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Five Best Tennis Players of 2019: Their Magic Does Not Depend on the Place in ATP Ranking

Author: Rode Arteaga
23 October 2019, 15:35
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The Login Casino team decided to plunge into the history of world tennis and its contemporaries. In this sport, new records are being established almost every day, which inspired us to make our own list of the best tennis players of this year.

Five Best Tennis Players of 2019: Their Magic Does Not Depend on the Place in ATP Ranking

Stefanos Tsitsipas

The current situation in tennis can be easily described by analyzing the personal meetings between the five best tennis players. However, our list is slightly different from the official ATP ranking. The reason for this is the 20-year-old Greek, who suddenly broke into the top after spring tournaments. Considering this guy’s latest results and prospects, we could not but include Tsitsipas into this ranking of the world’s best tennis players.

Stefanos Tsitsipas

Stefanos Tsitsipas is ranked sixth in the ATP list as of June 10, 2019. Of all the young generation’s tennis players, he is showing the greatest confidence. This applies to both professional skills and human qualities. However, at least for now, the Greek is just another representative of the so-called “young generation”, who has one-time victories over the Big Three – Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic.

Interesting Fact

In 1998, when Stefanos Tsitsipas was born, Roger Federer had already won his first serious tournament – Junior Wimbledon. At that time, the Swiss was 17 years old.

By the way, Roger is the Greek’s idol. And this year, the native of Athens finally beat him in 1/8 final of the Australian Open. After such a breakthrough, the young tennis player soon managed to interrupt a series of losses from Rafael Nadal, defeating him in Mutua Madrid Open semifinal.

Such events in the career of 20-year-old Stefanos seriously influenced his views and professional growth. In an interview to the press, the Greek said that he intended to interrupt the Big Three era. Currently, he is one of the main contenders to replace technically elegant but aging Federer.

Stefanos got a place in our rating as encouragement. We will see whether he will live up to the expectations or fail to become the new idol. That is because such young tennis players as Denis Shapovalov or Felix Auger-Aliassime are also seeking to get to the top.

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Dominic Thiem

Dominic Thiem

The 25-year-old Austrian Dominic Thiem is the first tennis player to take place in the top three after someone from the Big Three announces his retirement. He is still young and breathing down the neck of the first places of the world tennis ranking.

This year turned out to be a challenge for Thiem. Let’s remember Roland Garros. He reached the final of the tournament after playing four days in a row, including his four-times interrupted semi-final match against Djokovic where the Austrian beat the first racket of the world. However, Nadal who had been resting two days before the final did not give him a chance and took his 18th Grand Slam trophy.

It is important to mention the main current achievements of the Austrian: 2 French Open finals and 13 victories in ATP tournaments. To date, Tim ranks fourth in the single-player rating. Dominic’s game style differs from Nadal’s one, but they are similar in their specialization in the French Open Championship. The Spaniard is a big star of this tournament – he has already won it 12 times.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer

Roger Federer is the oldest tennis player in our rating. However, considering his achievements, awards, and records, the legendary Swiss will be included in similar lists of top tennis players even in 100 or 200 years.

The peak of his career had been from 2004 to 2011. During this period, almost no one could beat the Swiss on the courts. Federer was considered the world’s best tennis player by various publications and other organizations. Once he became the best athlete of all time, which was reported in Gazzetta dello Sport – a special survey by this media was conducted in 2012 in order to determine the best sportsman before the end of the world.

We can see that the Swiss is slowly losing ground, and this is quite expected and logical. He has been winning prestigious professional tournaments since Tsitsipas was born. Unfortunately, in the last several years, Federer has been suffering from traumas.

This time we are not going to enumerate all his achievements, as it will be a waste of our readers' time. This man is so famous and cool that it only remains to recall his 20 titles in Grand Slam singles, 8 Wimbledon trophies and 110 victories in ATP tournaments.

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Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic is an ordinary man. The current No. 1 in the ATP ranking (for the fifth time in 2018) won 15 Grand Slam tournaments (all kinds of them) and all existing ATP Masters trophies. Taking into account his achievements as of September last year, Novak was recognized as the best tennis player ever.

You are probably thinking, “What else does he have to do to be put on the first place in this rating?” We are of the opinion that it is better to evaluate the prospects of athletes. Moreover, by this year’s results, the Serb is clearly losing to the leader of our top.

While Novak is quietly winning his starting match at the current Wimbledon, let’s remember why Serbian tennis player is so cool. His trick is in aggressive playing style, combined with perfect control over each part of his body. His backhand is something absolutely incredible. In every match, Djokovic demonstrates the highest quality of return service, as well as attacking and protective play. Despite all his awesomeness, someone else has become No. 1 of our TOP. And this is well deserved.

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal

Despite the fact that Novak Djokovic ranks first in the current ATP ranking, the Spanish tennis player is our champion according to his performance this very year. The ATP list is compiled according to the total number of points earned in various single-player tournaments over the last 12 months. Rafa already had experience of being the first racket of the world in 2008, 2010, 2013 and 2017. The indestructible Big Three of the world’s best tennis players have not allowed anyone to get to the top for 15 years. The last first racket of the world outside the Big Three was the American Andy Roddick.

Why Nadal surpassed all of his competitors in 2019? It's very simple: he won the Grand Slam trophy and his victories were outstanding. He almost caught up with Federer in the number of trophies in singles for the whole history of tennis: the Swiss has 20, and the Spaniard – 18.

The latter has every chance to soon overtake the most titled tennis player. First, Rafa has more years for that than Federer, because he is four years younger. This means that even after the end of Roger's career, our favorite will still be able to surpass him in terms of the number of Grand Slam trophies. Secondly, at this stage, Nadal is obviously playing better. Federer missed four seasons of Roland Garros, and before that, he had lost to the Spaniard five out of five personal meetings at this tournament. In 2019, the Swiss gradually returned to the most important tournaments, but the prolonged absence of practice does not allow him to get any of Grand Slam trophies.

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The Big Three domination can be narrowed down to the domination of specific tennis players in certain tournaments. For example, Federer and Djokovic are unbeatable at Wimbledon, which is confirmed even by the last seeded entries of this tournament: Nadal (No. 2 in the current ATP ranking) was third in the seeding behind Roger. Thus, Wimbledon will be probably won by the Rafa’s nearest competitors in the ATP ranking.

With regard to Roland Garros, Rafael is the symbol of this tournament. The Spaniard’s nickname is Clay King, as he feels most comfortable on this surface. The respected tennis experts consider Nadal to be the best tennis player on a clay court. He has won the French Open 12 times since 2005, including this year’s trophy.

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