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Hot and Cold Casino Games

Author: Ivanna Shostak
17 September 2019, 15:02
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A high number of gamblers try not to play at cold tables and prefer the hot ones where it is possible to find many smiling players with tall chip stakes. However, according to the expert, this approach does not usually work. Why is it so? The expert in the gambling industry Michael Stevens shares his knowledge about hot and cold tables in the gambling industry.

Hot and Cold Casino Games

Do some casino games turn hot?

The answer is yes, they do. Unfortunately, no one can guess when the game turns hot or cold. It happens randomly.  

All casino games give the house a mathematical advantage that is not possible to overcome by conventional means. That advantage does not change just because some tables turn hot and others cold.  Players should understand the mistake consists not in looking for tables that seem to be hot and only gambling at them but in assuming it will help to win.

Another approach is not better

Some gamblers take another approach — they look for cold tables where players are not happy and smiling (as these are a few features of cold tables). They assume such a table will eventually get hot and they will seize an opportunity. Instead, this approach does not work either.

Being entertained at the Craps Table

This approach might entertain players. It consists in going to a table where no one is winning and trying to support them.

Coming close to the craps table, where most players root for the shooter to succeed, will be the most entertaining.  

Money management

The most important piece of advice is to never play for higher stakes just because the table is hot or cold. If a $10 blackjack player sits down at a $30 minimum table, he will probably lose. 

Gambler’s delusion

There are always people who give pieces of advice in casinos often basing whether the table is getting hot or cold. Therefore, the next good approach is not to listen to these people.

Gambler’s delusion

Some players believe forecasted results will eventually become real and they will manage to win. Unfortunately, it is only the gambler’s delusion.

The casino advantage

We all know how casinos earn money and we also know in the long run the casino will always win. There is usually one factor thanks to which casinos get their advantage.

In blackjack, for example, the one who must go first is a player. If the player loses all of his or her chips, he or she will not win, even if the dealer loses later in the round. Here the casino has advantage of the customer going first.

In roulette, for instance, there are 38 numbers on the wheel. People who make a bet only on one number have only one chance of winning. However, there 37 chances of losing. Players who make a bet 38 times in a row win only one time and lose 37 times.

What is also necessary to remember is that what happens on previous spins of the roulette wheel does not change the probability of winning.

The law of large numbers

As for probability, it only matters in the long run. It helps to explain how likely something is to happen.

If a person bets only on one number on a roulette wheel, this person is more prone to losing. There is a slight chance to win from the first try. However, this person will manage to win playing a lot of times. Only if a person is playing for a long time, it will be possible to notice the results will soon begin to look like the mathematically predicted outcomes. This regards the law of large numbers.

How progressive betting systems work

How progressive betting systems work

A progressive betting system is a system where you can increase your bets based on what has happened previously. One of its examples is the Martingale System. The players who use this system increase their bets by half every time they lose. This helps them to compensate their losses.

Someone might think it is a perfect system but there a few things every player should remember: a table that does not have any bet limits and its unlimited bankroll.

The problem with the Martingale system is that in the end a player will face long streak of losses and waste all money.

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