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Gambling Legislation in European Countries

2 August 2019, 13:01
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The European Union is the source of a huge number of laws for all the EU countries. Nevertheless, individual states still possess a certain degree of control over the legislation in their territory.

Gambling Legislation in European Countries

A good example of this is the iGaming sector. For instance, a player can use the services of some bingo operator in Great Britain on a legal basis; however, in other EU states the situation might be different.

It must be emphasized that the European Union itself is smaller than Europe, which also includes self-governing territories. And now let us consider regulatory peculiarities in gambling legislation of different European countries.

Legal Systems in Europe

It is a tough challenge to stay updated on the latest legislative developments for the gambling market. Thus, the first thing to do is to have a look at the jurisdictions of Europe.

Some legal systems are connected with the European Union. It means that they keep to the EU laws and regulations. Nevertheless, there are several exceptions:

  • Gibraltar Gambling Jurisdiction
  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • Isle of Man Gambling Jurisdiction
  • Alderney Gambling Jurisdiction



This organization previously used to be called the European Betting Association. The new abbreviation EGBA stands for the European Gambling and Betting Association, which is responsible for gambling activities regulation in Europe. The number of its member is not big, however, the organization has already proved beneficial for the safe and responsible gambling environment for players in Europe.

Gambling Regulation in Certain Countries

The example of the regulation mentioned above shows that gambling legislation in European countries is not conducted by one central authority. There are many factors influencing its peculiarities depending on the territory of implementation.


There are three main gambling regulating organizations in France. These bodies are responsible for various betting types: horse racing, online wagering, as well as games and lotteries.

French authorities have already legalized the sector of online gambling, however, it is limited to betting on sports, horse racing or poker. Currently, other types of online gambling are prohibited in the state.


One of those countries that tend to change gambling regulatory rules too often is Spain. According to the most recent updates, gambling activity is allowed, however, users are restricted only to licensed gaming providers. The rest are prohibited.


Gambling regulation in Italy perfectly corresponds to their national character – relaxed and laid-back. If to compare this legislation with the one in Spain or France, it is definitely much more liberal. Both online and land-based gambling activities are allowed for players on a legal basis.


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