an additional security measure that prevents access to an account by a third party who may have access to a mail account or a login/password from your account. That can cause minor inconvenience when entering a gambling house. But players, captured by numbers on roulette wheel, for instance, should not neglect security and give this procedure a minute or two.

HTTPS Security Protocol

HTTPS Security Protocol

You should give preference to online casinos that use HTTPS security protocol. It is a system of data encryption that a player transmits to the administration of a gambling house. The encryption system is known only to the institution. Therefore, you can be sure that your data will not fall into the hands of third parties.


Players need to know the rules of verification before playing. Players usually do not like this process because it takes some time. But it guarantees the security of money transfers. Verification prevents fraud. All you need to do is send a copy of your identity documents to the gambling authorities. And that will allow you to defend your rights in case of misunderstandings.

An Official Mirror

An official mirror is needed for gambling portals. It allows players to access the online casino website even if it is blocked. The mirror is an additional entrance to the site, which allows players not to lose access to their data and money.

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