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How Not to Lose Money at the Casino: Professional Tips for Newbies

Author: Rode Arteaga
27 January 2020, 14:06
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Land-based gambling establishments are far from being legalized in most of the CIS countries. However, players often come even to another country to quench their thirst for gambling.

How Not to Lose Money at the Casino: Professional Tips for Newbies

For example, in Russia, there are four official gambling zones, where you can play slots, roulette, table games, etc. Gamblers from all over the world come there – Primorye Integrated Entertainment Resort often serves guests from Asian countries, and quite recently, flights between Sochi and the United Arab Emirates have been launched to give foreign guests the opportunity to gamble in the state where it is allowed. Some people have a lot of experience playing in casinos and are frequent visitors of such establishments, while others come there for the first time. More experienced players do not want to share their secrets, especially since each one has their own strategy. However, there are some well-known tips for newbies on how to behave at a casino.

How not to lose all your money in a casino: three main rules

First of all, everyone who has a positive experience of playing at a casino relies on three basic principles that are always relevant for everyone, no matter what time you come to the establishment:

  • Be able to stop in time. If you feel that excitement is capturing you more and more, this is the first signal to pull yourself together, stop betting and leave the casino. This is the golden rule which you have to remember all the time;
  • In slots, you should not give in to the feeling of greed, and continue betting in an attempt to win as much as possible. Greed can play a cruel joke on a gambler;
  • Listen to your inner voice. If it tells you that it's time to stop, do not ignore this feeling.

How not to lose all your money in a casino: three main rules

A new player coming to the casino should remember all of these principles, as more experienced players are familiar with them.

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Consequences of ignoring these rules

If you have never gambled before, you will not immediately determine whether you are a gambling type or not. Experts say that one can develop gambling addiction very quickly. If you feel that you are driven by a feeling of excitement, you increasingly want to raise your stakes during the game, and it is becoming more difficult and harder to stop – all this can be attributed to the signs of problem gambling. Psychologists advise such people to completely abandon such entertainment and stop gambling. For those who love slots, but are not ready to make real bets, there are social casinos that allow gamblers to have fun and spend time at slot machines without losing a penny. 

Do not forget that there is no single rule, which guarantees a win. Gambling is entertainment, and you should not take it too seriously. One more piece of advice for a casino novice is to take exactly as much money as you are ready to spend on leisure.

However, the experts identified several recommendations that can play a positive role in the game process and slightly increase the chance of winning.

Distribute Your Bets in Advance

As mentioned earlier, the first step is to determine the budget that you are willing to spend, going to a gambling establishment. Do not exceed the specified amount. Then you can avoid significant financial losses and stress.

When playing slots, experienced gamblers advise to distribute the allocated funds and make several small bets. Do not immediately play for high stakes. Therefore, you will spend more time playing the game, increase the chances of winning and will not lose a lot of money in just one spin, if fortune is not on your side.

Distribute Your Bets in Advance

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Leave After You Win

The following advice to a casino newbie is to leave the gambling establishment after winning. If you have already got quite a considerable gain and received moral satisfaction from the process, it's time to leave the establishment. You should not rely on "what if!" and start the next spin. Know when enough is enough – be able to stop in time in order not to lose everything.

Do not listen to people around who can persuade you to bet again, arguing that this is a real thrill. Remember, you are not boring – you are conservative. This quality allows many experienced gamblers to stay “afloat” and leave a casino without losing their money.

Ask Those Who Are More Experienced

If you are a casino newbie, do not be afraid to meet people and ask them questions about what interests you. Not everyone can share his/her strategies, but someone will definitely give you a piece of good advice. For example, experienced players can tell which game machine is better to avoid, and which one offers the highest return percentage.

Remember About Demo Mode

Remember About Demo Mode

In order to figure out how slot machines work, understand the rules, as well as determine the percentage of return and the prize lines formation principle, you should refrain from playing for money. Use the demo mode. In this format, you use virtual money and do not need to make a real bet. However, you can determine some of the nuances of the slot machine and understand whether you like it or not. This mode can be used by newcomers in those jurisdictions where online casinos operate legally.

Thus, common sense, as well as following the above-mentioned simple tips will help a novice to get used to the casino and not lose money.

As mentioned earlier, the Spanish gambling regulating body has introduced several amendments to the rules for gambling ads.

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