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How Coronavirus Is Affecting the Gambling Industry

Author: Gambling Man
20 March 2020, 17:16
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Fear of coronavirus has led to the cancellation of flights, sports events, conferences, and festivals. Some cities are on lockdown, and movement is restricted.

How Coronavirus Is Affecting the Gambling Industry

This has affected major industries and the market. If countries are unable to control the spread of the virus, it can cause adverse effects on the global economy, even the gaming industry. Gaming events and conferences have been canceled, and many others may follow. Here is how the virus is affecting the industry.

Players are turning to online gambling

With the number of casino visits falling every year, online casinos will grow more popular. However, the rules regulating gambling online casinos in Germany have tightened, except in Schleswig-Holstein state. You should, therefore, make sure it is legal for you to gamble in an online casino, if you live in other states, before you register. Resource:

With the continued quarantine and lockdown in various places, players are opting for online gambling. This is also a protective measure to prevent spreading the virus.

Some land casinos have also closed down. Casinos and sportsbooks are some of the congregational areas that the virus can be transmitted. Playing at the safety and convenience of home is the best way to keep the players happy and safe.

Dropping market prices for gambling companies

The virus has caused a fall in prices in most industries, and the gambling industry has not been left behind. Most gambling companies that are publicly traded are taking a battering; even the online casinos which are expected to make an upside turn when most parts are quarantined.

If the virus persists for some more months, the economy will be affected, making it hard for the players and the casinos. Although online casinos might benefit, the hard way of life on the players will make an impact on them.

Betting on coronavirus

Betting on coronavirus

The crisis has opened up several betting opportunities. The old saying that goes 'never let a good crisis go to waste' could mean a disaster like this one. Odds are fluctuating wildly, but you can make a bet on major betting sites.

The financial markets have great opportunities. Stocks markets have gone down, and currencies are at a flux. If you don't fear taking risks, you can make money as you prospect which direction they will take.

You can also bet on whether major events like the Tokyo Olympics and the Premier League will go ahead or get canceled. Both outcomes have odds; it's up to you to decide. If this topic is interesting for you, read our article about sport betting.

Safety tips for gambling during the coronavirus outbreak

Things don't look so good on the economy, sports or the gambling industry. The next few months are going to be hard, but it's good to stay safe. If you are going to gamble during this period of coronavirus outbreak, here are a few tips.

If you happen to visit a land-based casino, use your card instead of money to place a bet. Money is filthy and may potentially be harboring the virus since many people have handled the banknotes. Consider wearing a face mask also.

Safety tips for gambling during the coronavirus outbreak

If you handle money, then ensure you wear disposable gloves or carry hand sanitizer and use it regularly. This is also applicable if you come into contact with chips, dice and playing cards. There will be many potentially infected people who will have touched them before you. Also, avoid touching your mouth and face.

Gambling online is the best option. Even though many sports games will be canceled all over the world, there will be others. You can also play casino games in the online casinos.


What does this mean for the gambling industry, the casinos and players? The estimated cost of the crisis could be $3.3 billion for individual operators and much more for the whole industry. Research and development of new games, upgrading the existing ones and including the software could also be hit, causing a slow-down and reduced support to the industry.

In addition, there’s also the possibility where the funding meant for the gambling industry will be halted, reduced or allocated to help fight the virus. Thankfully, efforts are being made to find a vaccine for the virus and brighter days are expected soon in the future.

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