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From Style to Skills: Creating Perfect Live Casino Croupier

Author: Gambling Man
19 January 2021, 16:23
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It is an exciting time for the online casino sector at the moment, with plenty of facts and figures hinting at the success it has enjoyed in recent years. Big things are expected in the future too, with recent research suggesting that the global market for online gambling could reach more than $77 billion by 2026.

From Style to Skills: Creating Perfect Live Casino Croupier

The industry is now home to a whole host of gaming experiences, from slots based on an array of themes to fresh takes on other casino classics. However, one development that has really brought an exciting twist to the sector in recent years is the rise of live casino experiences.

Live and kicking

Visit any online casino website and you will see how there are plenty of digital takes on the classic games that we know and love. In fact, such experiences were the sector’s initial focus, as brands and developers looked to provide an authentic casino experience in an online setting. Yet, the emergence of online video and streaming technology has transformed the sector. As live casino titles give brands the chance to broadcast real-life versions of games like blackjack and roulette into players’ homes.

The area has become a core part of the modern online casino experience, with the services often taking top billing on many sites. As an example, we can look at 888 casino. The site could potentially lay claim to the title of best online casino in Canada, as it offers several games including slots, jackpots, and digital takes on the likes of roulette and scratch cards. However, the site’s homepage also features its live casino section prominently, with Roulette Azure, Craps, and Instant Roulette being among the games on offer.

Many developers now provide live casino games, with Evolution perhaps being a great example of how significant the area has become. The company’s site explains how the brand now has nine purpose-built studios that are dedicated to live casino experiences. They can be found in areas including Latvia, Malta, Canada, the US, and Belgium. Also, the developer’s live offering has extended beyond traditional casino gaming, as it has launched game show-style experiences too. Its titles include Monopoly Live and Lightning Roulette.

Keeping up appearances

Games like roulette have been adapted into live casino experiences.

A range of elements are required to make a top-quality live casino game, but one of the most important is the person who is leading the action. The individuals stood in front of the camera has an integral role to play in proceedings, whether they are acting as a classic casino croupier or presenting a game-show event and describing what unfolds.

But what are the key things that you need to consider if you are interested in taking a step into that world? As live casino gaming is undoubtedly an audio-visual experience, appearance can be all-important. Quite often, you will see that sites and developers have aimed to replicate the traditional offline experience on offer in land-based casinos. As a result, the croupiers who sit or stand before you on the screen are often well-dressed and impeccably presented. Again, this is highlighted by another trip to 888 casino, where you see male croupiers dressed in ties and waistcoats, while female presenters may take a similar approach or wear elegant dresses.

There is more to having a great appearance than just clothing of course and croupiers are also well-presented in terms of both make-up and hair. If you were to get involved in this world, you would need to ensure you always look the part and create a real sense of style when you step in front of the camera.

An engaging experience

Looking great on camera may be important in the world of live casino gaming, but it is not the only key attribute that croupiers should have in their locker.

Appearance might be crucial, but those looking to present live casino action may also need a little bit of personality. After all, it is their role to ensure that the players are engaging in the action unfolding on their laptops, smartphones, or tablets. Another vital ingredient in the recipe for a great live casino croupier is gaming knowledge. They have to showcase their skills and understanding of games if they are going to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Live casino croupiers will also need to have an understanding of games.

With so many elements required in the live casino space, it is perhaps unsurprising that specialist courses have emerged to help people acquire and develop the necessary skills. For example, the Online Live Casino Academy’s site states that it is Malta’s first croupier and live dealer academy, and it offers several different courses related to the area. The site explains how its Croupier Casino and Studio Level program features three modules, including one that touches on body language and facial expressions, which come across well on video. The first module in the course also includes training in several different games. This includes participants learning how to run games like American Roulette and 5-Card Stud Poker in a casino environment.

Several elements to consider

The world of online casino gaming really appears to be in good health at present and, if research is to be believed, it may even hit exciting new heights in the near future.

With online video and streaming now being a big part of life for many of us, it seems likely that interest in live casino gaming will only increase in the coming years. As such, demand for those who are well-presented, knowledgeable, and skilled at hosting may only rise.

There are clearly several elements that people need to consider if they want to become a live casino croupier and it will be interesting to see how such roles continue to develop in the years ahead.

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