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Gambling Therapy: System Operation Overview

Author: Rode Arteaga
10 January 2020, 16:37
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Customer protection and combatting problem gambling are the two important parts of both gambling companies and regulators’ operation on regulated markets. Due to technological progress, new tools for minimizing risks related to gambling are created on a yearly basis. The Login Casino team has prepared a material about one of them – the Gambling Therapy platform.

Gambling Therapy: System Operation Overview

The gambling industry has a special feature since it is connected with the possibility of developing ludomania. In order to decrease the risk of this addiction, complex protection mechanisms have been applied on all levels, including government and operators. Therefore, the most recent steps the European companies have taken are setting online gambling spending limits, creating self-limitation registers, enhancing verification procedure and other measures.

The educational aspect is not in the last place when it comes to combatting gambling addiction. With the help of this approach, the correct attitude to gambling games is being formed – as an entertainment, not a means of earning money.

Except for preventive measures, regulators and operators study problem gambling via researching. Even if a user got in the trap of ludomania, there should be an opportunity to receive qualified specialist assistance. That is why licensees all over the world are including in responsible gambling sections on their websites all the information on how to get psychological help as well as which signs are the signals of diagnosing initial stages of ludomania. Similar informational blocks must be present not only on online gambling operators’ platforms but also in land-based gambling establishments.

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Best therapy for gambling addiction: essence of the system

What is Gambling Therapy? Gambling Therapy is a unique online service, which has been created with the aim of helping people vulnerable to gambling addiction. The developer’s resource is aimed at a wide audience – its interface is translated into 29 languages, including Russian. Besides, one of the website’s sections contains comprehensive information about the resources this or that state has in terms of tackling and treating ludomania.

Best therapy for gambling addiction: essence of the system

Users, who managed to identify first gambling addiction signs, are able to take part in group classes aimed at healing. The company has established eleven different groups, including activities for gambling addicts’ relatives. Newcomers have classes separately while other groups are divided according to themes. Group sessions are held every day, the schedule can be also found on the website.

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Operating mechanism

Interesting fact

The famous Russian writer, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, had some kind of gambling addiction. One day he lost so much money that he was obliged to sign an agreement with a publishing house on severely disadvantageous terms. In order not to be left without his right to all of his works that were to be published in the next nine years, the author had to write a book in 26 days. This is how the novel “Gambler” appeared.

Users have the possibility to contact a qualified specialist via phone or email. One of the useful website tools is an active forum where former gamblers share their experience as well as achievements in combatting this disease, including the information about gambling addiction therapy. This mechanism not only forms a community, but it allows to exchange valuable knowledge.

Unfortunately, the option of participation in the forum on the Russian language version of the website is not active. However, any user can register on the English version.

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Rules and terms

First of all, it is worth mentioning that the service creators took care of online support to be present in its operation. The accent is made on the system’s efficiency in spite of its virtual nature. They also add that in some aspects online communication with a specialist is easier than a face-to-face meeting.

Besides, the platform includes rules of communication with the staff and volunteers as well as other users of the platform. The privacy policy does not imply downloading personal photos, which can help in personality identification. One of the platform’s principles of operation is a strong recommendation for users not to communicate with each other outside the website.

Rules and terms

Moreover, the management team asks the resource users to be laconic in their text messages and not to create several accounts.

The introductory page of the website says that all the specialists of the service have the necessary qualification and knowledge on the issue of therapy for gambling addiction, and some of them even faced ludomania on their own.

In case of failing to fulfill conditions and rules of using the website, the administration reserves the right to close the user’s account. This decision is not subject to review. However, before blocking the user, Gambling Therapy representatives address the violator via email in order to clarify the situation.

The website has an age restriction – 18. Younger users can also ask the platform representatives for help, after which they will be redirected to the corresponding program.

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Information section

The information section of the platform contains several base materials that help to find the answers to such important questions as:

  • What are gambling games?
  • Why do people gamble?
  • What is the cycle of getting addicted to gambling operations?
  • How do gambling games influence a person and their relatives?

Information section


Gambling addiction is a phenomenon that undoubtedly deserves the attention of the world society, governments of different countries, operators and specialists. In case of diagnosing the first signs of ludomania, it is advisable to address a specialist and study all the possible mechanisms of restricting oneself from participating in gambling games. Gambling Therapy is a good solution, however, primary treatment should not be neglected either.

As mentioned earlier, Ukrainian governmental officials express their support in terms of gambling industry legalization in the country.

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