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Examples of Networking in the Gambling Business

Author: Rode Arteaga
6 December 2019, 12:00
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The Login Casino team has prepared an article in order to explain what the role of networking in the gambling environment is and what examples of effective communications are currently available.

Examples of Networking in the Gambling Business

All is fair in order to achieve success. Thus, the gambling industry has approached the issue of networking thoroughly. Rather, the industry always dealt with it, even when the name of this phenomenon was absent in the business dictionary. The concept itself implies a cohesive environment, that is, a situation, in which contacts and the relationship between people united by similar or common goals are established. Implementation of tasks occurs as a result of close ties and collaboration. The theoretical basis for networking was provided by researcher Stanley Milgram back in the 20th century.

All successful operators, bookmakers, lotteries and other representatives of the gambling community demonstrate the basic rule of networking – “never eat alone”, which was described by the writer Keith Ferrazzi. Today, many conferences are held, which bring together professionals with their unique experience, who discuss diverse issues related to the field of gambling. The international format of conferences opens up a lot of opportunities and reasons for concluding mutually beneficial cooperation. In addition, an assessment of the situation in the markets of different countries, analysis of the product from competitors and innovations from the most prominent operators, meeting with potential investors and networking with representatives of government agencies occur.

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At such meetings, representatives demonstrate all the components of positive networking. These usually include:

- open communication between speakers and audience and vice versa;

- presentation of the current company’s offers;

- openness to the establishment of acquaintances, the conclusion of partnership agreements;

- exchange of contacts;


- presentation of cases;

- delving into specific issues and finding appropriate solutions;

- assistance to young companies in establishing acquaintances and adaptation in the gaming environment.

A typical example was the SPiCE 2019 event, which in its structure became exemplary in terms of establishing new business ties and acquaintances. These included:

- networking meeting;

- welcome drinks, bar, VIP lounge from sponsors;

- poker tournament;

- business VIP dinner.

Upcoming events

Such major international meetings will be held in the near future:

- Affiliate Conference & Expo (ACE) is an affiliate marketing event in Asia that brings together investors, advertisers and marketers. Contacting them will help to increase brand awareness, improving lead generation or positioning. A total of about 30 experts will speak at the conference;

- SiGMA’19 – Visitors from over 80 countries are expected to attend the event. Leaders of the iGaming industry will gather here to talk about current business issues. Representatives of betting companies, casinos and developers of online gaming content are expected to visit the event.

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The Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference will raise topics about the latest industry trends. Experts will discuss such issues:

- Difficulties in eSports affiliate programs. Criteria for choosing the right program;

- How to avoid bots and purchase traffic in gambling. Examples of popular resources;

Upcoming events

- Features of promotion in the foreign segment of the Internet;

- Arbitration of traffic on social networks. Effective strategies and the most common mistakes made by novices.

As a rule, an audience consisting of several thousand people gathers at global networking-oriented meetings dedicated to various topics, and most of them are interested in exchanging information. With such a large dynamics of the guests, the effectiveness of communication increases significantly, especially if you believe in the theory of “six handshakes”, according to which you can get to know the necessary person with the help of five common acquaintances.

As mentioned earlier, on December 3, a high number of representatives of successful companies engaged in the igaming sector attended the SBC Awards 2019 ceremony.

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