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Honesty Control in Online Casinos

Author: Rode Arteaga
3 December 2019, 10:21
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The emergence of online casinos, which is the result of digital technologies development, has raised additional questions among gamblers regarding honesty of this type of gambling.

Honesty Control in Online Casinos

Today, the illegal gambling sector in Russia continues to flourish. Roskomnadzor is actively fighting against prohibited resources, but residents of the state still turn to illegal sites, despite the risk of not just losing their money, but also getting into the hands of fraudsters.

In turn, foreign citizens of the countries that allow online casinos on their territories are also at risk. Not everyone is checking the website for a license. Land-based casinos’ owners are responsible for the quality of service and legality of their business, but online gambling regulation is less clear for Internet casino customers. However, let’s start from the beginning.

How to Check the Resource?

Providers who ignore the honesty control, immediately raise suspicions. Today, many online casinos use additional services to hash the data in order to increase users’ confidence and save themselves from problems related to hacking.

Mathematical algorithms MD2 and SHA256 are the most popular platforms used by gamblers in order to check the honesty of an online casino. Complex data hashing process ensures protection from hacking or cheating the system. MD2 service can guarantee that an operator won’t change the initial slot combination in order to deceive the player during the game.

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MD2 and SHA256 Algorithms

Theses mathematical hashing algorithms are used by gamers to verify fair play of a casino. The MD2 service is more popular than SHA256, but the latter provides more accurate data. SHA256 has a much higher level of sustainability to cryptanalysis comparing with its well-known competitor.

MD2 and SHA256 Algorithms

The MD2 and SHA256 algorithms provide for the following actions:

  • Before a player bets, the resource generates a sequence of numbers in the form of a code;
  • Using the selected mathematical algorithm, the above data is hashed into the following digital signature: djj45ljhi6k76878nkh5767nkj31lkj5346lklbkj, which is immediately provided to the gambler. The code is unique and any change in the source data will result in a completely different cipher. It is impossible to transform the code back into its original form;
  • After the game is finished, the gambler has the opportunity to compare the digital signature of the object with the data obtained through self-verification of the code on one of the specialized services MD2 or SHA256.

Regardless of the chosen service for data hashing, the digital code provided by the gaming house guarantees a “transparent” game for users. When looking for a gambling platform, it is imperative to choose an online casino with honesty control.

Remember that even those resources that are legal in Britain or Germany may be banned in your country. Consequently, you should not choose this kind of entertainment, because at any time such a casino can simply be blocked together with the money on the player’s account.

As mentioned earlier, the Australian government is in the process of implementing a register of self-exclusion.

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