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GGR vs. NGR: Revenue or Profit?

31 July 2019, 07:40
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As a rule, GGR and NGR are two indicators used to evaluate the success of online gambling establishments. Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) is the revenue of a virtual gambling establishment, and Net Gaming Revenue (NGR) is an express method for determining the level of profitability.

GGR vs. NGR: Revenue or Profit?

What is Net Gaming Revenue?

Net gaming revenue is an indicator of real profits of an online casino, excluding operating expenses such as: bonuses provided to customers; fees charged by payment systems; payments to the developers of the games represented in gambling establishments; payments to partner companies and funds spent on licensing and taxes.

Net Gaming Revenue is considered one of the most important indicators for online casinos and gambling institutions. It allows to track profits and losses, as well as key indicators such as total payments including winnings and total expenses. By total expenses we mean the welcome bonuses offered to new players or bonuses, which are given out to players who do not have a deposit.

Net income from online casino games or gambling establishments is calculated taking into account the deduction of taxes on goods and services that can be charged from all gaming operations and accessories produced by a casino operator.

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What is Gross Gaming Revenue?

The GGR (Gross Revenue Revenue) index is calculated as the net profit variance (the sum of players' bets minus the amount of winning bets). Sometimes GGR can reach truly amazing proportions. In 2006, Gross Gaming Revenue in the United States amounted to $90 billion.

Often, the profits of land-based and online gambling establishments are perceived by society as something not entirely “proper”. The basis for this is the assumption that players bear irreparable financial losses.

What is Gross Gaming Revenue?

Interesting Fact

In the 1990s, Macau revenues from gambling business accounted to 45% of its total revenue.

Nevertheless, there are many examples of how gambling can contribute to the regional economy development. Firstly, the gambling business creates many jobs. For example, about 100,000 people are employed in the British casino industry. Secondly, land-based gambling establishments attract foreign tourists. According to the Daily Mail, the Las Vegas Strip with its nearly 40 million tourists every year is the most visited attraction in the world. Thirdly, taxes paid by gambling operators, as a rule, are spent on social needs: school construction, hospital financing or architectural objects restoration.

NGR and GGR: What is the Difference?

GGR is the revenue index, but not the institution profitability indicator. It directly depends on the "luckiness" of the players. And as for the NGR indicator, it is an excellent express method for determining the establishment’s success. However, in the case of GGR calculating, there is a simple and, in most situations, a single formula. As for the NGR calculation approaches, they vary from situation to situation taking into account the special features of the taxation system of the state where the gambling institution operates, and peculiarities of the way a certain operator is doing business.

Formulas for NGR and GGR calculating and interpreting:

GGR = A - B.

NGR = A - B - C - D.

A - the total sum of all bets made by players;

B - the sum of all received winnings;

C - the sum of all bonuses received by players;

D - the sum of all taxes.

Queen of Luck Queen of Luck
Suren Shahinyan
18 July 2020

A- total sum of all bets by player - so is this all bets you mean the bonus bets too ? B - the sum of all received winnings - so again a question so is this amount included the bonus bets winnings ? C- the sum of all bonuses received - the original amount or played as a result of the bonus, which was won ???

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