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Hacker Attacks on Casinos and Measures Taken to Resolve the Problem

Author: Rode Arteaga
11 January 2020, 10:32
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The hacker attack specificity is that people know only about the failed attempts. Despite the fact that successful hackings are rare because of modern cyber defense systems, there have been attacks that entered history. In this article by Login Casino, you will find out about how to deal with hackers.

Hacker Attacks on Casinos and Measures Taken to Resolve the Problem

The history of hacking and cheating attempts at land-based casinos is older than the history of hacking as a single type of criminal activity. The use of cheating devices for slot machines is considered the first attempts of hacking casino security systems. There were many ways to cheat at slots: some of them were quite simple, other ones required certain skills.

The most well-known ways to deceive the slot machine sensors were the use of fake or clipping coins, as well as the use of a light stick. The latter made it possible to block the gaming machine’s light sensors in such a way that in case of any winning combination coins began to fell out of the slot until it was out of money. Modern security systems installed in land-based gambling establishments make it impossible to fool the casino using such “cheap” tricks.

Fake coins for slots are no longer an option. The shift from land-based casinos to online gambling sites, as well as their increasing popularity,  made fraudsters look for other ways of cheating. That is how hacker attacks on casinos appeared. It should be noted that only the most reliable gambling establishments are able face hacker attacks successfully. A wonderful example is It has a large selection of licensed games with fast payouts whose safety will not cause any doubts.

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In the modern world, where access to the Network is a norm, it is a common practice to call any assaults against a security system as hacker attacks.

Interesting Fact

Initially, the meaning of the phrase “hacker attack” was completely different. It could be interpreted as brainstorming necessary for solving super-complex tasks using a sophisticated method.

In fact, what is commonly called a hacker attack is nothing more than a software cracking (an action aimed at seizing control of a remote computing system).

What makes a casino a good target for hackers? The fact is that online casinos provide their clients with an opportunity to replenish a deposit or withdraw winnings via credit cards or electronic wallets. When registering and authenticating, users share the information required by gambling operators. Fraudsters wish to obtain this information. In recent years, hardly any skilled hacker has been choosing famous online casinos for his dirty business. As a rule, leading companies spend a huge amount of money on cybersecurity and purchasing the necessary software. Therefore, mid-level online casinos are most often targeted. Thus, try to select only the best gambling establishments for which their safety has top priority. One of these is It is one of the most popular licensed online casinos with a lot of slot machines, varieties of poker, blackjack, roulette and quick payouts.

hacker attack

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Famous Hacker Attacks on Casinos

One of the most notorious stories of recent years is the case when cybercriminals tried to hack an American casino via a smart aquarium. Among its functions were automatic fish feeding and water temperature control. Using the aquarium’s system, the scammers managed to transfer casino clients’ data to a server in Finland, after which they were detected by the security company. Through hacking the aquarium system, the hackers found weaknesses in the gambling establishment’s security systems. Their target was the casino players’ database. By using cameras, they could find out which visitors leave large sums of money in the gambling establishment. Other personal data of visitors had been stolen as well.

The use of smart devices (even such as drawing tablets) is not a new method for hacking casinos – it is widely used all over the world.

One of the most insolent hacker attacks was committed by Polish programmers Petr Smirnov and Patrick Surmachki. These names became known even before the hackers’ failure. The thing is that, before hacking the British online casino, the attackers blackmailed its owner. After their ultimatum expired (50% of the shares or the server would be hacked), they moved from words to deeds. Criminals were detected when they were trying to hack an American server of the casino. In addition to compensation for material damage, both of them were imprisoned.

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An example of online casinos with a negligent security system is the Cowboys Casino in Canada. Hackers decided to teach its owners a lesson. As there was no good security system, cybercriminals hacked the system of monetary operations, stole the users’ personal data, and uploaded the investors' data on a public file sharing service.      

Protection Against Hacker Attacks

Protection Against Hacker Attacks

The largest online gambling market in the world is the European Union. In many countries of Europe, online gambling establishments legally operate under the strict supervision of the state and gambling regulators. One of the most discussed laws that have been recently adopted is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). According to the Regulation, its rules are mandatory regardless of the region (jurisdiction) where the company is legally registered. It is important to specify that the company is collecting, processing or using the EU citizens’ personal data. Strict rules for the use of any kind of personal information apply to gambling operators as well. If these rules are not respected, the license will either not be issued at all or will be revoked. Therefore, modern gambling operators must purchase special data protection software to ensure the security of their clients’ personal data.

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Methods and Tools for Protection Against Hacker Attacks

  • SafeBlocks. As a rule, smart contacts are tested before launch, which does not guarantee 100% protection against hacker attacks. Therefore, real-time protection can be provided by the SafeBlocks Firewall that is used in the process of operation.
  • Incapsula. The company provides a full range of services related to cybersecurity (can be used as a turnkey solution).
  • Vigilant Employee Reward System. The fact is that hackers not only use the software products’ vulnerabilities but also, as it turned out, human weaknesses. Sometimes criminals use the casino employees to get the information they need. Therefore, it is important for the operator to encourage the efforts and successes of his subordinates, thus counting on their loyalty. HoxHunt service will help you with this.
  • PerimeterX is a tool to combat bot attacks.
  • Cloud Management Suite – pre-compiled patch requests’ automation.

Methods and Tools for Protection Against Hacker Attacks

As mentioned earlier, gambling games in Great Britain are going to increase the level of security for customers.

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